Get Yourself One Of These Present In Christmas 2007

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Dec 29 2006
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We witnessed the latest in next-generation gaming console this year, 2006. We saw the launching of Sony PlayStation-3, Nintendo and Microsoft’s latest Xbox out in late ’05. I’m still happy with my PS2 (PlayStation-2) and I’m not going to fall into the high-price due to the craze of people rushing to get the PS3, so I’ll wait. But I hope to get one of the hot and cool items below for my 2007 Christmas present, or at least nag someone to buy it for me.

(1) Vista – the long-awaited operating system upgrade from Microsoft (Nasdaq : MSFT) is expected to spur a boom in PC buying. Features likely to appeal to consumers include a quicker wake from sleep mode and Windows SideShow, a minidisplay that will let users check e-mail and instant messages even when the PC is off. It was said that Vista’s AERO delivers a new graphics engine to produce stunning new icon, menu and desktop visuals.
  • Expected availability: Jan. 30 2007
  • Expected Costs: A basic home version of Vista will retail for $199.

(2) Apple (Nasdaq : AAPL) is due to release a new system, code-named Leopard. It, too, is expected to generate demand for computers—and a whole lot of switching from Windows-centric PCs to Mac machines. Leopard’s Time Machine will help users search for deleted or lost files, and a feature called Spaces will help organize on-screen windows into categories such as work and play.

  • Expected availability: Spring 2007

(3) Code-named Santa Rosa after the city in Northern California’s wine country, this version of Intel (Nasdaq : INTC) Centrino mobile technology chips will allow greater power savings and faster access to memory. A feature called Robson, designed to take advantage of Vista, will help systems load applications up to two times faster. Santa Rosa will also feature an IEEE* 802.11n latest Wi–Fi adapter, codenamed Kedron for fast video streaming. It is also expected to include an improved graphics chipset, codenamed Crestline.

  • Expected availability: First half of 2007

(4) Rumors have circulated for years that Apple would release a cell phone-iPod combo. Analysts are confident the elusive gadget is finally on the way. According to recent UBS reports, the iPhone will feature 4GB to 8GB of flash memory and a 2-megapixel camera. The most recent news being Foxconn (registered trade name for Hon Hai Precision Industry Co in Taiwan) will begin delivering the phones to Apple out of its Fushikang manufacturing facility at run rate of 500,000 to 600,000 per month beginning in February-2007.

Intel (Nasdaq : INTC), Sharp, Tripod Technology, Broadcom (nasdaq : BRCM) and Sunrex are also said to be part of the mix, supplying the memory, LCM display, circuit board, baseband chip and keypad, respectively. The iPhone could help Apple turn up pressure on cell-phone makers such as Nokia and Motorola.

  • Expected availability: Early 2007

(5) Seagate (NYSE : STX) Momentus Hybrid Disk Drives storage (a concept initiated ever since Microsoft introduced the concept at the 2004 Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) which are designed to reduce a computer’s power consumption and extend its battery life. How? When the PC is booting up, data is first loaded from a cache of flash memory, rather than the hard drive. That reduces the amount of power needed to get the machine up and running.

  • Expected availability: Sometime in 2007

Samsung (SEO :
005930) SPH-P9000 Deluxe MITs is a cross between a laptop and a mobile device, boasting a normal-size QWERTY keyboard that folds down when not in use. The device lets users make calls, surf the Web, watch TV, and listen to music. It also weighs in at a little over a pound, features a 30GB hard drive, and is compatible with WiMAX and EV-DO wireless technologies. It’s available in South Korea and for now only runs on Microsoft’s Window XP operating system.

  • Expected availability: First half of 2007

(7) Apple will extend its push into consumers’ living rooms in ’07 with iTV, a small box designed to send video from a computer or iPod to a user’s TV. Due to be announced in January, iTV will run on 802.11n Wi-Fi technology – though Apple is so far mum on the details.

  • Expected availability: Sometime in 2007
  • Expected Costs: about $299

(8) The newest iteration of Sony’s (NYSE : SNE) PlayStation Portable is expected to turn up the heat on rival handheld gaming consoles from Nintendo. Published reports say the new gadget will come with a camera, feature larger memory (rumor to be 8GB), and be slimmer than its predecessor, pictured here. There could be a possibility of build-in hard-disk as well as GPS based on the rumor on the net.

  • Expected availability: Spring 2007

# TIP : Buy Apple stocks in anticipation of the release of its’ iPhone – the new Mac OS should generate interests as well, iTV would be bonus should it be released. Despite the option issue with the authorities, buy on pullbacks – alternatively consider options as another trading instrument (remember to buy time-value).

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