Did The King Throw A Last Minute Lifeline For PM? – Muhyiddin Unveils Another SCAM Called Covid-19 Recovery Plan

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Jun 15 2021
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With less than 24 hours before King Sultan Abdullah is scheduled to meet his brother Rulers tomorrow (June 16) at 2:30pm for an emergency meeting, the monarch had mysteriously granted an audience to Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today. It came after the chairman of Special Independent Emergency Committee 2021 (SIEC) met and presented its reports to the King.


The meeting between the chairman of SIEC and the Agong was the last session after the monarch has met 15 political party leaders since last Wednesday. Therefore, the King would have in his possession all the data and information, including public expectation, to make a decision, or at least a recommendation when he meets with fellow Sultans tomorrow.


Two things could have transpired during the meeting between Sultan Abdullah and PM Muhyiddin. First, the King might have revealed to the prime minister that the Parliament must be reopened to appease both the general public and investors. Second, the monarch might have hinted that he needed something – anything – to help the premier during tomorrow’s meeting involving 9 Malay Rulers.

Agong King Sultan Abdullah and Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin - Ill-Advised State of Emergency

Looking at how the clueless and incompetent prime minister rushed to announce a half-baked Covid-19 Recovery Plan at 5pm today, it appears the monarch has thrown a last minute lifeline for Mr Muhyiddin. It will be interesting to see of all the nine monarchies buy the idea and swallow the hook, line and sinker tomorrow, while the people watch with popcorn and Coke.


Any Tom, Dick and hamster can see how the hastily packaged four-phase National Recovery Plan lacks not only substance, but cosmetically wrapped with unrealistic promises. Muhyiddin’s tongue almost got tangled and twisted when he forced himself to talk about each of those phases, which will be based on thresholds, capacity, vaccination rate and whatnot.


Phase-1, according to the brilliant plan, says essential services can operate while all social sectors and activities including interstate travel are banned, as in the current situation. But even in this phase, the half-baked full lockdown (also known as full MCO or FMCO) has seen the government approved 128,150 companies to operate, despite more than 5,000 Covid daily cases.

Coronavirus - MCO Lockdown Roadblock

The simple fact that the Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has expanded the initial 95,142 dubious companies out of 517,144 companies to a jaw-dropping 128,150 companies to run their business even during the FMCO is the clearest sign that the backdoor government has never been serious about containing the pandemic in the first place.


Phase-2 will be triggered if new daily infections drop to below 4,000, the vaccination rate reaches 10%, and ICU’s (intensive care unit) usage falls to “moderate” level. The prime minister projected this could be achieved in early July, where more economic sectors such as the manufacturing industry will be allowed to operate with up to 80% capacity.


Obviously, the ministry of health can easily manipulate data to ensure daily cases stay above 4,000 to ensure Phase-2 is delayed. It can be done by increasing or decreasing daily testing, not to mention the testing results can be brought forward and backward. It also did not specify whether the 10% vaccination rate refers to at least one dose or the full two doses.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 Vaccination

The country has already administered at least one dose of vaccines to 3,275,194 people (10.3%) as of yesterday (June 14). However, only 1,413,039 or 4.4% population is fully inoculated. Hence, to achieve 10% full vaccination, another 1,862,000 people need to get their second dose. With 15 days left before July, the vaccination rate must be 124,000 daily jabs just to fully vaccinate this group of people.


Exactly what is the definition of ICU moderate level is also a great mystery. But why bother about allowing manufacturing industry to reopen in Phase-2 when most of them are already operating (in the current Phase-1), thanks to Senior Minister Azmin Ali who had already approved 128,150 companies to operate? The biggest problem is – which scientist says 4,000 daily cases is a safe level?


Phase-3 is the stage when daily Coronavirus cases threshold fall below 2,000, health system reaches a manageable level and at least 40% of the population is fully vaccinated. At this stage, all economic sectors will be allowed to operate except high-risk activities such as nightclubs, pubs, conventions, spas, and beauty salons. PM Muhyiddin estimated end of August to hit Phase-3.

Coronavirus - Malaysia People Face Mask

To fully vaccinate 40% of Malaysia’s population of 32.7 million means about 13 million people need to get their 2 doses. Based on June 14’s vaccination status, about 9,724,806 people need to get their first dose, while 11,586,961 people require the second dose. With about 75 days between now and the end of August, we’re looking at about 284,000 daily doses to achieve 40% immunization.


Muhyiddin has pledged to reopen the Parliament in Phase-3. But even then, the traitor has demonstrated his dishonesty when he said it would only be around September or October. Here’s the funniest part – what does Parliament session have to do with getting 40% of Malaysians fully vaccinated? Does the self-proclaimed stupid prime minister plan to bring 13 million people into the Parliament?


All the 222 Members of Parliament are fully vaccinated. Let’s assume there are a total of 1,000 people – or even 10,000 staff – involved at any one time during the Parliament session. Why is it so difficult to fully vaccinate all of them tomorrow?  Of course, in reality, the Parliament can reconvene yesterday, but the illegitimate prime minister was terrified of facing a vote of no confidence.

Traitors - Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainudin 

Comically, it was only days ago when Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin , one of Muhyiddin’s most trusted lieutenants, announced that no Parliament session will be allowed until the country achieves herd immunity (80% of the population). So, can the government make up their mind whether 40% or 80% of the population must be fully vaccinated before the Parliament can reconvene?


The problem with liars is they have to create more lies to cover their lies. In their attempts to lie just to cling to power, both Muhyiddin and Hamzah do not only contradict each other, but are also trying to scam the Agong – Sultan Abdullah of Pahang – along with his nine brother Rulers tomorrow. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the Covid-19 Recovery Plan will definitely fail.


Get real, if the Perikatan Nasional is serious about recovery plan or exit strategy in the first place, they would have revealed it to all and sundry ages ago, and not at last minute when the monarchies are about to have their emergency meeting tomorrow. As early as April 2020, we had reminded the lazy and clueless backdoor government to start thinking and preparing the Coronavirus exit strategy (read here).

Coronavirus - PM Locked Down Parliament After Lost Support

Phase-4 is when the daily Covid-19 infections drop and stay below the 500-mark, while the healthcare system and ICU bed usage are at a secure level, as well as when at least 60% of the population is fully vaccinated. PM Muhyiddin thinks this can be achieved in late October. But based on the regime’s performance so far, you probably have a better luck hitting jackpot than hitting Phase-4 in October.


And we haven’t even talked about the financial impact – GDP (gross domestic product), unemployment, business closure, national debt, currency depreciation, national reserve – as a result of the half-baked exit plan. With factories, the main contributor of daily infections, running at full speed now, this plan looks more like Muhyiddin’s Survival Plan rather than a Covid Recovery Plan.


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Whichever arseh*le or bunches of ars*holes in gomen (or outside gomen), we get the same old same old same same old old clueless, useless, and worthless ars*holes designed to destroy country and citizens.

If our “opposition” ars*hole monkeys can only be patient and stop twitching, Modihin and his ars*hole bunch will fcuk things up and give the “opposition” ars*hole monkeys to take over. After that, the deposed lot needs just to sit back and be patient, wait for the new gomen to just as ably fcuk things up,get back into power.

That’s the beauty of the democratic multi-party system, whatever happens, those who hold economic and financial power behind the scene would always be guaranteed their ars*hole useful idiot fcuking monkeys.

It is a laugh if any of you pathetic monkeys think you’ve got choice when you only get to pick one bunch of ars*hole monkeys over another bunch of ars*hole monkeys.

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