Why You Should Invest TMC-Life and StemLife Stocks?

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Jan 21 2007
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TMC Life Sciences Bhd (KLSE: TMCLIFE, stock-code 0101) shares closed at its highest ever of RM1.21 after adding 23 sen or 23.47% on Friday, Jan 19 on speculative interest due to rumor that foreign interest is buying into it – said TheEdge. Also a block of 16.83 million TMC Life shares representing 10% equity crossed in a direct deal in the off-market at 5.08 pm on Jan 19 at average price of 88 cents a share. Hong Leong Group Research in its’ report dated Jan-12-2007 has a target of RM1.09 with “Buy” recommendation.

TMC Life Sciences is the market leader in fertility treatment in Malaysia which was listed on the Mesdaq Market on October 2005. TMC Life founder and managing director, Dr Colin Lee, has a 49.28% stake as of April, 2006.

Back in Dec-2006, TMC Life announced its new venture into cord blood and adult stem cell banking, therapy, application and research and development with the setup of TMC Stemcells Sdn Bhd. TMC Stemcells would mainly be in the business of harvesting, processing and cryo-preservation (storage) of umbilical cord blood stem cells and peripheral blood stem cells, as well as provision of cell therapy services for the treatment of blood disorders, cancers, and heart and other diseases.

The setting up of TMC Stemcells is indeed a good synergy and correct direction considering the close relationship between fertility and cryo-preservation medical business which requires storage. The new building of TMC Life, Tropicana Medical Center which is due to open in 2008 will provide the much needed spaces as the existing Damansara fertility centre in Damansara is already crowded. Stem cell therapy which could be applied for various instances such as heart disease, blood disorders, cancer therapy and diabetes is estimated to cost RM30,000 per procedure. With fewer than three private sector players in the industry, TMC Life can expect good business growth.

Foreign patients have been increasing from less than 1% in 2002 to about 10% in 2005. It was said that some Hong Kong female artists have flew in quite frequently for medical check-up at TMC Life due to the lower costs compare to Hong Kong or Singapore. TMC Fertility Center has scores quite a number of “First”, amongst them:

  • Produced Malaysia’s First Freeze Thaw Blastocyst Baby
  • Produced Malaysia’s First successful Blastocyst Transfer ICSI, IVF and MESA pregnancies
  • Produced Malaysia’s First Conception Twins (born one and a half years apart) and first Conception Quadruplets (born two and a half years apart).
  • Produced Malaysia’s First Frozen Embryo baby
  • Produced Malaysia’s and Singapore’s First Blastocyst PGD Baby

This brings my memory back to StemLife Berhad (KLSE: STEMLFE, stock-code 0137) the specialist and the largest stem-cell bank provider in Malaysia. Will StemLife be the next speculation play?

# TIP: Both TMC Life and StemLife stocks are my favorite and should be in your stocks’ portfolio as part of the investment diversification plan. Both are in the health industry which is growing without much competition.

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