Blockade Of US Embassy – Israel And The U.S. Must Be Incredibly Terrified Over Malaysia’s Latest Retaliation

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Dec 28 2023
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Probably taking a page from China’s playbook in its blockade of Taiwan hours after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s foolish visit to Taiwan last August, some 35 NGOs, 15 student movements and political parties in Malaysia were planning to teach the U.S. and Israel a lesson. The brilliant plan was a six day “blockade” of the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.


A day after Christmas (December 26), a jaw-dropping 100 people began to march from the Tabung Haji Tower in the busy Jalan Tun Razak to the U.S. Embassy, located across the road. Chanting “Bebas, bebas! Bebas Palestine” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” while holding Palestinian and Malaysian flags, the demonstrators believed they could bring Israel and America down to their knees.


To make it more dramatic, an Israel flag was laid on the road as vehicles were passing through – a silly act of self-satisfaction and victory. The Israelis should be thankful that their flag was not burnt to oblivion. The embassy was also invaded with placards that read “US Embassy is nest for terrorists”, despite the opposite fact that Malaysia is a well-known terrorist breeding hub.

US Embassy in Malaysia

Washington must be incredibly terrified when its embassy in the Southeast Asian country reported about the blockade. After all, the massive 100 demonstrators – unprecedented in the history of mankind – planned to camp outside the embassy to express their disapproval and displeasure of the U.S.’ veto of the United Nations’ efforts to push for a ceasefire in Gaza.


Yeah, right! The U.S. was shivering in fear at the sight of the protestors that it had to beg the Malaysian police to save the life of Americans trapped in the embassy. Washington must be extremely regretful over its veto to protect Israel. And Israel must be really panicked, so much so it was prepared to stop its relentless bombing, even willing to surrender to Hamas and Palestinian.


Already, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the loudest cheerleader of Palestinian and Hamas terrorist organization, has imposed a ban on Israeli-based ZIM Integrated Shipping Services from docking at any Malaysian ports. As a result, not only ZIM suffers losses to the tune of trillion of dollars, it has to beg for Anwar government to return its 4,000 containers, which were stranded due to the ban.

Starbucks Malaysia - Buy 1 Free 2 Promotions

To teach the Americans and Jews a lesson, the conservative Malay Muslims decided to boycott McDonald’s, even though it only hurts its local franchisees and majority Malay-Muslim employees who made up 90% of the fast food chain’s estimated 12,000 workforces nationwide. McDonald’s has to offer mouth-watering promotions, which were gladly grabbed by non-Muslims.


But McDonald’s was not the only Israel-linked company affected. Starbucks also suffered heavy casualties when the coffee chain was flooded with customers during its “Buy 1 Free 2 Promotion any Venti-sized handcrafted beverage and get two Tall-sized handcrafted beverage”. There were also endless Buy-1-Get-1-Free and Buy-2-Get-2-Free beverage promotions.


Fortunately for the U.S. and its pro-Israel allies, most of the Malay Muslims still could not live without luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW or iPhone. They also can’t survive without Netflix, Adidas, American Express, MasterCard or Volkswagen. Of course, they had to pretend that Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a Jewish, whose social media – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – openly supports Israel.

Mahathir Mohamad and Hadi Awang - Cannot Live Without Mercedes and Porsche

Refused to travel by camels, they have no choice but to enjoy vacations by flying aeroplanes made by Boeing, an American aerospace company that has given US$2 million in emergency assistance funding following the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel. Heck, Boeing had even accelerated delivery of 1,000 bombs to Israel as the country steps up airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.


Those who cannot afford an Apple iPhone found to their horror that Google, the developer of Android, was another supporter of Israel. Likewise, those who cannot afford MacBook also discovered that Microsoft and Intel were equally supportive of Israel following Hamas’ terrorist attack. Yes, the hypocrites suddenly stumble upon the reality that there isn’t any Muslim-made technologies or products.


The best part was when the mighty 100 demonstrators’ mission was stopped by the Royal Malaysia Police approximately 200 metres from the embassy. In spite of Hamas-controlled health ministry claims that more than 20,000 Gazans had been killed, the Home Ministry of Anwar administration has prevented the blockade of the U.S. Embassy in Malaysia.

US Embassy Blockade Protest - Camping

To add insult to injury, the Palestinian supporters were also stopped from setting up tents near the embassy. Reportedly, only four tents were pitched, out of police sympathy due to rain. Exactly why did Anwar, despite having jetting to the Middle East to lobby – and fail – for Israel to be punished and bragging about excellent ties with Hamas, refuse to allow the demonstrators to pressure the U.S.?


Besides the police, officers from DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) were mobilized to “harass” the demonstrators, threatening to dismantle the tents. It’s not rocket science that the Malaysian government will be in deep shit if something happens to the embassy. An attack on an embassy is considered an attack on the country it represents, which in this case the United States of America.


In the event the embassy is attacked, either by radicalized suicide bombers or religious extremists, it could be interpreted as a “declaration of war” against the U.S. In fact, even representatives of the host country (in this case Malaysia) cannot enter an embassy without permission. An embassy is considered “sovereign territory” of the represented state.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim - US Sanction

That explains why Kuala Lumpur police chief Allaudeen Abdul Majid said that the police are responsible for ensuring public order and the safety of foreign representatives in Malaysia, stopping demonstrators at 200 metres away. Anwar can scream till blue in the face about the evil Israel-U.S.’ “barbaric” acts, but he will be held responsible for instigating potential terror attacks at the U.S. Embassy.


If radicalized Malay Muslims suddenly attack the embassy thanks to inspiration from PM Anwar Ibrahim, his political career is game over as it will affect not only bilateral ties, but also the economic relations between both nations. He might be both desperate and stupid for playing the Palestine card excessively, but he sure is smart enough to realize the consequences of sparking a direct conflict with the embassy.


The U.S. Embassy knew very well that the so-called blockade is just another political gimmick from various political parties to fish for Malay votes. The red flag that it was just some hot air came when the blockade demonstration miraculously changed to “Piket Demi Palestin” (Picket for Palestine) demonstration. The water down protest was both hilarious and entertaining.

US Embassy Blockade Protest - Demonstrators

The fact that tents were set up some 500 metres away from the embassy was extremely insulting to the pro-Palestinian demonstrators. Like it or not, there’s a red line that even the PAS Islamist party dares not cross – attacking foreign embassies, especially the American’s. Malaysia will end up like war-torn Iraq, where instability and a trail of destruction are still visible till today.


If the pro-Palestinian Malaysians are really serious about defending their so-called brothers in Gaza, they should buy a one-way ticket to the Middle East and join Hamas. Shouting till foaming at the mouth or making useless chest-thumping threats can never help the Palestinians. But it appears none of the hardcore supporters has the balls to take up the challenge.


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