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If You Can’t Beat Him, Create Trouble For Him – Trump Ramps Up More Anti-China Chaos To Sabotage Biden

After crossing the 270 Electoral College vote threshold needed to claim victory, President-elect Biden appears to have strengthened his grip on Friday (Nov 13) by winning the state of Georgia. Even though North Carolina may go to President Trump, the final result would see Biden’s 306 votes against Trump’s 232. Interestingly, this is the same […]

... written on Nov 15 2020

Admission Of Incompetence – The Clueless Government Now Allows 3 Passengers Per Car, But Still 4 Diners Per Table

In another U-turn, the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin has now decided to allow three people from the same household to travel in a same car. Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob claimed the decision was agreed upon after receiving complaints from the public, as well as consideration based on e-hailing rides and taxis that are […]

... written on Nov 14 2020

Will Automation Destroy The Trucking Industry By 2025?

Technology is taking over the world. In a bid to create ultimate efficiency, cutting-edge technology is being deployed to design supercomputers that will take over the work done by humans in the near future. According to experts, AI, machine learning, deep learning, and big data are just some of the newest technologies paving the way […]

... written on Nov 13 2020

Singles’ Day 11.11 Shopping Generates $116 Billion – But Jack Ma’s Toxic Mouth Has Created A New Problem

Alibaba has set another new sales record for this year’s annual “Singles Day” shopping spree. The Singles Day, first started in China as a 24-hour shopping event that celebrates people who are not in relationships, has been such a massive success that it makes Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States look like […]

... written on Nov 12 2020

Confusion Strikes Again – The Clueless Government & Police Can’t Decide How People Should Scan At Petrol Station

There’s a good reason why the backdoor government of Muhyiddin is seen as incompetent and clueless. It’s one thing to be a traitor and conspired with crooks to steal a legitimately elected government via a political coup. It’s another thing to run the country into the ground with double standards, hypocrisy, comical flip-flopping, dubious annual […]

... written on Nov 10 2020

Trump Dumped, Biden Elected – Don’t Write Off The Man Who Won 70 Million Votes, Trump Could Come Back In 2024

Four days after the November 3 election, Americans took to the streets – some celebrate Joe Biden’s victory while others protest against Donald Trump’s loss. The nation is as divided, if not more divided, as when Trump stunningly won the White House in 2016. Having passed the 270 Electoral College vote threshold needed, Biden becomes […]

... written on Nov 10 2020

Budget 2021 – Here’s What The Backdoor Government Does Not Want You To Know

Financial planning 101 say if you consistently spend more than you earn, it becomes the secret recipe of huge debt. In the case of (previous) Barisan Nasional government, not only did they spend lavishly beyond their ability to grow the economy, they also plundered and stole money from the national coffers. Everything looked rosy until […]

... written on Nov 08 2020

5 Options Tips To Improve Your Trading

Trading is challenging because getting things right doesn’t just happen. The following are a few tips that could help you grow in this industry by refining trading.   1.    Work on Your Emotions Your emotional state matters when it comes to trading. This may not sound too important, but trading can be quite stressful, and […]

... written on Nov 06 2020

Biden 264 VS Trump 214 – On The Brink Of Losing, President Trump Filed Lawsuits Claiming Fraud & Irregularities

China’s stock markets – Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen Component Index and tech-heavy ChiNext index – have all gained significantly on Thursday as Democrat Joe Biden appears to be winning the 2020 Presidential Election. Biden is perceived to be less confrontational than Trump in his foreign policy with China, something which is celebrated in Wall Street […]

... written on Nov 05 2020

Rejects Withdrawal From EPF Retirement Fund – The Clueless Government Should Give Cash Or Guarantee Jobs Instead

Introduced in 1951, the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) compulsory retirement savings scheme for private sector workers requires employees to contribute 11% of their salaries to their EPF accounts. Employers, on the other hand, contribute the equivalent of 13% of the salaries of employees earning RM5,000 and below, and 12% if wages are above RM5,000.   […]

... written on Nov 05 2020

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