Call Warants Expiry Date, Strike Price & Exercise Ratio

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Dec 18 2006
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One of the main problem with Malaysia stock market is the attitude of the authority, be it Security Commission or the Stock Exchange itself (better known as Bursa or KLSE) in creating more values to investors (retail of foreign) in terms of basic lifeblood in the form of “information”. Despite screaming to the world back in 1995 that the country has embarked on an ambitious program to establish the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) to leapfrog Malaysia into the information and knowledge age, the program seems to be in static mode and not moving at all compares to neighboring countries.

Investors, including myself (how about you?) are quite frustrated when it’s so difficult to find information pertaining to stocks information such as call-warrants strike/exercise price or its’ expiry-date. The information actually exists but you need to dig deep inside their database – I suspect the webmasters are not doing their job or the head of I.T. doesn’t really bother to go the extra miles to collect feedback from customers / visitors on how poor their information are for public viewing.

Frankly, I don’t have problem finding any information pertaining to stocks listed in Wall Street (Dow Jones or Nasdaq). In fact the issue I’m facing is actually of “information over-load”. I can extract information of a company such as the latest P/E, EPS, Sales Growth, Revenue, Net Profit Growth, Analysts Ratings, tons of research and news, past quarters earning result, ROE, Insider Trading and thousands more information without much difficulty.

Anyway, the attachment is the summary of all the call-warrants for the stocks listed in the KLSE of which I think is useful for your consumption before you decide to invest your hard-earned money. I’m attaching the companies name together with its’ website should you need to investigate more on the respective company.

Based on information above, you can calculate other financial data, example, Gearing = Underlying Security Price / (Call-Warrant Price x Exercise Ratio) – you can get the underlying security price and the call-warrant stock price quite easily from other medias.

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