How to View and Interact with Investment Directors

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Jul 20 2007
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Won’t you like to be able to connect and see some of the investment directors’ actual and real account portfolios? What about being able to receive updates whenever transactions occur due to the changes made by the investment directors? You might think that’s not possible and even if there’s such option, you need to pay a leg and an arm for it.

It might be a dream if you’re reading this from a country like Malaysia or Singapore but in U.S. the concept of value-added and investing creativity had taken a twist so much so that you can view it for free. One of such providers is
Vestopia, a site where you can meet the investment directors, well, virtually. What you need to do is to register for free and then you would be able to view their transaction.

For example, I know Brooke Synder, CFA, who claimed to have over a decade working in the financial world as equity researcher, analyst and advisor has sold 100 shares of Citrix System Inc at $38.77 on July 19th 2007. You can also click on his blog which will tell you his reason for buying (or selling) and you can submit your comment on that particular entry.

What’s cool is I can view Brooke’s performance in a graph format, the interactive performance grid will shows the stocks which was bought or sold by hovering your mouse over it. Also you can see the portfolio composition in a pie-chart format to determine which sector was the investment director bullish on. Vestopia has a list of Premium Investment Directors who you can view – together with their approach in investing, strategic profile and equity strategy.

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