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China Hits 1 Billion Covid Vaccine Doses – But CNN Is Accused Of Running Chinese Propaganda

People were flabbergasted when news flashed about excavators, trucks, bulldozers and hundreds of construction workers mobilized at unbelievable speed to build a hospital with 1,000 beds in just 6 days. In two weeks, two hospitals were up and running – with a capacity of 2,600 beds. Engineers were brought in from across the country in […]

... written on Jun 20 2021

Playing Race & Religion Cards Again – The Racist & Extremist Hadi Is Upset He Could Lose Power Before Christmas

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has gone bonkers again. This is the second time he had gone ballistic in less than 2 weeks. The first time he had gone mad was when the news flashed last week about the special meetings between Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah and political party leaders, including the Oppositions. He was […]

... written on Jun 19 2021

Commodities Crash – How China Releases Metal Reserves To Tackle High Prices And Shortage

Since China emerged from the Coronavirus pandemic last year, the world’s second largest economic powerhouse has not looked back. Its economy grew a record 18.3% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same quarter last year – the biggest jump in gross domestic product (GDP) since China started keeping quarterly records in 1992.   Sure, […]

... written on Jun 18 2021

9 Monarchies Throw PM Mahiaddin Under The Bus – Here’re The Top-10 Message That Backdoor Government Is Game Over

Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin should have consulted a “Feng-Shui” master on the most prosperous date and time to officially use his given name – Mahiaddin Md Yasin – instead of his glamour name “Muhyiddin Yassin”. Of all the dates available, he chose June 16 to publicly instruct all civil servants to use his official name […]

... written on Jun 17 2021

Get Ready For Inflation – The Next Biggest Economic Fear After Covid-19 That Government Will Eventually Face

When Coronavirus spread to the United States last March, the Wall Street was so shocked with the outbreak that the Dow Jones crashed nearly 3,000 points – about 13%. Everyone was panicked as none had experienced such a pandemic before. After all, the last time the world faced a pandemic at a similar scale was […]

... written on Jun 17 2021

Did The King Throw A Last Minute Lifeline For PM? – Muhyiddin Unveils Another SCAM Called Covid-19 Recovery Plan

With less than 24 hours before King Sultan Abdullah is scheduled to meet his brother Rulers tomorrow (June 16) at 2:30pm for an emergency meeting, the monarch had mysteriously granted an audience to Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today. It came after the chairman of Special Independent Emergency Committee 2021 (SIEC) met and presented its reports […]

... written on Jun 15 2021

How To Grow Your Business And Make It Passive Later

When you own a business, it’s a good idea to have a medium-term goal in mind. This way, early concepts about how to proceed can percolate through, leading to breakthroughs when filtering to find the best ideas to pursue. Here is how to grow your business and then make it passive later.   Organic Growth […]

... written on Jun 15 2021

Congrats Najib! – Facing Bankruptcy, He Could Lose His Properties, Pension And His Dream To Become Prime Minister Again

Unless he pays about RM1.74 billion (approximately RM1,738,804,204.16), Najib Razak, the world’s biggest crook, will soon face bankruptcy. The former Malaysian prime minister owes LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri or Inland Revenue Board) the taxes for the years 2011 to 2017 for additional income tax assessment and penalties for not paying the additional assessment.   The […]

... written on Jun 14 2021

The Emergency Cannot Be Extended – The Monarchies Are More Powerful And Smarter Than Muhyiddin Regime Thinks

Last October, when King Sultan Abdullah rejected the ruling Perikatan Nasional government’s request to declare a State of Emergency, the monarch had also warned MPs against destabilizing the government. At lightning speed, PAS Islamist party president Abdul Hadi Awang lectured the Opposition to obey the royal advice and stop politicking.   This February, when King […]

... written on Jun 12 2021

Trapping The Monarchies To Extend Emergency – Muhyiddin Regime Has Started Cooking Data & Pulling Off Gimmick

If reactions from Abdul Hadi Awang are any indicator, the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin is extremely panicked. When the news flashed about the special meetings between Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah and political party leaders, including the Oppositions, the bedridden Hadi was so shocked he almost fell off the bed.   Mr Hadi has every […]

... written on Jun 11 2021

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