China Bullies Me!! – Austin Cries After Li Refused To Talk To Him And Chinese Warship Cuts Off U.S.-Canada Warships

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Jun 06 2023
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Lloyd Austin, the first African American to serve as the U.S. secretary of defence, was eager to meet Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu at the Shangri-La Dialogue security summit on Saturday (June 3). His wishes came true – for only 10 seconds. He took the initiative to reach out to the Chinese minister where both shook hands, before Minister Li turned and left.


Austin was mad and immediately slammed China for bullying military superpower USA. He should not have greeted and shake hands, let alone wanted to meet Li so desperately. After all, it was the U.S. that has sanctioned Li. Yes, Li Shangfu has been under U.S. sanctions since 2018 over the purchase of combat aircraft and equipment from Russia’s main arms exporter, Rosoboronexport.


Beijing effectively delivered a slap in the face of Washington when the People’s Republic of China deliberately named General Li Shangfu as its Defence Minister in mid-March this year. Caught with its pants down, Washington quickly said existing sanctions on China’s new defense chief will not prevent him from conducting official meetings with his American counterparts.

Lloyd Austin - US Secretary of Defence

General Li was sanctioned for his role related to China’s purchase of ten SU-35 fighter jets in 2017 and S-400 surface-to-air missile system-related equipment in 2018. Hilariously, the meaningless punishment saw President Joe Biden’s administration continues to seek open lines of communication with the new defence minister despite having sanctioned or banned him.


Li Shangfu could attend the Shangri-La Dialogues in Singapore without any restrictions. To prevent embarrassment, the U.S. cannot lift the sanctions on Li. At the same time, it cannot boycott the 65-year-old Chinese defence minister. Clearly, Beijing has set up the awkward situation in order to send a message – American sanctions are useless and can be easily boomerang.


But the clueless U.S. secretary of defence has another reason to call China as a bully. During the Shangri-La Dialogue, the destroyer USS Chung-Hoon and Canadian frigate HIMCS Montreal were sailing through the Taiwan Strait under the so-called freedoms of navigation when a Chinese warship boldly approached and made a crosscut, forcing the U.S. warship to slow down and change course.

Shangri-La Dialogue - US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin Meets China Defence Minister Li Shangfu

Criticizing China for its “alarming number of risky intercepts of U.S. and allied aircraft” in international airspace, Austin added that the U.S. would support allies and partners against “coercion and bullying”. He was trying to lobby for support for Washington’s new plan of a “free, open and secure Indo-Pacific within a world of rules and rights” – essentially setting up “NATO-like” alliances in the Asia Pacific.


In retaliation, Beijing has accused Washington of trying to “consolidate hegemony and provoke confrontation”, especially in Taiwan. General Li has rejected Austin’s offer to meet at the summit in Singapore, citing American sanctions on Chinese officials and companies. Exactly why Austin still wanted to meet Li despite being bullied is beyond comprehension.


It was not the first time China has “bullied” the United States. About a week before the Chinese warship bullied the American and Canadian warships in the Taiwan Strait, Washington complained about an “aggressive manoeuvre” of a Chinese J-16 fighter that intercepts a U.S. spy plane – US RC-135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft – in the South China Sea.

China Warship Cuts Off The US and Canadian Warships

Claiming the U.S. spy plane was conducting “safe and routine operations” in international airspace, Washington has condemned Beijing’s bullying that saw the American plane forced to fly through the wake turbulence of the intercepting Chinese aircraft. But China’s military has instead accused the U.S. spy plane of “deliberately intruding” into China’s training area.


Last year, in its complaint lodged on June 1, the Canadian Armed Forces accused Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) fighter jets of approaching and “harassing” the Canadian surveillance CP-140 Aurora plane between April 26 and May 26. The Chinese jets repeatedly buzzed Canadian plane and had flown dangerously and unprofessionally.


The Canadian Forces said Chinese fighter jets frequently fly as close as 20 to 100 feet from the Canadian plane – so close that Canadian pilots can make eye contact with the Chinese pilots. But that was not the only tensions in the air. Sometimes, Canadian pilots have complained, the Chinese pilots could be seen showing “middle fingers”.

China Shenyang J-16 Fighter Jet - Flares

The complaint said – “In these interactions, PLAAF aircraft did not adhere to international air safety norms. These interactions are unprofessional and/or put the safety of our RCAF personnel at risk. In some instances, the RCAF aircrew felt sufficiently at risk that they had to quickly modify their own flight path in order to increase separation and avoid a potential collision with the intercepting aircraft,”


Charles Burton, a senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa, said – “That distance (20 to 100 feet between two planes) is scary close at those high speeds, and it could lead to disaster in a crash. You do it too much, and eventually, sometime, it’s going to go wrong”. Apparently, Canada said the incident was not the first it has experienced.


In some instances, the Canadian pilots felt the risk was too high that they had to quickly modify their own flight path in order to increase separation and avoid a potential collision with the intercepting aircraft. Ottawa has sent multiple complaints through diplomatic channel to Beijing, but China did not bother to respond and has simply ignored them.

China Defence Minister Li Shangfu

What were America and Canada militaries doing thousands of miles away from home? It’s funny when China is called a bully for defending its territories, but the Western power was merely conducting freedom of navigations in the backyard of China. The best part was when the U.S. secretary of defence throws tantrums when the Chinese defence minister refused to meet him.


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You can’t help being sure Fats Austin is very like the house niggah character very well-played by that Samuel Jackson fella in flick “Django” . Nothing against den black folks, Malaisesia too has its very own colourful colonial slaves still hankering to this day and age for the return of their former white massahs.

Like WMD Powell before him, Austin Boy plays his plantation role very nicely to serve certain interests which ain’t being over-excited about his off-white skin tone. You go to the east coast and south of the good ole U S of A, mix with the “right” circles (No, not the blacks) and you’ll know what I mean. Of course there are a few exceptions, some outside the circle do have “access” – up to a point, permitted to “mingle” with dem white dood.

Not too few of our wretched servile types do have “access” too, they too are privileged to use half the white massahs’ “Christian” names, take on their habits, and, speak a few funny versions of the massahs’ tongue, ta very much… Unfortunately, dem massahs weren’t at all interested in emancipating the grateful niggah, fought (with powerful weapons, not kung-fu) to hold on to “their” land. They called the glorious war to hold on to the colony, the “Emergency”.

It took enlightened souls like, among others, ole Chin Peng, Maidin to walk the talk about freedom and liberation, took up arm and thrashed the favourite uncles of our crawling sellout colony’s “loyal subjects”. Oops! Forgot that’s not the accepted, sanitised, and revised version of our country’s mythology, forget I said that..!

Today, desperate to welcome back them colonial massahs, our favourite running pooches are still making themselves useful by fronting those “colour revolutions”, by being stormtroopers thug rentamobs and mercenaries – and general dogsbody useful idiot stooges, proxies, colourful pretend-Angmoh speaking colourful English.

Enter the Dragon and new Master of the Universe (read China), in case you’ve been busy still religiously worshipping the behinds of the old colonial masters, and entertaining those umbrella wannabe puppets in our region. And waringly watching those the white lords say are our enemies , read China, North Korea, Russia, Chin Peng…

China responded to the Come-back-To-Massah of the feral thugs of the umbrella rentamobs incited by the West by doing practically nothing. Yet China crushed the little uprising. Very Sun Tzu, that! Very Lao Tzu that too – do nothing, but yet achieve everything. Wei wuwei, that’s what it’s called, in case you bananas and coconuts read too much Shakes, Milton, Yeats, and Chaucer. Or bang your heads on the ground for Churchill, Boris, Bush, Lettuce Liz, and Charlie the Turd…

The middle digit flashed by the Chinese pilot must have scared and traumatised them Yank and Canadian pilots – whose colleagues are probably those hired by the Chinese to teach how to take the hands off the steering when flying to flash the middle finger, something rather “un-Chinese”, the middle finger salute means nothing to the Chinese.

Everything foreign means nothing to the Chinese who only know what they learn from their then Russian enemies, pull down the pants and moon. Of late, Scholz has also whined to the Chinese, his pilots are also sneaking off to China to take the Chinese shilling, or rather the RMB Yuan, presumably to teach Chinese pilots the Nazi salute while flying their copies of the Stukas, and Messerschmitts.

I can’t wait for the Chinese to start using their trigger fingers, be jolly trigger-happy, accidentally shoot down a few Western planes doing their “freedom of navigation” around Chinese airspace. Ditto our bathtub, the South China Sea. Though I’d rather the Chinese go all the way to the US’ front door and bring down a plane or boat. Or both.

The Chinese, I must say, are doing splendid. Instead of grovelling and crawling to the West and be slavishly apologetic, they even rightly insist on their almighty divine right to drive like Malaisesians and frighten the colonials into wetting their pants.

I have to say there was nothing wrong with the Chinese driving, their supposed “dangerous” moves when they intercepted the intruders to their region look perfectly ok to anyone with good eyesight and even Malaisesian standard driving. The warship and aircraft incidents are exaggerated by the intruders. The most recent boat incident look fine if you are not taken for a boat ride by Western media who used zoomed-in scenes to disingenuously make out the ships were very close. And same for those aircraft incidents. Heroes are trained to fight wars when they may even die horrific deaths, why are our pansies behaving like delicate fragile flowers over nothing and middle fingers?!

Military guys ought to be braver and not whine when the Chinese react in ways Western braves are not used to. Big boys, big girls and big trans shouldn’t be terrified when the Chinese show their middle finger. The middle finger is flashed all over the place, all the time, and over anything in many Western countries, military folks shouldn’t be traumatised by the digital effect.

Frankly, the Chinese can do what they like on their turf, it’s not as if the West owns it. The US has not even signed up to the Law of the Sea but yet behave like the world’s sole policeman and everyone else should behave like good little Uncle Toms.

Good job geopolitics have reached a point where the Chinese have gone fed up with Western provocations and have chosen not to give a banana about listening to the West, let alone meeting up with the US which Uncle Sam and Uncle Austin have been begging for for months now. And good job the Chinese are not at all playing the good little niggah, something many of our Sambos can learn from.

Well, next time the Yanks are in the area, I hope the Chinese will still not play to the Western tune, accidentally shoot down a plane or sink a Western boat or two. I’d like very much to see if them Chinese hypersonic missiles and super torpedos work. Mind you, the Chinese would like that too, test their toys on real meaty targets.

The US is running out of steam, creativity, and bs to smear China with, it is hoping there are still enough weak and simple-minded audience left to believe the country that bombs others to the Stone Age, and massacres, lies, cheats and steals to become the most powerful nation is afraid of a few little nothing incidents no one needs to make any fuss and whine about.

All that the West needs do about the little nothing incidents is send their heroic military to learn driving and bad manners on Malaisesian roads. That would keep anyone safe and alive from anything the Chinese can come up with, including showing the middle finger. The West cannot tolerate an “assertive” China, the West thinks all Asians are the same weak, grovelling and slavish, anything different would seriously scare them white saviours stoopid.

It is time someone (not us or Singkies) stand up to them colonial-minded yesterday’s imperialists and make them wake up and smell the belacan!

Good on the Chinese for being up to the job! It is so refreshing to see the Chinese Uncles do a toned-down “Django” on dem white dood Western massahs, show who’s da boss. Next the Chinese would make them eat durians!

For you crawler grovelling monkeys, that’s called Asian pride, it looks everything the dawn of the Chinese Century, Alhamdullilah!

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