Anniversary Gift from Google to FinanceTwitter – PR 5

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Oct 27 2007
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You might not know this but time really flies. I have almost forgotten that this month is actually FinanceTwitter’s “1st Anniversary” in the blogosphere. It was a year ago when I discovered the fun of blogging and immediately started with Google Blogger’s platform. Since then FinanceTwitter had blogged about 720 posts which translate into about 2 blogs per day. Am I sick and tired of blogging? Not for a single moment.

I might not be the specialist when come to bait-linking and marketing of this blog compare to bloggers such as Darren Rowse, John Chow or Shoemoney who made tons of money from blogging. But then my area is different from them. My focus is in stocks investing and options trading while at the same time introduce some alternatives in making pocket money of which you can leverage on while you’re too free doing nothing simply because the stocks do not present the opportunity for you.

And speaking of the above three top bloggers, if you read about the hoo-haa in the blogosphere about how Google’s PageRank, a trademark of Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock), created havoc when even Darren Rowse was slapped with the punishment of PageRank’s plunge from PR6 to PR4 days ago. However Darren’s PageRank has since recovered to its original PR6 (as of today). As for John Chow, Google’s servers are confuse which PR to award – still undecided whether PR4 or PR5. Still, not many people know what actually happens and why Google’s PageRank ran amok (guess what, youtube itself was punished with PR3 from PR8). The only speculation was that blogs were punished because if their involvement in links-selling.

FinanceTwitter got PageRank 5When I checked for FinanceTwitter’s PageRank during the “all hells break loose” period, fortunately FinanceTwitter was still at PR4. About an hour ago when I rechecked again, I was surprised to find that Google was kind enough to upgrade this blog’s PageRank from 4 to 5. Wheee! This is probably one of the best gifts from Google besides the *ahem* great stocks performance that made me some good money (still paper gain as I’ve not close the position as yet)

FinanceTwitter awarded PR5FinanceTwitter first got its first PageRank (PR4) back in early Feb 2007 during Google’s quarterly update. Since then nothing happens till today (I suppose today, 27th October 2007, could be the day the actual PR is finally being assigned to most if not all the websites around the globe). And if you wish to check your PR, you can do so using PageRank Checker, Live PageRank or PageRank Checker. Simply enter your website or blog’s domain to get the result. I hope this round of update is for real and not another round of joke. Boy! Santa Clause does come early this year – Yip Pee!!

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Hey FinanceTwitter :

Congratulations!!! Love reading your articles, love the “Malaysia Flavor” in it occasionally 🙂


Tony Chai

thanx tony … glad you enjoyed it …

cheers …

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