The Blame Game – How Noh Omar’s Idiocy Exposed More Govt Incompetence After Slaughtered By An Angry Malay Woman

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Dec 23 2021
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Disgraced former Prime Minister Najib Razak said the Selangor state government, which is being ruled by the Opposition Pakatan Harapan, should not blame the federal government, which is being run by his own party UMNO, for the spectacular failure to manage the flood disaster. Najib argued that the state government has its responsibility too, in an attempt to shield Noh Omar.


Of course, there were reasons why he defended the indefensible. As a start, Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative Minister Noh Omar was Najib’s hatchet man, the UMNO gangster tasked to carry out dirty works like stirring up racial and religion sentiments among the Malays that the Muslims and Malay Rulers have lost power to the “Chinese, Christians and Communists”.


Noh Omar would take “his share” and outsource the dirty jobs to Jamal Yunos, a lower ranking UMNO thug, who would then take his share and pay RM50 and a pack of chicken rice as well as a T-shirt to gullible and unemployed young Malays to take to the street. That was how the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) rally for Malay supports for the last 65 years.


Secondly, Najib has to show some support for PM Ismail Sabri, despite the glaring disaster mishandling, because Najib still wanted the government’s interference to influence the Federal Court to acquit him from corruption charges. Thirdly, Najib understood that Sabri’s incompetence mirrors his own failure in handling the 2014-2015 flash floods, during which he preferred golfing with Barack Obama.


Anyway, Najib was clever enough to read the hostile pulse on the ground, hence his silence and absence on the flooding ground zero. Even on Thursday (Dec 23), 7 days since the flooding began on last Friday (Dec 17), the dust has not settled as the death toll climbs to 37 with 10 still missing. It’s a suicide mission to go down to the ground while pretending to be a caring leader.


UMNO president Zahid Hamidi, as well as Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin and PAS president Hadi Awang all realized that people are still madly angry and frustrated with the clueless and incompetent government. All the three presidents of the largest Malay political parties were “smart enough” to keep their mouth shut, leaving the people to pick up the pieces of whatever left.

Zahid Hamidi - Muhyiddin Yassin - Hadi Awang

The only idiot who prematurely stepped forward was Noh Omar, who is also Selangor UMNO Chief. He thought he could score some cheap brownie points by visiting some flood victims, expecting some praises and gratitude that Malays would normally express out of respect for a minister. He carefully chose Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Abdul Jalil to deliver some aid to Malay flood victims.


But he was at the wrong place at the wrong time when he received an earful from a Malay woman instead. In a video clip that has gone viral, the woman was seen lecturing Mr Noh that zero action was taken despite numerous calls made to the government agencies. The most humiliating part was when she said it were foreigners – Indonesian citizens – who finally came to the rescue instead of the government.


The woman, one of over 70,000 residents displaced as a result of the flooding, said – “On the day of the incident, we were trapped from midnight until 4.30am. We called every government agency, but no action was taken when we were in a critical situation”. Caught with his pants down, the despicable minister tried to corner the woman, asking if she had called “bomba” (Fire and Rescue Department).



In response, the Malay auntie calmly told Noh Omar, who was visibly irritated even though he was wearing a mask – “We called the Fire and Rescue Department, the Civil Defence Force, and even Sungai Besi Army camp. I even tried calling a local TV3 producer for help. But none helped us, who were trapped in our house. No government agency came to help us”.


Continuing her frustration, the woman said – “Why do the help only come when the flood is already receding? When the water reached the roof, none of them came to help. We were in a critical state on Sunday, but no one came to help except JPAM (civil defence department). But JPAM only sent three boats for the entire Hulu Langat area. Three boats were not enough to rescue everyone”.


After allowing a few seconds for Noh Omar to digest her complaints, the woman appeared to shift to higher gears, mocking and insulting the minister – “This is common sense, right?” Unable to retaliate or retreat as the camera was rolling, Noh reluctantly nod. But much to the disappointment of the clueless and incompetent minister, she was not done with him.

Noh Omar - Confused, Clueless and Incompetent

Like a teacher grilling a lazy student for not doing his homework, the Malay woman asked – “Where were our armed forces? During the 2014 flash floods, the military was already helping when the water was only at thigh-level. It you really want to know, the only people who came to help us were the Indonesians, who came in a sampan to rescue children who were stranded on a rooftop from midnight till 5:30am”.


“They (Indonesians) were the ones who helped us – the foreigners. Where were the government agencies at that time? We even tried the Palace, but no one came to help us”. Noh Omar, one of Najib’s closest cronies, subsequently attracted massive criticisms after the video went viral. While some praised the Malay auntie, many agreed that the minister has failed miserably.


Some people, including Najib Razak, have tried to push the blame to the Opposition, who is the ruling government in Selangor. Exactly what had the state government done to help the flood victims? PKR president Anwar Ibrahim had put on his yellow boots on the ground in Port Dickson. MP Ong Kian Ming had taken to kayaking, leading his team to help about 40 people.

Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming Rescuing Flood Victims On His Kayak

Sure, some may accuse Anwar and Ong of staging a political drama. But did any of the super bloated Cabinet of 73 ministers and deputy ministers pretend to help the people with kayaks? In fact, none of the three presidents of the so-called Malay political parties – Zahid, Muhyiddin and Hadi – care about dirtying themselves to help the Malay community during the flash floods.


Till today, all of them are as quiet as a church mouse, pretending nothing had happened. Like it or not, the Selangor Chief Minister did not have the power to mobilize the armed forces or the police. Why? Because apparently the clueless Prime Minister Ismail Sabri had stripped the Selangor Chief Minister Amiruddin Shari of his state chairmanship of the National Security Council (NSC) since November.


Two days ago (Dec 21), Amiruddin rubbished accusations that his administration had refused to rope in the army to assist in flood relief efforts. He said a call was made to the prime minister on Friday (Dec 17, 8:30pm), appealing for federal assets. However, PM Ismail played “tai-chi”, claiming it was under the jurisdiction of the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA).

Selangor Chief Minister Amiruddin Shari

Amiruddin then contacted defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein (Dec 17, 8:45pm) to seek the army’s help, but to no avail. Neither the premier nor the defence minister dare to dismiss the Selangor chief minister’s claims – suggesting that he was telling the truth. It means Amiruddin did not have the power to mobilize the armed forces, but his appeal had fallen on deaf ears.


But why didn’t PM Ismail or Defence Minister Hishammuddin help promptly? That’s because either they were both equally clueless or they were trying to play politics by sabotaging the Selangor state government. Worse, NADMA also played tai-chi when its chief, special functions minister Abdul Latiff Ahmad, said his agency only manages victim compensation.


If NADMA’s role is just to disburse money, and not getting its hands dirty in disaster management like the flash floods, why was the agency established in the first place? Would it not be more efficient for the finance ministry to handle compensation? NADMA should be called NACMA (National “Compensation” Management Agency) instead, no?

Special Functions Minister Abdul Latiff Ahmad – NADMA Chief

There’s also a possibility that Abdul Latiff, a member of Muhyiddin’s party Bersatu, wanted to sabotage Sabri administration and UMNO with NADMA’s refusal to promptly call an emergency meeting and activate the armed forces for search and rescue missions. However, after a meeting on Tuesday (Dec 21), the PM announced that Amiruddin will return as chairman of Selangor NSC.


So, between November and December 21, Noh Omar was the chairman of Selangor NSC. Only when PM Ismail and Noh realized they were not capable of solving the flood problems that they quietly and quickly passed back the chairmanship to Selangor Chief Minister Amiruddin. Unable to save his face, however, the stupid Noh shot himself in the foot again.


The power-crazy Noh Omar now says that he is still the Selangor NSC chairman. He claimed that there are two councils under NSC – one deals with security and public safety while another deals with disaster management. Conveniently, he said he is in charge of security while the disaster management is under Selangor Chief Minister Amiruddin.

Malaysia Flash Flood - People Trapped On Roofs

Was Mr Noh trying to say there are actually two chiefs in the NSC? It was like saying a company has a CEO in charge of sales and marketing, and another CEO in charge of the operation. But if indeed Amiruddin has the authority to mobilize the military and police during disasters, what is the scope of power of Noh in his capacity as NSC chairman in charge of security?


Like the Malay woman who knocked some sense into Noh’s head, doesn’t common sense says that an NSC chairman in “charge of security”, as trumpeted by him, is the actual person with authority to mobilize the military and police? If Noh Omar was the one with authority to do so, it only means he hadn’t a clue that it was him that should mobilize the armed forces from the beginning.


Noh Omar’s contradiction of job functions in the NSC is both hilarious and pathetic. In the same breath, Najib was talking cock when he suggested that the Selangor state has its own disaster management hence it could solve the flooding problems on its own. After stripped of his power in November by the prime minister, the Selangor Chief Minister was effectively powerless.

Malaysia Flash Flood - Clueless PM Ismail Sabri

After all, if it’s true that Amiruddin has the power to mobilize the military and police from the beginning, why was there a need for the prime minister to have a meeting to return the state chairmanship of NSC to the Selangor Chief Minister on Tuesday (Dec 21)? Can’t the PM announce that Amiruddin already possessed such authority? Noh Omar was a liar like his former boss Najib Razak.


The fact that the Malay woman in the video clip kept blaming the absence of the Fire and Rescue Department, the Civil Defence Force, and even Sungai Besi Army camp clearly points the finger at the federal government. She did not once blame the state government simply because all along, the national assets under the jurisdiction of the federal government were used to help in time of national disaster.


The problem is easy – lack of coordination due to zero leadership, which led to confusion, despite having the biggest Cabinet in the world. The PM’s order just stopped at his doorstep, and was not followed through. That speaks volumes about the quality of the prime minister’s leadership. And it has the cheek to ask donations to be channelled to disaster relief funds organized by the confused and corrupt government.

Malaysia Flash Flood - Car and Motorcycle


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The floods tell us something important loudly and clearly: we don’t need the fcuking gomen. It was the rakyat that got into action promptly when those in gomen as usual remained half-awake – in fact, pretty dead if not fully asleep. Those who were half-alive were, as usual, masturbating themselves and each other, having absolutely no clue what they should do (like always). Those who finally woke up or rose from the dead did so much later after the water receded. That’s very much Bolehland’s “disasters management”- fcuking headless monkeys bury their headless carcasses in holy camel shiite and play prized dumbfcuks pretending no thing’s happened. All while creating even more disasters!

The retard monkeys in gomen came finally to disaster sites dressed up for a different occasion – to go to the ball to jiggle their balls or to polish balls, totally impractical if they were coming to show sympathy to the victims, or to shift a couple bags of relief (if not to steal them). One gomen monkey was seen in high heels, it was the fcuking excessively thick Doraemonster bitch – as usual peddling her trademark utter stupidity, and not paddling a rescue bathtub.

Gomen retard monkeys were as always being shifty and shifting blame elsewhere for being trademark fcuking useless. And, as always, the “VVIPs” had their big entourage of fcuking grovelling yes-monkeys hanging around like cardboard cut-outs waiting for orders to stroke (masturbate) their fcuked up bosses. The pathetic retard monkeys look entirely like those DAP Playmates for the Snake Pharaoh, always crouching at the ancient zombie’s dead twig and ready to blow the Memali Monster’s dead whistle.

The best our great statesman and helmsman, Ismelly Lowyatkob Sabrina could do for his now-lost voter rakyat was sit comfortably in his car and watched the tragedy from a safe distance and safe height, making sure his hooves did not touch water. What a letdown, the fcuking turtle cannot leave dry land, can’t swim, another Malaysian first!

The amazing spectacle of the half-awake Sabrina creature avoiding water is going to be a huge contributor to his downfall in politics. The clueless, useless, and worthless retard monkeys in gomen usually hide when there’s work to be done, but you sure can trust Stupid Sabrina to make himself visible for a late photo op in order to show he doesn’t want to and can’t do anything than stay nicely at a comfortable distance and away from having to do anything.

It would have been a wonderful thing if the vehicle of the sleepy turtle seized up in the water, and the helpful citizenry flipped it over – with the fcuking turtle still inside, we wish. Would have made a Xmas wish come true, even better together with the DAP idol the Kerala Krait kicking the bucket before the new year!

Everything our retard monkeys in gomen do or don’t do is a fcuking disaster. In what would have been a great photo op, NIAHMA’s honcho Noh-Can-Do and his entourage was caught in the glare of headlights when a Malay auntie cornered him and gave him a patronising sermon about the gomen’s lack of common sense etc etc, the useless monkey froze on the spot among his dead zombie entourage, could only meekly shaft himself in agreement with the auntie’s outpouring.

Normally gomen monkeys would have a rehearsed script to blah out when caught with the fcuking pink sarong down but this retard monkey is a Noh-Can-Do type, definitely too fcuking lazy to rehearse his shagging of responsibility getaway spiel. But then, the fcuking morons that our gomen monkeys are, he’d readily assumed the crowd would throng him and cheer him and thank him.

I bet the typical crocskin-armoured malu-free types that gomen monkeys are, Noh-Can-Do wished he was in the water swimming with the crocodiles instead of being caught with auntie courteously slagging him off! What a fcuking magnificent sight that was – almost as good as a croc getting indigestion from eating him! Auntie told Noh-Can-Do that it was the “Indons” that came to the rescue and not any wan assigned by gomen.
We should let the Indonesians run out gomen,
they will always be around and ready for our savages to beat up each time we lose a football game to them. And auntie should replace the gomen.

What a massive fcuk up that was, Noh-Can-Do should have quickly offered to help the looters, after all those in gomen are always good and expert at looting our country off anything – and in a big way too. Such a grave disappointment, he turned out to be so utterly useless and a Noh-Can-Do old bastard!

However the fcuked up gomen has shot itself on its two left hooves, it has definitely lost itself a valuable Malay vote bank, just listen to and feel the very vocal and well-deserved outcry against the hopeless gomen. Worse still, there was a lot of solidarity shown between the races who came out fast to help each other. You can’t stir up race and religion when such solidarity happens between people. Our ketuanan failed its lot and failed horribly, what chickenshit “supremacy” that!

What a week that was, and what a disastrous and weak gomen! Another flood, and the washed-out gomen will be washed away!

Btw, Malaysia is such a fcuking celebrity and billionaire millionaire datuk tan sri worshipping shith*le country, soon as Vincent Tan and Michelle Yeoh fall out sky (late!) they get the fcuking crawlers and worshippers devote media attention and time to the “idols”, social media is a blazed with pious and grovelling crawlers’ comments. Suddenly there’s no misery of the common folks and no attention given to the efforts of the heroic and caring common folks to help each other! The chickenshit celebrities can’t come and very quietly put in their big effort or what? Wt blazing f!

Malaysians of genuine real worth would sooner tell our fcuked up gomen to stick their titles – and ask the gomen to do all for us the rakyat – and all the time too! Right now, the best thing for those “useful” rich and famous to do would be to tell the gomen to fcuk off forever.

Interesting videos to study during the festive (for some) season:

This too will cause a flood. Eventually, a deluge!

A lovely previous one (with a woman):


Has that pic of Noh-common-sense been doctored, photoshopped, no one can look that dumb stupid and that fcuking ugly!

Then again, we do often have those ketuanan types in gomen with fcuking funny, weird, and impossible faces matching their incredible dumb stupidity.

Clue me in, are those with looks cursed by the Big Woman up the Sky just biological errors due to faulty manufacturing – or genuine genetic aberrations?

I feel sorry for their parents – but then, I feel even more sorry for Bolehland! Sometimes politicians are picked for their looks by shallow voters but our voters are going too far!

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