Operation Pigeon Freedom – How PM Sabri, Khairy, Hamzah Spent RM3.5 Million On Najib’s Prison Cell Renovation & Other Privileges

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Sep 23 2022
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Ismail Sabri has arrived in New York on Thursday (Sept 22) to attend the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. The Malaysia Prime Minister is scheduled to deliver his speech on Friday (Sept 23) in Malay language due to his poor grasp of English. His speech writers have prepared a wide range of topics to make him looks good and appears “knowledgeable”.


The PM is supposed to share Malaysia’s experiences in dealing with the pandemic and global challenges, never mind he was the clueless Senior Minister appointed by then-PM Muhyiddin Yassin in charge of Security Cluster in 2020. He will also talk about complex international issues such as Ukraine, Palestine and Myanmar conflicts, even though he hasn’t a clue about them.


The unelected and backdoor premier will certainly meet a number of world leaders, probably his last foreign meeting before the 15th General Election, to boost his image. Under pressure from the opposition, governing allies and even within his own ruling party – United Malays National Organization (UMNO) – he desperately needed to get away from the country to get fresh air.

Operation Merpati Pigeon Freedom - Prisoner Najib Razak

However, that does not mean PM Sabri can claim ignorance over the “Operation Merpati (Pigeon) Freedom” – interference by authorities to grant special treatment for incarcerated former Prime Minister Najib Razak. In less than a month since the disgraced Najib was sent to jail on August 23, he has instead spent most of his time outside of prison – enjoying his freedom (and Starbucks).


From the beginning, it was hilarious when Najib’s daughter Nooryana, who lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to billions stolen by her parents, sought public sympathy whining, moaning and bitching that her father missed his usual dose of Starbucks. When even drugs could be smuggled easily into prisons, what is so difficult about bribing prison officers to buy caramel macchiato for billionaire Najib?


The ex-premier suffered a shocking defeat in his final appeal in the Federal Court on Aug 23. Facing the 5-member bench led by Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat – the first woman Chief Justice – the crook was swiftly neutralized by the bold and courageous senior judges. Najib’s delay tactics, used repeatedly over 4 years since his corruption trial started in 2018, had backfired.

Malaysia in Flood - PM Najib Needs Help Wear Boots

Najib Razak - Bossku Don't Know How To Put On Helmet

Still, despite unanimous guilty verdicts from all 3 courts and 9 senior judges (High Court – 1, Court of Appeal – 3, Federal Court – 5), crooked Najib refused to go down even in prison. Born with a silver spoon, this man needs help with his boots while pretending to visit flood victims, and needs help with his helmet before riding a bike to hoodwink gullible Malay folks.


A man like Najib, who doesn’t understand the real meaning of hardship, is not ready to do his time in the cell. Besides tens of billions of dollars hidden in offshore accounts, he is still influential, so much so that he could still flash his “Bossku” moniker and summoned Home Minister Hamzah Zainuddin and Prisons Department Director-General Nordin Muhamad to see him on Aug 24 (the very next day after he was imprisoned).


The Operation Pigeon Freedom effectively began when the Prisons Department agreed to spend a jaw-dropping RM50,000 to renovate Najib’s prison cell so that he can live like the Big Boss even while serving his 12 years behind bars. Short of a golden toilet bowl, one can expect everything, including internet access and accommodation like a 5-star hotel room, to be accorded for the prisoner.

Prisons Department Director-General Nordin Muhamad

On Aug 27, four days after Najib officially becomes a prisoner, UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi started the ultimate plan to pressure Sabri government to interfere with judicial independence – demanding the sacking of Chief Justice and Attorney General. In front of hundreds of the party leaders and members gathered for a special briefing, Mr Zahid said they must call for a royal pardon for Mr Najib.


Java-immigrant Zahid has been trying to use the jailing of Najib to push for an immediate general election. Najib’s children – Mohd Nizar and Nooryana Najwa – were also present at the chest-thumping session, where they shamelessly praised their crooked daddy, along with Najib’s infamous wife, Rosmah Mansor – known as Imelda Marcos of Malaysia.


On Sept 1, top management of Prisons Department held a meeting and agreed to allocate RM3.5 million (a jump from RM50,000 agreed just a day earlier to renovate Najib’s cell). The money, to be siphoned from the Ministry of Home Affairs, included allocations for a vehicle, healthcare and a comfortable accommodation for the crooked Najib.

Kajang Prison - Penjara Kajang

Najib’s second corruption trial at the High Court involving misappropriation of RM2.3 billion of 1MDB funds was cut short on Sept 12 after the tainted Prisons Department claimed Najib’s condition was so bad that he might kick the bucket. However, as early as Sept 4, Najib’s special officer Muhamad Mukhlis Maghribi confirmed that he had been admitted to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.


The hospitalization of Najib was confirmed by his own daughter, who created another sob story on Instagram on Sept 5 after her precious daddy has been admitted to hospital due to gastro-intestinal issues – whining again how the world’s biggest crook is prone to stomach ulcers, especially during times of stress. But the actual date Najib was first hospitalized remains a mystery.


Under pressure, Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said Najib was treated and subsequently discharged, rubbishing speculations that the ex-PM had been admitted to the General Hospital since Sept 9 for an emergency treatment. Dr Noor claimed that Najib was admitted as an elective case to ensure that his health was in good and optimum condition.

Dr Noor Hisham - Health Director-General

After screening and tests were conducted, senior experts had unanimously agreed that Mr Najib could be discharged from the hospital. The next day (Sept 13) after Najib skipped the 1MDB trial, his hotshot lawyer Shafee Abdullah told the High Court that his client has been warded at Hospital Kuala Lumpur since Sept 12 and could be referred to the National Heart Institute (IJN).


On the same day, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin denied claims that Najib will be sent to the private hospital IJN for treatment. But both Dr Noor and Khairy have cleverly refused to either deny or acknowledge whether the prisoner had been sent to the hospital from Sept 4 till Sept 9 (therefore forcing Dr Noor to deny that Najib had been admitted since Sept 9).


Apparently, on Sept 4, after Najib complained of “nose block”, Home Minister Hamzah promptly ordered Prisons Department Chief Nordin to send Najib to the General Hospital, where he was admitted into the “first-class” ward meant for royalty. Apparently, hospital staffs were caught unprepared over the “special visit and privileges” granted to Najib as the orders were above their pay grade.

Kuala Lumpur General Hospital

After specialists tested Najib’s blood and found everything to be in order, he was discharged. But Najib then complained of neck and back pain. Orthopedic experts were scrambled to examine the former prime minister. Again, there was nothing wrong. Without any medical excuse to keep him in the first-class ward, the prisons department chief had no choice but to send Najib back to his cell.


On Sept 5, it was Health Minister Khairy’s turn to give an order for Najib to be admitted again to the hospital. On Sept 9 and Sept 11, Najib was again hospitalized for unknown reasons. On Sept 12, he was admitted to General Hospital again, forcing his 1MDB trial to be postponed. Khairy said Najib will be at the hospital until all the checks and tests have been done.


Najib’s family members have accused that his “original” medicine bought from private hospital was replaced while seeking treatment at the General Hospital. Khairy explained that both medicines were of the same formula, but the one given at the government hospital is the generic form. Interestingly, PM Ismail Sabri ordered on Sept 12 to give the “best care” to Najib.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri - Clueless

The turtle-egg man’s instruction to the Ministry of Health to give the best treatment to Najib was a huge mistake. It is double standards to say only Najib, instead of all prisoners, should be given the best medical care. Sabri’s order could be easily misinterpreted as government intervention to provide “special treatment” to a prisoner called Najib Razak. As a result, Najib managed to avoid prison on Sept 12.


As of Sept 12, Malaysians were told that Najib was hospitalized on Sept 4 (through his daughter Nooryana) and Sept 12 (after the chaos in court over Najib’s high blood pressure). The rest of the secret deals above were exposed by anonymous on WhatsApp that has gone viral (believed to be hospital staffs and inner circles of Hamzah and Khairy who were upset with the hanky-panky arrangements).


The most stunning revelation – Najib were to be relocated to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital on Sept 17 under instructions from the Minister of Health. Finally, on Sept 18, multiple orders were issued by “top government authorities” to send the prisoner to the Cheras hospital. By then, civil servants were extremely disgusted over the entire wheeling and dealing.

Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital - Najib Razak Fake Health Problem

There was one problem though – the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital, in order to save their butt, had insisted that the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital issues a referral letter to justify the reasons for the transfer. Amusingly, the hospital could not do so because it had no medical excuse to transfer Najib except that the Ministers (Hamzah and Khairy) had ordered the transfer.


The WhatsApp message, presumably unveiled on the social media on Sept 18 (the last date of Najib’s status), would have been ignored as another rumour to badmouth Najib and the UMNO government. But “three days later” (Sept 21), the allegations became fact, when the Prisons Department – under the jurisdiction of Home Ministry – admitted that Najib had indeed been transferred to the Cheras hospital.


The dubious claims from the Prisons Department were that the former premier was referred to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital on Sept 19, following advice of the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. Scrambling for damage control, Health Minister Khairy insisted there was no interference and special treatment in terms of medical treatment accorded to the former prime minister.

Khairy Jamaluddin and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Khairy said Najib needed physiotherapy. But you need physiotherapy only when you have sustained injury like a sprain, fracture, strains, or any other tissue injuries. In the case of Najib, he was first sent to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital on Sept 12 (and never returned to his cell) after he complained of pain due to high blood pressure resulting from a change of medication.


You don’t need medical experts to tell you that high blood pressure has nothing to do whatsoever with physiotherapy. Suspiciously, Health director-general Noor Hisham said Najib’s health information cannot be disclosed. Worse, Khairy also said Najib was given training to do self-rehabilitation treatment – suggesting that the former PM has suffered mobility or movement issues.


Mr Khairy should stop insulting peoples’ intelligence. Unless Najib had been sexually abused, raped or sodomised in prison, or he had flexed his muscles by sexually terrorizing other inmates leading to tissue injuries, it screams cover-up. But based on the elegant silence from Najib’s families, it doesn’t appear that the powerful billionaire had been injured, let alone tortured.

Najib Razak - Nooryana Najwa - Starbucks Caramel Macchiato

More importantly, if “Bossku” Najib really needed physiotherapy, exactly why Home Minister Hamzah and Health Minister Khairy, as well as Najib’s daughter Nooryana, kept quiet? Does it make sense that Nooryana would sweep under the carpet something as explosive as physiotherapy when she almost orgasm whining about how his father missed Starbucks?


Today (Sept 23), after a public uproar, Najib is finally given a clean bill of health. Meaning Najib has been in the hospital – quietly and secretly – for 10 days from Sept 12 to 22. Had the whistleblowers not exposed the scandal, chances are Najib would continue staying in the VVIP ward to allow his family members, UMNO politicians, political allies or anyone to meet him.


The best part is, while the Prisons Department and Health Minister Khairy admit that they have abused powers to ensure Najib enjoyed special treatments in two separate hospitals (privileges that thousands of ordinary prisoners are not entitled), the government hasn’t denied that peoples’ money to the tune of RM3.5 million (including RM50,000 renovations on Najb’s cell) have been misused.

Hamzah Zainudin

PM Sabri most likely thought that after Najib has been sent to prison, he could bend the system to make life easier for his former boss in order to reduce anger from his own party. Traitor Hamzah is obviously hedging his bets, ready to return to UMNO, which is believed to win big in the upcoming election. Khairy desperately needs the letter of candidacy (“surat watikah”) from his party president, a minion of Najib.


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