Hadi’s RM90 Million Scandal Could Be Reopened – The Mysterious Meeting Between Nik Abduh And PM Anwar

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May 24 2023
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Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS – Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) might look calm from the outside, even after it failed to form a new government post-2022 General Election. But if you observe carefully, the religious extremist party is having internal crises. Cracks are visible between the party and its partner in the Perikatan Nasional namely Bersatu or Malaysian United Indigenous Party.


PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang appears to be distancing himself from Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin. The last time both party leaders were seen together publicly was during junior partner Gerakan’s Chinese New Year open house on January 22 this year. Even then, it was a political gimmick to create an illusion that the opposition has the support of the Chinese community.


Since then, PAS and Bersatu do not talk to each other. It was so bad that the Islamist party did not even bother to attend Bersatu’s assembly when Muhyiddin desperately needed solidarity support from his best buddy after being charged for corruption and money laundering. When Najib Razak was sentenced to 12 years in jail in 2020, Hadi and his gang scrambled to visit the crook.

Hadi Awang Leading PAS Leaders To Visit Najib Razak After Guilty Verdict

Exactly why Hadi saw it worthwhile to visit ex-PM Najib even after he was found guilty of corruption, but abandoned ex-PM Muhyiddin when his corruption trial has barely begun? With friends like Hadi, Muhyiddin does not need enemies. The most puzzling thing was Hadi’s solo mission to sign the “Malay Proclamation” orchestrated by ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad – without Muhyiddin.


Like a beaten dog, Mr Muhyiddin rarely barks after numerous attempts to topple Anwar-led Unity Government failed miserably. And when he barks, it was both shallow and silly. He’s terrified to attend the Parliament because he would look like a moron during arguments with the 10th Prime Minister. His party accounts have been frozen – then seized – leaving him useless to Hadi.


It was absolutely disgraceful for Hadi to hug and kiss Mahathir after what the former dictator had done in the 1985 Memali bloody incident. Not only dozens of PAS followers were slaughtered like a pig, Mahathir had instead blamed Hadi as the cause of the tragedy. Heck, Mahathir had even mocked and ridiculed the victims of Memali as “mati katak” (died in vain like frogs).

Mahathir Mohamad and Hadi Awang - Scammers

In truth, power-hungry PAS wanted to make a spectacular U-turn – joining the government. For the sake of power and position, it will gladly bend over like a prostitute and ditch friends who cannot be used anymore. The problem is the top leadership could not find a good excuse to justify such move, not after burning the bridge insulting Anwar administration for the last 6 months.


When Nik Omar and Nik Abduh, two sons of the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, met PM Anwar in Kelantan recently, it raises eyebrows. While Nik Omar has quit the Islamist party and joined Pakatan Harapan in 2018, Nik Abduh remains loyal with PAS. So, the burning question is why Nik Abduh met the premier together with his brother, whom he was still sore with?


The stunning meeting, which also involved Anwar’s wife Wan Azizah, has led to speculations that Anwar was trying to reconcile with PAS through Nik Abduh. Democratic Action Party (DAP) supremo Lim Kit Siang’s naughty offer of cooperation to PAS was quickly twisted by Azmin Ali-linked MalaysiaNow portal as the prime minister’s desperation for PAS-Malays support.

Mysterious Meeting - Nik Abduh, Nik Omar, PM Anwar and Wan Azizah

Of course, Lim, who has retired from politics, was merely toying with PAS leaders. But the silly Islamist party took the offer seriously and rejected it out of pride. In reality, Anwar did not give any sign of reconciliation, let alone offering the opposition party some positions in the government. The Islamist party unilaterally misinterpreted Lim’s suggestion as a Holy Grail.


Even if Anwar plans to reconcile with PAS, it would not be with snake oil salesman Hadi. Rather, the cooperation will be with Nik Abduh to send Hadi into early retirement. The meeting also saw a “mysterious envelope”, which Nik passed personally to Anwar. It doesn’t make sense Nik Abduh was sent by Hadi to pass the envelope if it was Anwar who wanted to make peace with PAS.


So, what’s inside the envelope? Sources said it contains proof of corruption involving Terengganu Chief Minister Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, who quietly went to Auckland, New Zealand last December honeymooning with wife Tuan Faizan Tuan Ab Rahman while the people of Terengganu were left to fend for themselves during the massive flood.

Terengganu Chief Minister Samsuri - Happy Flooding

Terengganu is the richest state among the three states under PAS government. And it was said that the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) Chief Commissioner Azam Baki has already opened a file on Ahmad Samsuri. To strengthen the case, Nik Abduh has furnished the necessary evidence to implicate not only Samsuri, but also Hadi – killing two birds with one stone.


Nik Abduh finally realized he was scammed and played after he was dropped as a candidate in the Nov 2022 General Election. It was all part of Hadi’s plot to kill Nik Aziz legacy. First, Nik Omar and Nik Abduh were put at loggerheads. Then, PAS instigated Nik Omar’s clueless mother to campaign against him, who contested under rival Amanah banner in the 2018 General Election.


After Nik Omar was isolated, pro-UMNO Nik Abduh was neutralized as he clashed with Hadi’s refusal to work with the United Malays National Organization (UMNO). But Nik Abduh was not alone. In fact, the influential family of Nik in Kelantan has been clashing with Ustaz Terengganu, from where Hadi’s power base is located. Hadi has been waiting for Nik Aziz’s death to consolidate his power.

PAS Nik Aziz Passed Away - 1931-2015

Samsuri, the loyalist and errand boy of Hadi, was not a religious scholar or “Ulama”, but a professional with a PhD in “Aeroengine Ignition and Combustion, High Altitude Engine Failure”. That alone created factions, rivalry and distrust within PAS between Ustaz Kelantan and Ustaz Terengganu. PAS-controlled Terengganu could collapse if Samsuri is charged with corruption.


What does Samsuri corruption in Terengganu got to do with Hadi? It has everything to do with RM90 million bribes given by former Prime Minister Najib Razak to the PAS president in an effort to break up now-defunct Opposition Pakatan Rakyat, which Najib saw as a threat to his power after the 2013 General Election where the opposition received 50.9% of the popular votes.


Najib’s grand plan was to split the votes by engaging in three-cornered contests in the 2018 general election, which eventually backfired. Najib lost power as his half-baked strategy coupled with his 1MDB scandal and the unpopular 6% GST (goods and services tax) became the Achilles heel. People had had enough of Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor’s corruption.

Najib Razak and Hadi Awang - Opposition Break-Up and RM90 Million

After Barisan Nasional stunningly lost power for the first time since independence in 1957, Mahathir Mohamad returned as PM for the second time, leading the Pakatan Harapan government. In Feb 2019, the MACC opened an investigation into the RM90 million scandal. The names of some PAS big guns living luxurious lifestyles from the ill-gotten RM90 million had gone viral on social media.


The MACC was investigating luxury cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Toyota Vellfire, Range Rover, Porsche Cayman, Audi Q7, Audi A6 and Volkswagen Passat belonging to PAS top leaders and their families. Suspiciously, the anti-corruption agency quickly concluded that it had found no proof of 1MDB money channelled into PAS accounts.


But the RM90 million was not from 1MDB in the first place. It was UMNO’s money. The MACC misled the public by deliberately investigating the source of the dirty money from the angle of 1MDB instead of UMNO because Mahathir did not want to kill PAS as he wanted to use the Islamist party to kill Anwar Ibrahim. And of course, the money was not channeled into PAS accounts, therefore, no money trail.

Hadi Awang - Worried Over Vote Buying

In a reverse psychology game to show his innocence, Hadi tried to sue Sarawak Report in London, United Kingdom in 2016 for exposing the scandal. But the PAS president panicked when Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown submitted a shocking 20-minute audio recording as evidence that PAS had indeed received millions in cash from UMNO, Najib’s political party.


In the audio recording, Nik Abduh was caught in his fiery remarks to a delegation of PAS members admitting that PAS top leaders – including himself – had accepted money – from UMNO in order to further the party’s political agenda. The meeting was held over debates amongst PAS leaders about the scandal of the party receiving money, which was eventually leaked.


Ultimately, Hadi chicken out and did not proceed with the lawsuit. With tail between legs, he quietly paid RM1.4 million as part of an out-of-court settlement in February 2019 to the Sarawak Report website. The settlement between Hadi Awang and Clare Rewcastle-Brown can only mean one thing – the PAS president and his minions had indeed received RM90 million bribes from UMNO in 2016.

Hadi Awang PAS Paid Sarawak Report RM1.4 Million Cheque - Court Settlement

Shifting from his corruption to damage control, Hadi pre-emptively said in January 2019 that Muslims should continue to trust Muslim leaders, regardless of the crimes they may have committed – a statement which was clearly referring to his RM90 million bribes. The corrupt and radical PAS leader said – “If the one leading is a Muslim, even if he was cruel, at least others can become cattle herders”.


Hadi  said – “But if the one who leads is a non-Muslim, even if he were the kindest, (others) can work however they wish [but] without any limits of what is ‘halal’ (allowed) and ‘haram’ (forbidden) they will still end up in hell. Don’t ever take the infidel West as an example, because the best of them will still end up in hell, since their kindness is without any faith in Allah and the End Times.”


The out-of-court settlement between Abdul Hadi Awang and Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown can only mean one thing – the fake holy man and his gang had taken at least RM90 million bribes from UMNO in 2016. Otherwise, the PAS president has absolutely zero reason to “settle” with the British journalist, even though his dumb supporters refused to believe the truth.

Hadi Awang RM90 Million Scandal - Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown and Anwar Ibrahim

Now, the contents of the envelope could see the reopening of the RM90 million scandal involving not only despicable Hadi and Samsuri, but also other corrupt PAS leaders in the same league. The stolen money was most likely channelled to multiple sources of unsuspected proxies and nominees. Once Hadi is neutralized, Nik Abduh could take over and perhaps become friendly to the unity government.


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Hahaha… Can’t wait to see Hadia Wang 90J , Madey Mamak Iskandar Kutty and Moo.. to join Jibby in Kajang Golden Resort.

To stop anything being “mysterious”, Anwar should be open and straight about whatever he does which the public may have issues with.

Or Anwar should preempt doubt or suspicion just behaving straightforward, open, honest as a matter of moral, ethics, propriety, decency, integrity, standards, and so on.

I, for wan, have been waiting for a damn long time for Anwar to finally come up with his great pile of incriminating dossiers on the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Massacre Monster for corruption and abuse of power, I would doubt very much Anwar would come up with anything than yet more weasel words and shifty behaviour.

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