The Real Reason Behind Ukraine Invasion – NATO Chief Stoltenberg Admits Russia Invaded Ukraine Due To NATO Expansion

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Sep 13 2023
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Despite throwing tens of billions of U.S. taxpayers dollars into the Ukraine War, Washington and its allies have not been able to weaken, let alone defeat the Russians. Since losing the battle of Bakhmut in May 2023, the Ukrainian forces are spooked – and demoralized – after the city has been “completely destroyed” by Moscow’s Wagner private army.


A Ukrainian commander, Volodymyr Nazarenko, said there were more Russian troops surrounding Bakhmut than there is ammunition to kill them all. Described as the “meat grinder”, a U.S. Marine said a soldier’s life expectancy on the front lines in Bakhmut was only 4 hours. In retaliation, Ukraine launched a counteroffensive against Russian forces in early June.


But after months of the counteroffensive, even American news media admit that Ukraine is suffering heavy casualties. Without air supremacy, Ukrainian forces are being slaughtered – slowly but surely – by Russian minefields and trenches. The New York Times reports that “in the first two weeks of the counteroffensive, as much as 20% of the weaponry Ukraine sent to the battlefield was damaged or destroyed”.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Zelensky

The so-called formidable German-made Leopard tanks and US-supplied armoured vehicles were destroyed as Russia offered troops bonuses to either destroy or capture them. The Ukrainian forces,  ill-prepared to execute a blitzkrieg, saw all nine brigades that NATO armed and trained for the counteroffensive have been badly chewed up on the battlefield.


To make matters worse, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had earlier told all and sundry that he and his generals were determined to defend Bakhmut come rain or shine. Hence, Ukraine’s best units were deployed to the battlefield – and butchered – leaving inexperienced troops to engage in the counteroffensive against Russian elite forces.


Losing the best soldiers is not the only problem. Early this month, Zelensky was forced to sack Minister of Defence Oleksii Reznikov due to massive corruption involving the ministry. According to a 2021 report by Transparency International, Ukraine is the second most corrupt country in Europe after Russia – ranked 122nd out of 180 countries. Lots of money given by the West has gone missing.

Ukraine Zelensky

There was growing evidence of war fatigue in the West, and the Biden administration is facing a military threat from China in East Asia. Both Ukraine and the West have every reason to find a clever excuse to end the war that they can’t win. The Western news media pre-emptively said Ukraine’s failure in the counteroffensive will be blamed on the West.


Zelensky could easily claim the West didn’t provide “sufficient” weapons in a timely fashion. In an interview with CNN, he complained how his troops “waited too long” from the West for necessary weaponry and equipment. Heck, he has even warned the West not to think about stopping aid to Ukraine, threatening to “destabilize” their countries with millions of Ukrainian refugees in Europe.


The idea of using refugees to make life difficult for Europe if Ukraine does not get his toys and money do sounds like terrorism. Of course, Zelensky was incredibly worried that the U.S. would pull out of the proxy war, ending the free flow of tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine. He wanted to drag the Western nations into the conflict, even if it means starting the World War III.

Ukraine War - Hell in Bakhmut

Yes, Washington is losing the proxy war and it is cooking a new narrative or excuse to prevent humiliation. During a speech at the EU Parliament’s foreign affairs committee on Thursday, NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg clearly and repeatedly acknowledged that Putin made the decision to invade Ukraine because of fears of NATO expansionism.


The puppet of Washington comments – “The background was that President Putin declared in the autumn of 2021, and actually sent a draft treaty that they wanted NATO to sign, to promise no more NATO enlargement. That was what he sent us. And was a pre-condition for not invade Ukraine. Of course we did not sign that. The opposite happened. He wanted us to sign that promise, never to enlarge NATO.”


“He wanted us to remove our military infrastructure in all Allies that have joined NATO since 1997, meaning half of NATO, all the Central and Eastern Europe, we should remove NATO from that part of our Alliance, introducing some kind of B, or second class membership. We rejected that. So he went to war to prevent NATO, more NATO, close to his borders.” – said Stoltenberg.

Apparently, Stoltenberg was trying to brag about how Russian president Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine to prevent NATO expansion and yet the invasion has resulted in Sweden and Finland joining the U.S.-led military alliance. He tried to demonstrate how NATO wins – when Putin invaded a Ukraine to prevent more nations to join NATO, the opposite happened instead.


Whether Stoltenberg realizes it or not, his speech is an admission that contrary to the Western narrative that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is an “unprovoked war”, the Russian leader had no option but was actually provoked to invade because no great power ever allows foreign military threats to amass on its borders – including the United States of America.


On Feb 24, 2022, Putin launched what he called a “special military operation” to de-Nazify against Ukraine “neo-Nazis”. However, to Washington, western analysts and news media, they have condemned it as an unjustified full-scale aggression against Ukraine. When the U.S. launches a similar invasion, they would use terms like “peacekeepers”, “special military operation” and “surgical strikes”.

NATO Members Flag

Anyone who remotely agreed that the invasion of Ukraine was a result – either directly or indirectly – of NATO’s aggressive expansion to Eastern Europe would be condemned as a supporter of the tyrannical, genocide campaign of Putin to expand Russia westwards into Europe. You either support the free world and Ukraine, or you support the evil Russia.


For example, billionaire Elon Musk has been slammed as an apologist of Putin following revelation that he refused a Ukrainian request last year to activate his Starlink satellite communication network in the Russian-annexed Crimean port city of Sevastopol to aid an attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet. The Tesla and SpaceX boss said he feared it would lead to a “major” act of war.


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What do you expect from this comedian Zelensky when high on cocaine hallucinate that he has balls the size of pumpkin and went to challenge Putin. Not only he made Ukraine suffered but de-stabilized the world economy. Resulting in crude oil prices going haywire. And EU into recession with Germany the poster boy on the verge of collapse. Wait until this coming winter when EU and UK can suffer together with Ukraine. Is it worth it? Presently, there are two persons in this world you don’t want to mess around with. One is a guy call Putin and the other Uncle Xi. Mess with these two guys at your own peril. This goes for the US. Soon a triumvirate would be formed and joining is North Korea “Fei Chai Loong” (Fat Dragon). This guy is going to teach Japan a lesson and to revenge for all the sufferings made to the Korean people during Japan occupation of Korea. Especially, the comfort women.

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