A Shift In Propaganda To Damage Control In Washington – Why President Biden & Western Media Making U-Turn Now

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Jun 15 2022
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From the beginning, the United States have been using Ukraine as its proxy to fight Russia. Unlike its previous war against Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, the U.S. dares not go to war with Russia this time. Biden administration could only provide weapons, leaving the Ukrainians fight the war themselves. Sending Americans to Ukraine to fight the Russians would be disastrous.


And we can smell a rat when the Western news media launched a co-ordinated attack against Russia to the extent of spreading fake news. And you can also smell double standard miles away when Russian and pro-Russian news media such as Sputnik and RT – even YouTube channels – were systematically blocked by the U.S., U.K., as well as Europe.


The muffling of the megaphone of the Russian state media is against the freedom of expression, which the West has vigorously defended as part of democracy. Strangely, in the Ukraine war, Western journalists openly ignore their job to tell the truth just because they have a propaganda war to win – a contest between the West (good guys) and Russia (bad guys).

President Joe Biden - Propaganda News Machine

They can choose sides. But it’s puzzling why the West’s powerful network of news media cannot counter Russia’s limited news media on the same playing field. While news from pro-Russian media is being labelled as propaganda, news produced by the West is considered as facts, even though the reverse could be true. Yes, even President Joe Biden shamelessly tells lies.


Take for example Biden’s claims that Russia was about to unleash chemical weapons, similar to Bush’s false claims Iraq had WMD (weapon of mass destruction). President Joe Biden repeatedly told, and Americans foolishly swallowed the hook, line and sinker, how tax dollars to the tune of tens of billions needed to be sent to the Ukrainian government in order to fight dictator Vladimir Putin.


Later, NBC News revealed that Biden administration itself admitted that there is “no evidence Russia has brought any chemical weapons to Ukraine”. Biden administration used disinformation to manipulate American public opinion, but when NBC found out, instead of condemning the fake news, it has instead justified that the lies the U.S. had told is “bold and a successful strategy”.

US Biological Weapon

For 100 days since the invasion of Ukraine, the Western media have painted Ukrainian as the winner, while the Russian as the loser. Ukrainian forces were reported as not only fiercely brave, but also invincible and undefeatable. The Russian forces, on the other hand, were condemned as inefficient, corrupt, and brutal. It’s part of American’s propaganda war.


The propaganda was so bad that even Ukrainian lawmakers had to sack the country’s parliament commissioner for human rights, Lyudmyla Denisova, in a no-confidence vote on May 31 for fabricating fake news about Russian sex crimes against children. Western propaganda news machine, including “Time” magazine and CNN gladly accepted the fake news and actively report it.


Beginning June, roughly 100 days into the Ukraine war, Western media suddenly changed its tone. Earlier propaganda that Russia will lose the war mysteriously vanished. British tabloid The Guardian, for instance, published on June 2 that weapons sent to Ukraine will end up in criminal hands. Jürgen Stock, head of Interpol, warned the weapons will end up in the global hidden economy.

Ukraine War - US Sends Arms Weapons

Urging Interpol members to use its database to help “track and trace” the weapons, Jürgen’s warning came after Joe Biden announced the U.S. would supply Kyiv with advanced missile systems and munitions. But why hadn’t the Interpol raised the concerns from the beginning of the war, when billions of dollars had been sent to Ukraine, and only sounds the alarm after the horse has bolted?


A week later (June 9), the Guardian again poured cold water into the narrative that Ukraine was winning the war. It said that ending the war as soon as possible would be “in the best interests of Ukraine and the West“. The British media finally admitted that Ukrainian casualties have been especially high, despite 100 days of stories that Russian forces were butchered by Ukrainian forces.


The Guardian argued that while NATO has been unified in the first 100 days of the war, however, the North Atlantic Alliance has begun to show divisions over time. It said that the longer the war goes on, the more Ukraine will be destroyed and the more expensive it will get. The question is why NATO is panicked now if indeed Ukraine was winning the war, as trumpeted by the West?

Ukraine Soldiers

Stunningly, the next day (June 10), the Guardian issued an eye-popping headline – Ukrainian casualties are running at a rate of between 600 and 1,000 a day. The number – more than 20,000 deaths a month – was extremely surprising because the Western media had been mocking the high number of casualties of Putin forces, while hiding the deaths of Zelensky’s forces.


Apparently, Western officials deliberately choose not to discuss the impact of the war on the Ukrainians, instead highlighting the problems for the Russians in their briefings and reports, the Guardian admitted. The Western estimated Putin forces had lost up to 20,000 soldiers. That number is much smaller than NATO’s earlier report that 40,000 Russian troops had been killed in the war zone.


Likewise, the New York Times appears to have also made a U-turn after 100 days cheering for Ukraine. Hilariously, only after more than 3 months of war that the U.S. media started to complain that the untrained Ukrainian forces were struggling with American sophisticated weapons. To make matters worse, Ukrainians have to use Google Translate to decipher the operating manuals.

Ukraine War - Howitzer Artillery

It’s already amusing to guess whose fault that the Western weapons could not be used – Ukrainian President Zelensky’s relentless request for weapons without asking for training and translation, or American President Biden’s continuous supply of weapons without considering Ukrainians’ skill set and knowledge to. Either way, both parties are comically dumb.


Two days later (June 8), the New York Times offered another excuse why Ukraine was losing the war – U.S. intelligence community knew very little about Ukraine’s war strategy. Even though Zelensky has been providing regular updates of Ukraine war on social media, Pentagon still claims it possessed more intelligence about Russia’s military than Ukraine’s operation.


Yet, despite dubious admission that Zelensky was withholding information even to the U.S., the American senators and congressmen had happily voted recently to give a massive US$40 billion in new aid package for Ukraine – even at a time when American parents were struggling with a shortage of baby formula. Was it not the U.S. who trained and equipped Ukrainian troops since 2014?

Ukraine Zelensky

As the war entered its 100th day, CNN reported on June 3 that the U.S., together with Britain and European Union, were actively discussing the ceasefire frameworks to end the war through settlement. The discussion – without any Ukraine involvement – could see Biden pressuring Zelensky to abandon the wish to join NATO. However, Moscow isn’t interested in serious talks at the moment.


Within Europe, the Netherlands and Denmark have objected Ukrainian membership in the European Union. Even within the White House, “Sleepy Joe” Biden has started to distance himself from Zelensky. Instead of taking responsibility for the failure of Ukraine to win the war, the U.S. president has blamed Zelensky for not taking seriously American early warnings before the invasion.


Zelensky’s spokesman Sergei Nikiforov, however, said Biden had lied, claiming that the Ukrainian leader had “three or four telephone conversations” with Biden before the war started, during which they discussed assessments of the situation in detail. Indeed, Biden administration, like Trump, has chosen to lie when things didn’t go according to the plan.

Russia Vladimir Putin vs US Joe Biden

Back in March 27, after the U.S. and its allies imposed economic and financial sanctions on Moscow, Biden happily mocked the Russian currency, laughing at how the ruble was reduced to rubble. He tweeted – “The Russian economy is on track to be cut in half.  It was ranked the 11th biggest economy in the world before this invasion – and soon, it will not even rank among the top 20.”


Likewise, on April 25, the clueless Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrogantly declared in Kyiv that the U.S. wanted to destroy Russia’s capacity to undertake wars. He said – “We want to see Russia weakened. So it has already lost a lot of military capability. And a lot of its troops, quite frankly. And we want to see them not have the capability to very quickly reproduce that capability.”


Today, ruble is the world’s best performing currency this year. Two months after the ruble’s value fell to less than a U.S. penny (plunged to its record low of 151 to a US dollar on March 7), the Russian currency has recovered spectacularly and is trading at 58 to a dollar today – higher than before the war. Of course, Austin probably wished he didn’t open his big mouth and made a fool of himself.

Russian Currency Ruble

So, why President Biden and the Western media suddenly make a U-turn, leaving Ukraine president Zelensky high and dry? That’s because the economic and financial sanctions are hurting the Western countries more than Russia, and Putin is laughing all the way to the bank. In its haste to punish the Kremlin, Washington had underestimated the severe impact on the economies of America and Europe.


As inflation and skyrocketing prices hurt their pockets, Americans are questioning if the anti-Russian sanctions are worth it. According to the polling firm Morning Consult in May, only 44% of American voters believe the U.S. has an obligation to defend Ukraine. And only one in four Americans (25%) say the U.S. was doing too little to support Ukraine, down from 37% in mid-March.


In April, Biden conveniently blamed the U.S.’ 40-year-high inflation rate on Vladimir Putin’s invasion. He even blamed the Russian President for the domestic high price of gasoline, calling it “Putin’s price hike”. By June, the president was reduced to blaming the U.S. oil industry, especially ExxonMobil, for not producing enough to bring down petrol prices in the country.

Russia-Ukraine War - Gasoline Prices

After Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted she was “wrong” and “didn’t fully understand” the risks of inflation in 2021, it’s harder for Biden to blame others – China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. It was the Federal Reserve’s fault for creating the inflation and it was the U.S.’ miscalculation in sanctioning Russia that leads to high prices of crude oil, which in turn add fuel to the inflation.


In fact, the support for Ukraine has backfired. As Zelensky keeps asking for weapons and money almost every day, the U.S. realized that the longer the conflict drags the higher costs America needs to shoulder. Not only Russia did not show any sign of defeat, let alone fake news about uprisings to topple Putin, the country has earned US$98 billion from oil exports in 100 days of the Ukraine war.


Even after the OPEC oil cartel and allied producing countries, including Russia, agreed to raise production by 648,000 barrels per day in July and August, the prices of crude oil refuse to go down. Instead, it shot up. The perception that American consumers would not be affected by the sanctions on Russia because the U.S. is a top producer has proven to be false after all.

Russian Currency - Putin and Biden

The U.S. has a bigger problem at home. Biden is under tremendous pressure as Democrats is on the brink of losing the November midterm elections. With tail between legs, he is forced to visit Saudi – the country he previously condemned as “pariah” – in July and beg for oil and forgiveness. Washington is ready to throw Ukraine under the bus. Biden and Western news media are in damage control to save face.


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This is the best article I read on the Ukraine situation
It is the most balanced view of the conflict. We in Asia are very concerned because the indirect effect on prices which many of us had already to face caused by Covid19
Please produce more of these type of articles.

excellent writeup on the impact of the war to US as well as the world.

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