DAP Candidate Insulted As “Chinese Dog” – Proof How Racist UMNO-Malays Mistreat Minority Chinese For Over 60 Years

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Nov 06 2022
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Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali is a Malay-Muslim. But because he is contesting under the Democratic Action Party (DAP) ticket in the 15th General Election, which is about 2 weeks away, he was insulted as a “Chinese dog” by rival Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters. Make no mistake, those BN minions were sent by the racist and corrupt United Malays National Organization (UMNO).


Why was Sheikh Umar mocked as a “Chinese dog”? It’s because multiracial DAP is seen as a Chinese political party. Therefore, for a Malay like Sheikh Umar to represent the party to contest the parliamentary seat of Ayer Hitam, a Malay-majority constituency, is something beyond some gullible and narrow-minded Malays indoctrinated with over 60 years of racism.


For over six decades, UMNO-Malays approve, subscribe and promote racist hatred, xenophobia, Malay supremacy and all forms of bigotry in locking the Malay vote bank. The education system was deliberately allowed to deteriorate to a deplorable state so that young Malays are kept stupid. Only by keeping the majority of the Malay society dumb and unable to think can UMNO control and manipulate them.

BN-UMNO Young Racist Gangster

Unfortunately to UMNO, Sheikh Umar is one of increasingly emerging smart Malays. Had he been an UMNO candidate and called as a “Chinese dog”, all hell would break loose and he would have run amok and triggered a bloody racial riot. Meet UMNO-Malays – the species that are unable to talk in a respectful and civilized manner, but resort to violence, bullying, intimidation and all kinds of thuggish behaviour.


While the DAP candidate expressed his disappointment after some BN-Malay youths called him a racial slur during the nomination process on Saturday (Nov 5), Sheikh Umar was calm enough to lecture them – “Don’t be racist Bro. You called me a Chinese dog, but you don’t realise whose name you have on your T-shirt”, referring to “Team Wee Ka Siong” T-shirts that the youngsters were wearing.


On his Facebook posting later, Sheikh Umar grilled the Malay youths sent by UMNO to create trouble – “If I say that you are a Malay UMNO who is MCA’s Chinese dog in Ayer Hitam, do you like it? Can you accept it?” Wee Ka Siong, the MCA president, is defending his seat in Ayer Hitam, the constituency he narrowly won with 300 majority vote in the 2018 General Election.

Sheikh Umar Bagharib

Yes, it was already bad that the racist UMNO paid RM50 to unleash some Malay troublemakers to heckle and insult another fellow Malay with derogatory remarks. But it becomes worse – even hilarious – when the hired minions were so clueless and confused that they didn’t realize that it was the majority Malay votes that gave Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) president Wee the victory in 2018.


MCA top leaders, including former chief Liow Tiong Lai, have been hiding in Malay-majority seats – too terrified to contest in Chinese-majority constituencies – even though they have shameless claimed to represent the Chinese community. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that Wee could be the man behind the idea to hire UMNO-Malay supporters to provoke DAP candidate Sheikh Umar.


Wee is panicked because he thought DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong would contest again after losing by merely 300 votes some four years ago, only to see DAP changed the strategy by sending a Malay – Johor DAP vice-chief Sheikh Umar. The parliamentary seat Ayer Hitam (P-148) has 64.9% Malay voters, 31.6% Chinese voters and 3.2% Indian voters.

Ayer Hitam Johor Constitution

It was the right strategy to send Sheikh Umar, a former Johor assemblyman and state executive council member, to grab some Malay votes as it will be a three-cornered fight for the Ayer Hitam parliamentary seat. Besides DAP, Wee will be up against Bersatu candidate Muhammad Syafiq, who might win over many Malay voters upset with UMNO president Zahid Hamidi.


With almost all 31.6% Chinese votes in DAP’s pocket, Sheikh Umar does not even need to win another 20% of Malay votes if UMNO continues to lose votes. In 2018, PAS Islamist party grabbed 12.8% of Malay votes, while Liew Chin Tong captured 43.2% votes (losing by 0.8% or 303 votes) compared to Wee’s 44% votes. Theoretically, DAP could win if Bersatu swings away 15% Malay votes.


The drama nevertheless reflects the sad reality of racism as a direct result of “Ketuanan Melayu”, the ideology of Malay supremacy espoused by UMNO. Why do you think the BN Malay youths did not even blink their eyes when they happily shouted “Chinese dog” against a fellow Malay? If they could treat Sheikh Umar like a dog, what more the ethnic Chinese?


Obviously, it was the ideology of Malay supremacy that had brainwashed those pro-UMNO Malays into believing that the ethnic Malays are the master in the country, hence the slave – minorities Chinese and Indians – could be belittled, mocked, insulted, threatened, bullied and beaten. Have we forgotten how ex-PM Najib Razak unleashed the “Red Shirt” UMNO thugs led by Jamal Yunos, who went on terrorizing the streets in 2015?


In the same breath, the Chinese in the state of Johor who had shamelessly taken selfie with Najib during the state election recently should remember that they are merely a second class citizen due to UMNO’s racism and discrimination policies. The crook was pretending to be non-racist primarily because he desperately needed the Chinese votes as UMNO were losing their traditional Malay voters.


After all, it was Najib Razak, who expressed his desire in 1987 to bathe the “keris” (Malay dagger) in the blood of the Chinese. His life-threatening stunt was quickly picked up by his cousin, former defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who repeatedly paraded, raised and kissed the similar weapon to remind the ethnic Chinese of the deadly race riots in 1969.

Hishammuddin Hussein - Holding Keris Dagger

Likewise, Khairy Jamaluddin (son-in-law of former PM Abdullah Badawi) too joined the bandwagon, competing with Hishammuddin to win the most racist Malay contest. It was through those racist melodrama that the Chinese were constantly reminded that they are second-class citizen and their job is to work like a dog to pay taxes so that UMNO-Malay could enjoy the fruits.


Of course, it takes two to tango. MCA, supposedly equal partner of UMNO in the Barisan Nasional coalition, was degraded as a lapdog of the Malay nationalist party since the era of MCA president Ling Liong Sik. In return to become subservient to the political master UMNO under PM Mahathir Mohamad, the corrupt Ling and other MCA leaders were given positions and projects.


All the subsequent MCA presidents after Ling were lapdogs of UMNO. One of them – Ong Tee Keat – had tried to expose and fight corruptions. But the lone ranger was immediately neutralized, lasting only 17 months. When Liow Tiong Lai took over in 2013, MCA was reduced to a pariah, enjoying only crumbs instead of huge projects. Still, Liow would happily ask how high when UMNO told him to jump.

Wee Ka Siong - Cry Like A Baby After Lost Power

By the time “cry baby” Wee Ka Siong became MCA president after the disastrous 2018 General Election, he was a full-blown eunuch – unable to lift a finger to speak on behalf of the Chinese, let alone protect the community interest. The transformation of MCA as a totally useless Chinese-based party is the reason why DAP becomes Chinese first choice since the 2008 General Election.


And it is because ethnic Chinese is constantly being bullied and threatened politically that the UMNO-Malay young supporters became so racist they had no problem calling Sheikh Umar a “Chinese dog”. He’s lucky that they didn’t call him a “Chinese pig”, another favourite vocabulary of UMNO. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – UMNO has done a marvellous job producing new generations of racists and bigots.


This is not the first time Sheikh Umar was involved in a provocative incident involving UMNO-Malay hardcore supporters. Back in 2014, he and DAP’s then Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong were involved in an altercation involving a group of pro-UMNO Malay traders who harassed and barred their visit to the Kluang Ramadan Bazaar to distribute dates.


However, this is perhaps the first time Sheikh Umar experienced a racial attack by fellow Malays.  He said – “In PH (Pakatan Harapan), we respect all races. We avoid such narrow racial sentiments and are not against any race or religion”. Now, he feels how the minorities felt over decades of discrimination and racism under the UMNO regime.


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