World’s Tallest Slide at Singapore Changi Airport

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Sep 04 2010
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Regardless whether you’re going on a business or holiday trip, waiting for your flight at airport is perhaps the most boring and time-consuming process. The waiting period is made worse when your flight is rescheduled and suddenly you’ve additional hours of boring time to burn. However if you happen to be at Singapore Changi Airport then you’re at luck.

Changi Airport Slide 

Recently Singapore’s Changi Airport has come up with an innovative and interesting, not to mention fun, activity for tired, bored and restless travellers. The airport has unveiled the “world’s tallest slide in an airport” in the arrivals hall at the airport’s Terminal-3. The 12-metre-high twisting ride, known as “TheSlide@T3”, stretches over four storeys and speeds travellers from top to bottom at a rate of 6 metres-per-second *that’s scary*.

Changi Airport Slide 2 

With the latest offering Changi Airport has now added another trophy on top of the cinema, butterfly garden, nature walks and rooftop swimming pool attractions. Visitors have to spend S$30 (in a single receipt) in the airport to get tokens, which will entitle them to two rides. If you’re a stingy rat and do not wish to spend a single cent, the airport is generous enough to offer you a second, one-and-a-half-story slide for free located in the Basement 2 level.

Suddenly everybody doesn’t really care about delayed flights anymore. Hmm, maybe Malaysia should copy and build a taller slide inside KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) since Najib’s administration has not build any mega (tallest) project yet *grin*.

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Have you been to empire subang recently?
I think they are contructing a 3 storey slide in the mall.

No Wee Kee … I’ve not been to empire subang … If it’s true that they are constructing something similiar, then it should be a great news … Thanx for your info though …

Cheers …

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