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Meet “J Hotel” – The World’s Highest Luxury Hotel In Shanghai With A Restaurant On The 120th Floor

Shanghai Tower is the second-tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. But on the 120th floor, the skyscraper boasts a restaurant in the world’s highest luxury hotel – “J Hotel”. Located in the city’s financial district, the hotel occupies the top floors of the 632-metre (2,073 feet) mega tall building. It has 165 […]

... written on Jun 25 2021

Previously 1MDB Scandal Tainted UAE Mubadala Investment Announces $4 Billion Fabrication Plant In Singapore

U.S.-headquartered semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries announced on Tuesday that it will build a new fabrication plant in Singapore, injecting a jaw-dropping US$4 billion of new investment to meet the unprecedented global demand for chips. The partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is expected to create 1,000 new jobs.   The new fab, located in […]

... written on Jun 23 2021

Commodities Crash – How China Releases Metal Reserves To Tackle High Prices And Shortage

Since China emerged from the Coronavirus pandemic last year, the world’s second largest economic powerhouse has not looked back. Its economy grew a record 18.3% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same quarter last year – the biggest jump in gross domestic product (GDP) since China started keeping quarterly records in 1992.   Sure, […]

... written on Jun 18 2021

Get Ready For Inflation – The Next Biggest Economic Fear After Covid-19 That Government Will Eventually Face

When Coronavirus spread to the United States last March, the Wall Street was so shocked with the outbreak that the Dow Jones crashed nearly 3,000 points – about 13%. Everyone was panicked as none had experienced such a pandemic before. After all, the last time the world faced a pandemic at a similar scale was […]

... written on Jun 17 2021

How To Grow Your Business And Make It Passive Later

When you own a business, it’s a good idea to have a medium-term goal in mind. This way, early concepts about how to proceed can percolate through, leading to breakthroughs when filtering to find the best ideas to pursue. Here is how to grow your business and then make it passive later.   Organic Growth […]

... written on Jun 15 2021

How To Earn A Passive Income

It’s the dream of many to create a passive income stream (or even more than one) so that they can retire early, for example, or cut back on their current working hours, or spend more time with their families, or go traveling, and much more. Yet when it comes to actually go ahead with the […]

... written on Jun 03 2021

Beginners Guide To Gold Investments

Gold is one of the most precious metals on the planet today. Its luxurious lustrous yellow color makes it desirable to most people. It’s no wonder this flashy stone is used majorly in the production of jewelry.   For many investors, it seems to be an obvious choice when diversifying their investment portfolio. Its ability […]

... written on May 31 2021

Funds And Grants For Small Businesses

Are you a new entrepreneur and is looking for funds to get your business started? If you are on a tight budget, Payday Depot loans will help you with your capital. To know about other funds and grants you can apply for, read ahead!   What Are Small Businesses?  Like other businesses, small businesses are owned privately […]

... written on May 21 2021

The Cold War Has Begun – Beijing “Indefinitely” Suspends China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue

Relations between China and Australia have taken a twist for the worse when Beijing unexpectedly announced that the key economic dialogue with Canberra has been “suspended indefinitely”. The decision, made by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China’s top economic planner, saw the Australian dollar weakened against the U.S. dollar.   The last time NDRC […]

... written on May 06 2021

How To Invest In 2021: Perspectives And Trends Of Stock Market In Pandemic

We will remember 2020 as the year that turned the whole world upside down. When in March that year the globe got immersed in the first wave of the pandemic, stock markets collapsed. Compared to the beginning of 2020, the S&P 500 index lost 30% of its price, while the WTI price dropped to negative […]

... written on May 01 2021

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