When Lizard Enters Home & Crocodile Swims In Police Station – Weather Forecasts “Thunderstorms” To Continue To Year End

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Dec 18 2021
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Non-stop rain since Friday (Dec 17) has wrecked havoc in Klang Valley. The federal government has been sitting on its hands until today. It was only after complaints from the public and the Opposition that Prime Minister Ismail Sabri finally said he has instructed some ministries and agencies such as the army and the police to provide assistance to flood victims.


Charles Santiago, an Opposition MP of Klang, one of the worst areas affected in Selangor, said the government should proactively offer help and aid instead of adopting a “wait and see” attitude. He said – “The people who are faced with devastating material losses and misery are fellow Malaysians and part of the prime minister’s Keluarga Malaysia.”


“However, I haven’t heard a squeak from Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob or his Cabinet. We need urgent intervention in terms of food and other essentials. And we certainly need the works ministry to cough up RM6 million to clear the drains in Klang and about RM50 million to repair potholes,” – said Mr Santiago, referring to the Malaysian leader’s dubious “Malaysia Family” political propaganda.

Malaysia Flood - 18 December 2021 - Road Flooded

Selangor saw at least 3,086 flood victims evacuated to 30 relief centres on Saturday. The state recorded over 308mm of rain distribution – more than twice the previous record of 180mm. In Setia Alam township in Shah Alam, main roads connecting Meru to Bukit Raja had been submerged in between 2-metre and 3-metre-deep floodwaters since Friday night.


By late Saturday, however, flood victims nationwide ballooned to 11,000 people, who were forced to leave their home or never had the chance to return to home after finished their work on Friday. Several major roads, including some parts of the Federal Highway, had been closed by the authorities due to the stunning floods, which is worst in decades.


While floods in Malaysia are common during the annual monsoon season between October and March, the state of Selangor and the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur are caught unexpectedly and unprepared this time because normally the monsoon would hit the country’s eastern coast. The Klang Valley didn’t expect an endless downpour since Friday morning.

Malaysia Flood - 18 December 2021 - Masjid Jamek Flooded

Dozens of people in the Klang Valley had to spend the night in their cars or at their workplaces after roads became impassable. By late Saturday, the situation in the Kuala Lumpur city centre has gotten from bad to worse. The iconic Masjid Jamek, the oldest mosque in the city, was so badly flooded that the nearby Masjid Jamek LRT station was closed.


But Selangor and Klang Valley are not the only area affected. Melaka, Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu were among the other states affected by the unprecedented heavy downpour. Two deaths were reported, one in Pahang and another in Terengganu. At 5pm on Saturday (Dec 18), the Meteorological Department issued a red danger alert for Kuala Lumpur and Pahang.


Except Sepang, the entire state of Selangor has fallen under red alert – the highest level on a three-tier scale. The authority has also issued an orange alert, the second-highest level, for Kelantan. In fact, most parts of the Peninsula Malaysia have been categorized under yellow rainfall alert – a warning to people to be cautious. So far, only Johor (the most southern part) and Perlis (the most northern part) are not affected.


Malaysia Flood - 18 December 2021 - Crocodile Swimming In Police Station

The floods have also forced animals to seek higher grounds. There were video clips of a monitor lizard entering and roaming the living room of a house affected by the flood. And there were viral videos of a family frantically trying to get rid of a snake that found its way to a home. Another 32-second video has gone viral showing a crocodile on a bridge over Sungai Linggi in the state of Negeri Sembilan.


But the most interesting video was perhaps of another crocodile happily swimming in an unknown police station. Other videos on social media showed overflowing rivers, landslides, and cars submerged on either abandoned streets or parking area. There were also videos of people being stuck for up to 6 hours in the traffic as the flood refused to subside.


The Malaysian Meteorological spokesman said the rain in Klang is expected to continue until Sunday (Dec 19). However, according to weather.com channel, a 10-day weather forecast shows thunderstorms or scattered thunderstorms will continue till next year – January 1, 2022. If the prediction is correct, it means the current flood could be just the beginning.

Weather Forecast - Malaysia Thunderstorm and Flood - December 19-2021





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We have already vultures, leeches, vampires, creepy crawlies, crappy crawlies, and assorted parasites in gomen and gomen-run outfits, it’s no big news to hear about lizards, crocs, and snakes etc wanting to enter gomen and everywhere else. It’s only going to improve our international standing if we are seen as so environmentally friendly.

So friendly that all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small snuggle up to us, and even make snacks of us. The heavy rain and floods should make it a great time for Malaysians to hug a crocodile, and welcome lizards, leeches, worms, cockcroaches, creeps like politicians, crawlies among DAP ccoksuckers of the Snake Pharaoh, vipers, scorpions, etc into our homes and hearts.

If Tokongs Khat Siang and Josef StaLim Guano Eng can keep the Kerala Krait close to their black hearts, and if those DAP Playmates of the Memali Monster can do their selfies close to the zombie’s tiny dead twig, why can’t all ye Malaysians? Btw, great news from the Sarawak election, DAP got fcuked, it’s going to be downhill all the way for the DAP from now, Praise the Lord, and Praise Tuapekong!

Our politicians are known for loving frogs, frogs are traded as an essential and valuable species, and many can even enter politics and parliament even without any flood. Animal lovers, the Animal Liberation Front, PETA, etc warm to such loving gomen and politicians as ours – and our dumbfcuk ignorant and braindead voters, Halleluyah! We are so boleh that all creatures (maybe not pigs and dogs) can become part of the “Malaysian Family”! We would easily better the Brit gomen which prioritise dogs before human for when the heroic West buggered off Afghanistan for the glory of the Talibans.

If we are further lucky with the tides of good fortune, we may even attract the turtles to do their eggs on turtle-lover Ismelly Sabrina, Alhamdulilah!

As usual, it is too much to expect of our barely-awake, clueless, useless, and maybe even dead gomen to be able to do anything about any rain or flood. Even then and thereafter, PM Niamahaidin couldn’t do anything when he was almost drowned and incapacitated in his own downpour and flood of his liquid gold.

For those who believe in the Alamighty, the flood is just the usual tests She sets for the faith of Her flock, though, generally, few of our monkeys PAS the tests. Them tests are rigged by the Alamighty the opposite way so our monkeys would fail them instead of passing them like in the apartheid education exams. Simply put, the Alamighty must dislike our chickenshit “supremacists” monkeys.

In Sarawak, the downpour and deluge is clearly caused by the DAP evangelical wing topping a Xmas tree with their rocket-to-heaven logo, thus detroning the Alamighty as the Wan and the most high. Sarawak voters showed their displeasure by ass phcuking the Mahkafir-worshipping DAP. Shame their evangelicals didn’t appear in their songkoks and hijabs for their photo ops, the crocskin candidates even defended their dumbfcuk topping of the Xmas tree with their logo and usurping the power of the Alamighty, wt blessed f!

I say no point moaning about the apocalyptic downpour and the deluge, we’ve always had that, and we’ve always had the gomen and da mullahs able to do fcuk all about that – and about everything and anything else. In a way, our monkeys deserve to be in the mess. We’ve had had successive seriously garbage gomens but yet the monkeys kept voting them in. Simply put, if a contractor does a crap job, do you keep hiring him? Evidently our monkeys do.

But out of my kindness, I should say always look at the bright side of life. Water means wealth to at least the Chinese. Lots of water (eg big flood) means lots of wealth. We are designed to live on water anyway, we should be living on hovels built on stilts. We were at wan time fishermen and pirates, all we needed to feed ourselves was to stick a fishing line out window or between the floorboards and we catch fish. And, as pirates, we invaded and plundered other land and became bumis and rulers there, such is our simplified retarded history.

Sadly, these days, we’ve degenerated to living off hardworking taxpayers and migrants, sleeping under coconut trees, and Ketuanan Cina comes to grab our fish – and piss on us.

Our roads are never repaired and it’s best to have water hide the potholes. Travelling around on water is safer than to be on our roads, our so-called drivers are a serious danger to others and themselves. Rubbish we find everywhere can disappear easily in water, we don’t have to be affected by fly-tipping and the anti-social behaviour of our uncivilised monkeys, everywhere is a dustbin when you are on water. It goes well, too, with our usual garbage gomen.

Well, back to earth, once the flood clears, you monkeys will be seeing more potholes or even sinkholes. You can’t recognise your neighbourhood or Malaysia without the holes. I often navigate my way around by the holes as I would navigate the holes.

And back to the same old same old – what about Covid, Delhi Variant, Omaigod Variant, inflation, rising cost of almost-living, crap gomen, crap opposition, unenlightened kiasu and kiasi monkeys, etc etc? Would heavy rain and flood add more shiite to our already intolerable lives, or would they make no difference? When is enough enough? It would most likely be once the rain stops and the water recedes, our monkeys would stop moaning, go back to deep slumber, and forget everything, and repeat the same steps next time it rains, want to bet on that?

All the same, and as they say for Covid – “Stay safe!” Hugging a crocodile was a joke, you want to treat them like politicians.

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