What's The New Component In Branding?

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Dec 17 2006
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What are the most important division / department that will drive and determine the success of a company? Don’t be surprise if mostly answered “Sales” department but in actual fact it’s the “Marketing” department. No doubt the salesman or woman are the people who bring in sales and revenue to the company but without the marketing which is responsible in creating the awareness of a specific product/services’ thru branding, there’s so much a company can do.

Successful branding is not only about advertising alone but also involved indirectly in decision-making in producing quality goods at the right price for the targeted customers and then only repeatedly publish the products/services at media (television or print). The customer service or post-sales department together with marketing will then be responsible to evaluate and fine-tune it through letters, phone-calls, and surveys and so on to gauge the sustainability of the products.

Procter & Gamble (NYSE : PG, quote) is one of the good example of a company which have done marvelously in brand creation for products such as Pampers, Gillette, Duracell, Pringles and so on. But the internet has change the methodology of branding was being done previously – enter the world of “blogosphere”. Blogs are where consumers post their word-of-mouth commentary in online communities, message boards and Web logs about anything they like/dislike.

Nielsen BuzzMetrics, an unit formed under A. C. Nielsen is a highly specialized component made from the convergence of technology, communications & business expertise. BuzzMetrics’ scientists were said to have developed sophisticated search engines capable of retrieving phrases, opinions, keywords, sentences and images from the Internet commentary and conversation and then by analyzing vocabulary, language patterns and phrasing, a business intelligence report would be generated to help in marketing decision.

An influential blogger can undermine a brand pretty fast in the current age of internet. For example, complaints by bloggers about the poor level of service and quality of Dell Inc. (Nasdaq : DELL, quote) recently gained wide exposure. Toyota’s (NYSE : TM, quote) hybrid Prius sedan on the other hand received positive comments which proved to be a plus to its’ sales.

One of the threat to Nielsen BuzzMetrics’ business could comes from the search giant, Google (Nasdaq : GOOG, quote), which promised to continue to innovate search technology to provide users with the fastest and most relevant search experience on the Web. According to Forrester Research (Nasdaq : FORR, quote), brand monitoring companies such as BuzzMetrics could be moving into the right position in tapping the $12-billion-a-year market research business.

Besides Google, BuzzMetrics’ current competitors are Umbria, based in Denver; Cymfony (http://www.cymfony.com/), in Watertown, Mass.; BrandIntel, in Toronto; Biz360 (http://www.biz360.com/) in San Mateo, Calif.; and MotiveQuest, in Chicago.

Other companies which recognize and leverage of BuzzMetrics include Sony’s (NYSE : SNE, quote) online entertainment, Nike (NYSE : NKE, quote) and Coca-Cola (NYSE : KO, quote).

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