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LinkedIn IPO At Crazy Price, IPO Scramble To Follow

Jim Cramer was right when he was furious about the LinkedIn Corp’s IPO yesterday. He was absolutely right that the IPO was “outrageously overvalued and preposterous” and that it’s the most ridiculous IPO since TheGlobe.com. Seriously, who can blame him when he accused the underwriters of playing the same game everyone played back in the […]

... written on May 20 2011

OMG! Strauss-Kahn May Commit Suicide Due To AIDS?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn or popularly known as DSK is charged with sexually assaulted and tried to rape a housekeeping employee after chasing her naked through his posh Sofitel Hotel’s penthouse suite. The 62-year-old IMF chief is now under a suicide watch at New York’s Rikers Island jail complex. But why was he placed under suicide watch […]

... written on May 19 2011

How Lamborghini Aventador Put Together, Piece-by-Piece

After Diablo and Murcielago, Lamborghini introduced Aventador LP700-4 at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show on Mar 1. Before you can make that call to book a unit, the Aventador which goes into production in the second half of 2011 has already sold out more than 12 months production, of which he deliveries start in the […]

... written on May 13 2011

William-Kate Royal Wedding – The Bet is On

Another high profile royal wedding another opportunity to bet online and make some bucks. Prince William, second in line to the British throne, elder son of heir to the throne, Prince Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, will marry Kate Middleton, daughter of Michael and Carole Middleton, and their royal wedding at Westminster […]

... written on Apr 29 2011

The 10 Expensive Mistakes That You May Not Know

People make mistakes and some of them could be very costly. Some knew of the consequences but still the sex pleasures overrule everything. Many don’t really care because it was the public money. Some tried to cover their mistake but it got worsen and the hole got bigger. And of course some thought things can’t […]

... written on Apr 29 2011

Gaddafi Moved Personal US$4.8 Billion To London

UNHCR, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, says almost 100,000 people have fled Libya into neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia in the past week to escape a deadly anti-government uprising in Libya. Mediterranean ports are doing great business with thousands of other foreigners escaping Libya’s unrest. While thousands are getting out of the country, Mad-Dog Colonel Gaddafi is […]

... written on Feb 28 2011

5 Super Dream Cars You Want to Own

Motor Shows is one of the events for car manufacturers to showcase their concept cars or the prototype to gauge the customers’ reaction towards their masterpiece. Often, the event was used to determine whether their prototypes would go into production. Some said it was used to tease consumers for feedback if their concept cars can […]

... written on Oct 30 2010

10 Sex Partners and Still Make Money – Tiger Woods

Is the money the root of all evil? But money is just a tool so people who said so were actually covering their weaknesses of greed, envy and whatnot. Money normally comes with fame and when you have both the money and fame you would somehow destroy it simply because you would start doing stupid […]

... written on Sep 06 2010

Richest Man on Earth – Financial or Political Genius?

Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu, 70, beat Bill Gates and Warren Buffett for the top spot on 2010 Forbes magazine’s annual list of billionaires making him the first person from outside the U.S. to lead the rankings in 16 years. Slim’s net worth, 80% are held in five public stocks, rose US$18.5 billion to US$53.5 billion […]

... written on Mar 12 2010

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