1-Million Covid Infections – Congrats Muhyiddin, Charts Show We’re In Top-10 Countries With Highest New Cases & Deaths

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Jul 25 2021
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With a daily vaccination rate of 507,050 doses recorded on Thursday (July 22), Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin did not waste any time in taking credits. After all, with plunging popularity due to his mishandling of Covid-19 pandemic and mismanagement of the economy, it would be foolish to let go of such rare and golden opportunity to gloat and brag.


His staff was quickly instructed to update the Facebook. Declaring victory, the Muhyiddin said 46.7% of the country’s adult population have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and 21.8% have received both doses. Thanks to the record 507,050 daily jabs, he boasted, this means 10,920,862 people have received their first dose and 5,104,054 people have completed their inoculation.


The Malaysian premier, who had already lost his legitimacy in the Parliament, was struggling to rally for support on social media, saying – “This achievement is in line with the target set and must be further improved, so that we can achieve the target of 26 million fully vaccinated Malaysians. With vaccination, we will be able to help reduce the burden of cases in hospitals and severe infections.”

Muhyiddin Yassin - 1 Million Covid-19 Cases - Deaths At Cemetery

However, his Facebook post was bombarded from angry netizens, grilling the backdoor prime minister why those registered as early as February are still waiting for their dose of vaccine. Some mocked the clueless premier, grilling him about the number of people who received empty doses of vaccine. Others ridiculed the leader, asking him why he was afraid to show charts of the death toll.


Indeed, the prime minister had selectively shown the record 507,050 daily jabs on July 22, without showing the ugly chart of the day – 13,034 confirmed daily cases, bringing the nation’s cumulative total to 964,918. There were 134 Covid-19 deaths on that day, pushing the total death toll to 7,574. A whopping 938 patients were warded in the ICU (intensive care unit), with 459 of them requiring breathing assistance.


Mr Mahiaddin (glamour name: Muhyiddin) also bragged that since July 12, his government’s National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme has successfully given more than 400,000 doses daily. But he dared not talk about the empty Covid jabs scandal or the thugs deployed to vaccination centres to force people to buy face shields at exorbitant prices.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 17045 Cases New Record - 25July2021

Of course, the power-hungry, but incompetent prime minister has been avoiding the burning issue – despite record daily jabs, the country consistently records more than 10,000 cases daily, with over 100 deaths a day for the past week. The next day after he celebrated the record daily jabs, the country saw two more new records – 15,573 cases (Friday) and 15,902 (Saturday) infections.


On Sunday, the country under Muhyiddin administration set another new record for the third consecutive day – 17,045 new Covid-19 cases. For the first time since the pandemic started last year, the leadership of Mr Mahaiddin has successfully driven the country to breach the 1-million milestones. Now, Malaysia officially joined the million Covid infection club with 1,013,438 cases.


In fact, the country is now in the top-10 list of countries with the highest new cases and deaths. Yes, thanks to the government, Malaysia today occupies the fourth place – behind Indonesia, Iran and Russia – in the category of countries with highest daily Covid-19 infections in the world. The country also grabs the 8th spot in the highest daily new deaths in planet Earth.

Coronavirus - World Top-10 New Covid-19 Cases Infections - Chart

Coronavirus - World Top-10 New Covid-19 Deaths - Chart

With all schools closed, forcing students to do online learning at home, it certainly didn’t make sense that new records are being broken almost on a daily basis even after 46.7% of the country’s adult population had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Was it not Health Ministry Director-General Dr Noor Hisham who said 2 weeks ago that cases would fall once 40% of the population has been vaccinated?


In Britain, new daily infections actually plunged to 5,000 cases in mid-March from 70,000 cases (in early January), when 40% of the population received at least 1 dose of Covid vaccines. Likewise, the number of patients admitted to the hospital also dropped accordingly with higher vaccination rates in the U.K. (from about 40,000 to 8,000) in the same period.


Sure, the daily cases in the United Kingdom have skyrocketed again due to Delta variant. But at least they had managed to flatten the curve of the first wave due to common Coronavirus variants. At least the hospitalization due to Covid is not as severe as before. More importantly, the death rate does not go up even as daily new infections hit the roof today.

PM Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin - Sad Face

The situation in Malaysia, however, is still upside down under the clueless and incompetent Perikatan Nasional government, despite a State of Emergency since January 12. In spite of PM Muhyiddin’s victorious declaration that 46.7% of the country’s adult population are protected with at least one dose of vaccines, the daily cases, deaths and hospitalization continue escalating.


Heck, the Ministry of Health is not even sure if the current never-ending daily infections and deaths are due to common Covid-19 variants or the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta variants. Dr Noor has conveniently blamed the Delta variant. But amusingly, he also admitted two days ago that there were only 206 cases of the Beta variant, 189 cases of the Delta variant and 14 cases of the Alpha variant.


You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell that 409 cases of Alpha, Beta and Delta variants cannot be fingered as the culprit for 17,000 new Covid-19 cases. It means unlike the U.K., Malaysia is absolutely screwed up because it is still fighting the common variant, which they have not been able to flatten from the beginning, in addition to the newly more infectious variants.

Coronavirus - Healthcare Workers Hugging

Still, it does not answer the burning question as to why the daily infections did not come down with higher rates of inoculation. It could only mean either the government has been cooking and manipulating data or the vaccination isn’t effective. And if the vaccination isn’t working, it could be due to ineffective vaccines or the empty syringe scandal is much bigger than earlier suspected.


According to the chart, Malaysia is the worst country in the Southeast-Asia, winning the prize as the country with the highest total Covid-19 cases per million populations. With 30,893 total cases per million, Malaysia is ahead of the Philippines (13,937) and Indonesia (11,448). It means the Philippines and Indonesia have to triple its infections before they can beat Malaysia.


Both Indonesia and the Philippines have higher total deaths per million populations than Malaysia. But that can be explained with lower vaccination rates in Indonesia (16.3% people received at least 1 dose) and the Philippines (10.1% people received at least 1 dose). Malaysia, with its 244 deaths per million, however, isn’t far from the Philippines (245) and Indonesia (301) though.

Coronavirus - ASEAN Covid-19 - Total Cases Per Million vs Total Deaths Per Million - Chart

The charts clearly show something is terribly wrong with Malaysia Covid pandemic under Muhyiddin administration. There are simply too much hanky-panky, inconsistency, contradiction, over-promise, under-deliver and whatnot with the government’s data. We do not even know if Pharmaniaga, the sole concessionaire holder of Covid vaccines, had diluted or corrupt the precious vaccines.


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