Meet “J Hotel” – The World’s Highest Luxury Hotel In Shanghai With A Restaurant On The 120th Floor

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Jun 25 2021
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Shanghai Tower is the second-tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. But on the 120th floor, the skyscraper boasts a restaurant in the world’s highest luxury hotel – “J Hotel”. Located in the city’s financial district, the hotel occupies the top floors of the 632-metre (2,073 feet) mega tall building. It has 165 opulent rooms and elevators that whizz at ear-popping 18 metres per second (65-kilometre per hour).


The J Hotel, part of Jin Jiang International Hotels, opened for guests on Saturday (June 19) after an earlier scheduled opening was delayed due to Coronavirus pandemic that hit the world. Besides 24-hour personal butler service, the world’s highest hotel also houses seven restaurants, multiple bars, a spa, and all the other usual bells and whistles of top-grade hotels.


Occupying the top 26 floors of the Shanghai Tower, J Hotel also has a swimming pool on the 84th floor. Obviously this hotel isn’t for those who need to consider the prices of the menu before ordering food and beverage. To celebrate its opening, however, the hotel is offering a “special experience rate” of 3,088 Yuan (US$477) a night. But prices for its 34 suites are skyrocketing expensive.

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Highest Restaurant

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Highest Restaurant 2

A night in “J Suite”, for example, will make you 67,000 Yuan (US$10,360) poorer. The 195-square-metre suite nevertheless comes with crystal chandeliers, a panoramic living room, a dining room for 8 persons, a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing room, a well-equipped kitchen and a sauna room. If this fails to satisfy your appetite, there’re more suites to pamper you.


The “Jinjiang Suite”, a 210-square-metre suite, allows quests to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Shanghai with its 180-degree view design. The suite has a separate living room, bedroom, dressing room, dining room, study and guest washroom to ensure privacy. The Jinjiang Suite is connected to two prevailing guest rooms, allowing for further expansion of living space based on guest needs.


The “Shanghai Suite” is the highest-end suite at J Hotel. Boasting a jaw-dropping 380-square-metre space, the suite located on 98th floor is an integrated residence – offering a separate parlor, bedroom, dressing room, study, kitchen and even physiotherapy area. Guests are greeted by a luxurious Chinese phoenix and peony embroidery on the calfskin wall at the entrance.

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Suites Bedroom

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Bath

The previous highest hotel in the world was the Rosewood Guangzhou, which occupies a 530-metre, 108-story CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou, China. Situated on the top 39 floors of the building, Rosewood Guangzhou earned the status as the world’s tallest five-star hotel in 2019. Besides restaurants on the 107th floor, the hotel also boasts the world’s fastest elevator – travelling almost 70 feet (21 metres) per second.


Founded in 1996, Jin Jiang International Hotels, a major Chinese state-owned group, engage in hotel services, hotel management services, food and beverage services and goods supplies. It also operates Peace Hotel, Park Hotel, and Metropole Hotel. It acquired Europe’s Groupe du Louvre for €1.21 billion from U.S. investment firm Starwood Capital Group back in January 2015.


Four years after acquiring the French hotel chain Louvre Hotels Group, Jin Jiang splashed US$2 billion in February 2019 to acquire 51.15% of Stockholm-listed Radisson Hospitality AB, Radisson’s subsidiary in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. That made Jin Jiang the third-largest hotel chain in Africa, behind France’s Accor and Marriott International.

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Building

In October 2019, armed with 10,000 hotels and 1 million guest rooms in 120 countries, American hotel magazine HOTELS reported that Jin Jiang International Hotels Group has become the world’s second biggest hotel group. Listed in both Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Jin Jiang generated revenue of 21 billion Yuan in 2019 and has a market capitalization of 52.4 billion Yuan.

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Luxury

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Luxury 2

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Room

Shanghai Tower - J Hotel - Wine


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