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Feb 02 2007
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I found out today FinanceTwitter has been assigned a PageRank after almost three months (a quarter) waiting for the ranking since the birth of FinanceTwitter website. It could be assigned earlier this month but I have not checked it since. According to Wikipedia, PageRank is a link analysis algorithm which assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set.


PageRank was initially developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as part of a research project about a new kind of search engine. The project started in 1995 and led to a functional prototype, named Google, in 1998 and the rest is history. The name PageRank is a trademark of Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) but the patent is not assigned to Google but to Stanford University.


PageRank is one of many factors that determine where your web page appears in search result ranking, but if all other factors are equal, PageRank can have significant impact on your Google rankings. When you first started your own website domain or a blog (such as free blogger by Google), you’ll not have any PageRank and when you check with tools such as Live PageRank or PageRank Checker, you will most possibly starts with PageRank of 0 (zero) – just like FinanceTwitter initially.
As your contents developed, Google will evaluate the importance of each site and via a complex and complicated but highly confidential algorithm your website will be assigned a new PageRank. This PageRank is not static and will change over time. There are talks about S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) and how you should optimize your website to achieve higher PageRank but I’m not an expert in this area. So if anyone of you who’re expert in PageRank improvement, I would be very much appreciated if you can comment and share your knowledge on how to increase the PageRank of FinanceTwitter.

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You have a very interesting blog. I definitely will bookmark you.

congratulations! i’m new in the stock investing market and enjoy reading your blog very much, especially on the local market.
wonder if you have any recommendation for good portfolio management websites? I am currently using thestar.com and klstock.com

Thank for the info. I check my blog rank (as mentioned by you) and it said:-

http://zentrader.blogspot.com/ has PageRank 3/10.

Your blog pickup very fast. I love your blog and read it everyday. 🙂

thanx anonymous …

thanx dennis … not sure what you meant by portfolio management website … if you’re looking for news, then business times, biz star, the edge should give you some news though not necessary latest … afp, reuters, bloomberg etc also provide some good materials … research before you invest …

thanx zentrader … congrats on you pagerank as well … hope to provide more quality articles for everyone’s consumption …

cheers …

How do I sign up for the free FinanceTwitter Newsletter?

hello anonymous,

you can sign-up for the newsletter by entering your email at the newsletter section (located on the left-side blacked-colored square area) …


Hey Stocktube,
where would one go to check their pagerank??

hello NonyNous,

the link is within the article content itself … look for “Live PageRank” or “PageRank Checker”

let me know if you still couldn’t find it …

cheers …

hiiiiii!!! amazing blog u hv here!! love the looks!! oh yeah google only updates ur page rank every 3 months!!! it sucks!! congrats!!

thanx confessing7girl …

it’s not perfect yet … i continuously make changes along the way … let me know if you’ve any idea on how to improve it …

cheers …

Always a great read with solid tips…I’ll definitely keep coming back.

I’m a beginner in stock investing too. This blog is very good, a lot of useful information and great tips.

I thought your readers may want to check their website’s google rank.

I use:


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