PAS Supporters Scammed Again – Islamist Party Admits Only Fought Fiercely For Hudud When In Opposition

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Jul 28 2020
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Exactly how many times do supporters of PAS Islamist party wanted to be conned and scammed by the fake holy men? It’s both amazing and hilarious that in the age of social media, 2-million Malay Muslims could still be tricked into voting for the party in the 2018 General Election. Perhaps they had their fair share of suspicion, but the promise of heaven was irresistible.


Coming from the horse’s mouth, deputy president of PAS – Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man – was finally forced to admit that the Islamist party only fought tooth and nail for the changes to Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (Act 355) – popularly known as the RUU355 – when the party was in the opposition. The controversial RUU355 was also known as the ancient Hudud Law.


Tuan Ibrahim had no choice but to answer the tough question at the Temerloh PAS annual general meeting as the party was facing motions and pressures to make the RUU355 a reality, now that the Islamist party is in the government. Why did PAS scream, whine and bitch until foaming at the mouth for the hudud when they were in the opposition, but drags its feet now?

PAS Leaders - Hadi Awang and Tuan Ibrahim

The PAS deputy president offered his jaw-dropping answer – “We used to be fiery (berapi-api). Of course, we were fiery because we were in the opposition. But if as the government we remain fiery, who are we being fiery against? The opposition does not need to think about the methods, systems, rules. That was not our job. That was the government’s job.”


But ever since PAS joins the backdoor government through a series of defections and coup, it has cooked up new spins and twists. Tuan Ibrahim said – “We need to refer to the National Council on Islamic Affairs. There are procedures involved, we need to meet the attorney-general and discuss the legal mechanism, the Federal Constitution and look at existing laws – there is a lot of work.”


Obviously, his argument was nothing but excuses. Here’s one simple question for the so-called Islamist party: what is more important than implement the Hudud, the supposedly punishments decreed by God? It has been close to 4 months since Muhyiddin Yassin brought down his own multi-racial Pakatan Harapan government and formed the “Malay-Muslim” Perikatan Nasional government.

Perikatan Nasional Muhyiddin Yassin and Leaders of Political Groups

Does not the “Malay-Muslim” government, consists primarily of PPBM (Bersatu), UMNO and PAS, afraid of ignoring Allah’s divine orders by delaying – or opposing – the implementation of Hudud? Hey, that was not what I said. It was an accusation from a Kelantan UMNO leader against Mahathir back in April 2015 when the former PM questioned the motive behind UMNO’s support for hudud.


Yes, it was Mahathir Mohamad, who saw the scam when he said on April 15, 2015 that he was shocked to learn that Kelantan UMNO was supportive of PAS’ hudud laws. He said – “PAS and also Kelantan UMNO’s intentions of introducing PAS’s version of hudud are for political purposes. I was shocked to hear that Kelantan UMNO supports PAS’ hudud. I hope they understand what they are doing.”


Mahathir said it was unfair to punish Muslims by way of amputation and death by stoning when non-Muslims were given lighter sentences for similar crimes – “PAS’ hudud is not Islam’s hudud because it is extremely unfair, when the al-Quran demands justice when meting punishments. Therefore, PAS’ hudud is not Islam’s hudud.”

Mahathir Mohamad Label Hadi Awang An Infidel - New Straits Times

Apparently, Mahathir voiced his displeasure and disapproval after the Kelantan state assembly approved the Shariah Criminal Code (II) (1993) 2015 Enactment on March 19, 2015 with 31 votes from PAS lawmakers supported by 12 from UMNO. Actually, PAS’ intention (or rather drama) to implement the Hudud law goes earlier than that.


In 2014, PAS’ secretary-general Mustafa Ali warned (former ally) DAP – “DAP cannot force PAS to oppose God, this is God’s command, Allah’s command and we want to carry out Allah’s command.” So after fighting for years to implement the God’s law, why the Islamist party suddenly beat around the bush, talking about legal obstacles and challenges when they now have the power?


The answer is right in front of the blind supporters of PAS. Not only PAS leaders are nothing but a bunch of fake holy men, they were not serious about pushing for the God’s command from the beginning. They pretended to implement it in Kelantan knowing very well that it cannot be enforced simply because it goes against the Federal Constitution. It was purely a political gimmick.

PAS President Hadi Awang

Do you want another proof that PAS was never interested in Hudud? In March 2018, about 2 months before the nationwide election, Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz was offended when it was pointed out that PAS’ election manifesto did not include hudud, something that the party had been championing. Nik Abduh, the son of former PAS spiritual leader (Nik Abdul Aziz), just said critics were narrow-minded.


Even if allies UMNO or PPBM disagree, PAS can always threaten to pull out of the backdoor government if the God’s law is not implemented yesterday. But with 5-figure salaries, mouth-watering allowances, free Mercedes Benz, official residences at the taxpayers’ expense and other fat perks, it’s not rocket science that the fake holy men will vote with both hands for luxury rather than hudud.


Interestingly, PAS’ reluctance to implement hudud provides the answer to a very popular debate – why did the Islamist party quit the opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition in 2015? Pro-PAS supporters have been blaming Chinese-based party DAP for opposing hudud. Anti-PAS supporters, meanwhile, have been blaming PAS president Hadi Awang for accepting RM90 million bribes from former PM Najib.

 Pakatan Rakyat – Lim Guan Eng DAP, Anwar Ibrahim PKR, Hadi Awang PAS

In the 2008 General Election, now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat (predecessor of Pakatan Harapan) won 82 parliamentary seats. The political coalition was formed by the People’s Justice Party (PKR), Democratic Action Party (DAP), and Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) on 1 April 2008. In the 2013 General Election, the same Pakatan Rakyat did slightly better by winning 89 seats.


However, DAP declared the coalition “dead” on 16 June 2015, citing the inability of the rest of the alliance to work with PAS, after PAS’ congress passed a motion to sever ties with DAP without debate. In the recent 2018 General Election, PAS conspired with UMNO to create three-cornered contests which ultimately backfired. The mighty Barisan Nasional regime collapsed after 61 years in power.


It was revealed by whistleblower Sarawak Report that PAS president Hadi Awang had actually taken RM90 million bribes from then-PM Najib Razak to break up the “rising star” Pakatan Rakyat. The sensitive issue of hudud was deliberately used by Hadi Awang to provoke DAP, with DAP telling PAS to leave the coalition while at the same time PAS told DAP to quit instead.

Najib Razak and Hadi Awang - Opposition Break-Up and RM90 Million

Now, if PAS was genuinely wanted and remained committed to pushing for the hudud law come rain or shine, why the fiery (berapi-api) Islamist party is reduced to a lame duck that doesn’t seem anxious and enthusiastic about the ancient Islamic law once it is in the government? Clearly, fake holy man Hadi Awang fought with ally DAP due to RM90 million bribes, not hudud law.


Heck, drama queen PAS had even organised a mega rally – the “Himpunan 355 (H355)” – on February 18, 2017 at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur to support and demand for the hudud law. The organizer claimed a whopping 200,000 people attended the rally where chest-thumping PAS leaders spoke as if they were messengers from God.


The UMNO, PPBM, PAS, Attorney General, Sultans, Agong (King), National Council on Islamic Affairs and whatnot – they are all Malay Muslims. Was PAS trying to suggest that even with the current Malay-Muslim government in control of the country, hudud is still a fairy tale? If that’s true, why should the Malay Muslims continue to vote for them? Perhaps PAS thinks it can still insult the intelligence of the Malays.

 Hudud Law - Mega Rally - Himpunan 355 Padang Merbok 2017

In reality, a vote for hudud will see a massive capital flight as spooked foreign investors flee and repatriate capital out of the country. No investors in their right mind will take risks in a country that would be transformed into a Taliban state, where extremists and radical Islamic group rule the nation. Why do you think UMNO did not introduce PAS’ version of hudud during their 60-year-rule?


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