Twin Display Of Fire – Did Dubai Risk Lives Or Knew Why It Happened?

Dubai, with a population of roughly 2-million, is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and has worked tirelessly to build itself as a major financial hub, investment destination and major tourist magnet. To be precise, it weren’t the people of Dubai but the lowly paid foreign South Asian workers, mostly from India, […]

... written on Jan 02 2016

It Has Begun – Entry Into Western Countries Is Tougher Now For Muslims

The threat to the Christianity must be very real for the Archbishop of Canterbury to issue a warning on Christmas Day that the religion is facing “elimination” in the Middle East at the hands of an Islamic State (ISIS) “apocalypse”. The Most Reverend Justin Welby called the Islamist extremists as “a Herod of today” – a reference […]

... written on Dec 27 2015

Forget Fingerprint & Password – 2016 Could Be The Year Of “Facial Recognition”

Will the world see technological breakthroughs next year in the consumer products? Sure, there was the fingerprint sensor on iPhone and Android smartphone. But they’re already so yesterday and boring before we unleash fireworks for the New Year celebration. Besides, there’s only so much you can do with the fingerprint recognition.   What else could […]

... written on Dec 25 2015

Sultan Of The Year 2015 – Sultan Ibrahim Of The Kingdom Of Johor

Christmas is just around the corner and stock markets have already started its yearly window dressing. Now is perhaps the best time for you to take some money off the table, if your portfolio is making good money. However, there’s one very prosperous country in ASEAN which disallows people from celebrating Christmas. Oil-rich Brunei has […]

... written on Dec 23 2015

Here’s Why Rayani Air Is Too Fake To Be A “Halal” Airline

You may be forgiven for mistaken this airline as an Irish airline. After all, “Rayani Air” does sound like “Ryanair”, an Irish low-cost airline founded in 1985 and has since grown to become the largest European airline, operating over 300 Boeing 737-800 aircraft serving 31 countries in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Perhaps inspired by […]

... written on Dec 22 2015

Malaysians Refused To Give Way To VIP – A Sign Of People’s Uprising?

When do you feel like giving way to another motorist during a busy day? Well, when you’re happy, of course. And when do you think you would be happy on the road? Of course, when you don’t have to worry about paying bills, putting food on the table, rushing for a business appointment and the […]

... written on Dec 21 2015

10 Crazy Facts How The World Has Changed Since The Fed Last Raised Interest Rates

Do you remember what you were doing on June 29, 2006? That was close to 10-year ago and you could probably still schooling. But that was when the Federal Reserve pushed the key rate to 5.25%, for a 17th straight time since June 2004, and the last time before they do it again almost 10-year […]

... written on Dec 19 2015

From Football Star To Hotel Tycoon – Cristiano Ronaldo Diversifies

He is the first Portuguese footballer to win three FIFA / Ballons d’Or, and the first player to win four European Golden Shoe awards. In September 2015, he scored his 500th senior career goal for club and country. He has a US$50+ million a year salary (with bonuses) through 2018 and the world’s most popular athlete, with 108 million […]

... written on Dec 18 2015

The Terrorism Timebomb Nobody Talks About – CANADA

San Bernardino shooting raised President Barack Hussein Obama eyebrows because the culprits were a couple with a 6-month-old baby. When was the last time you read about a husband-wife tag-team going on a shooting spree, abandoning their baby? Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik did exactly that.   Initially, the focus was on Syed […]

... written on Dec 14 2015

Meet Cowgirl Hasna, Paris Female Suicide Bomber Who Loves Alcohol & Sex

After hours of waiting, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of the bloody Paris terrorist attacks last Friday is confirmed dead. He was killed in a six-hour gun battle with police when French sniper hit his head and then blown to pieces by grenades during the raid in the suburb of Saint-Denis. Now we know why it […]

... written on Nov 20 2015

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