Take In Unrecognised Doctors To Help At This Crucial Moment

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Mar 25 2020
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Our Healthcare system is facing the brunt of COVID-19. Healthcare practitioners are on the verge of breakdown as seen by the circulating pictures and videos on Whatsapp. Many are under quarantine and unable to return home. Some are also infected. The number of patients has drastically increased with not only positive Covid-19 suffers in quarantine wards but also those needing specialised care in ICUs nationwide. Never before has the nation undergone such a critical situation in our present times.


Reports from various countries show a grim picture that the worst is not over. It has not peaked yet for us. If we go by the statistics in Italy, there is a long way to go. In Italy, they are rushing 10,000 student doctors into service and scrapping final exams. (read: Italy will rush 10,000 student doctors into service, scrapping final exams). That is how critical the matter is!


Even here, The health ministry will station 1,000 housemen at government hospitals nationwide to help smoothen the day-to-day operations following the Covid-19 pandemic. Health Minister Adham Baba said all the trainee doctors would undergo a five-day induction training including handling of Covid-19 elements. (read: 1,000 housemen roped in for Covid-19 duties).

Coronavirus - Doctors

My plea to the honourable Prime Minister, Health Minister and DG of Health is to allow doctors from unrecognised universities to also serve to lessen the workload of the healthcare system. Do not keep them on the sidelines any longer. They are all qualified medical doctors in the countries they graduated from. They are an untapped talent in our midst.


Our Malaysian Medical Council didn’t have the time or resources to complete the recognition process for their universities. Many have also become specialists and even passed other qualifying exams such as the Australian Medical Council exams, PLAB (UK) etc. All this talent are ready to come assist immediately here. They just need the green light by the authorities.


Previously similar instances have been considered as when foreigners from unrecognised universities were allowed to do their specialist courses here at our local Malaysian universities. Our unrecognised doctors saw their own foreign classmates allowed to do a privately funded specialist course here when they were given special registration to practice when doing the course in Malaysia.

Doctor Housemanship - Malaysia - Problems

Thus, a precedent had already been set then of taking in unrecognised doctors although they were foreigners but Malaysians in the same situation were denied such an opportunity. The Health minister has the power under section 12 of the Medical Act to bring them in. Previously this had been attempted in Feb 2002 by YB Chua Jui Meng but was not carried out even after publicly announcing it in the national press and media.


Even retired doctors and nurses are being recalled now. (watch: Health Ministry recalling retired doctors, nurses to reinforce frontlines, says Health DG) Most of these retirees are at an age where they are very susceptible to Covid-19 which has a high mortality rate for aged patients. Why risk bringing them in when we have a ready pool of doctors willing to work at the prime of their life who have stronger immune systems.


Thus, I hope this plea of the unrecognised doctors who might number in hundreds is taken seriously and is acted upon quickly to lessen the present workload. They are all Malaysians and are ready to serve the Malaysian public. Please stop casting them aside but instead cherish their spirit to serve their fellow men with their skills.


Yours sincerely,
Doctors willing to serve


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Dear Doctors willing to serve

Sorry, wrong race, and even wrong religion. No backdoor into medical practice in Malaysia.

A great idea.

And an infinitely useful one in time of crisis.

Considering we have happily accepted politicians with bogus qualifications, bought qualifications, no qualifications, and half qualifications, for ages.

Just as bad, we have useless doctors who got into medical school because of privilege, because of connection, etc…

And who passed because both entry requirements were lowered, and so were pass marks in order that they “graduate”.

That said about medical doctors , we are also a nation of other “doctors”.

We have no end of obvious thickos who hold “PhDs” too.

I won’t know what these glorified toe rags can do for Malaysia in the time of coronavirus, some of such clown morons are also already politicians properly equipped to destroy Malaysia.

For God sake Muhyiddin !!! Learn to be punctual in your timing of TV annoucement !!! This is not the first or second time where your ridiculous attitude towards sharp on time is now somehing for rakyat to chew on your attributes. You are not ordinary low tier minister and neither are you just a dsitrict officer ( which you are acting like one. ). Act like a PM !! we do not see all the previous PM acting nonchalantly in the timing of annoucement. You are the first to act in this irresponsible manner. Whethe it is the broadcaster or the TV media at fault , no excuse for you to show that it is ok. Think hard that if you can’t manage the simple task of being in time how can you manage a country at this jncture where speed of executions counts in dealing with this pandemic.

Come to think does it always have to be bloggers or ordinary rakyat to offer suggestions like what FT is proposing in garnering all the would be doctors and nurses certified by others but not recognised in the country. It is a call of duty to support and relieve the already tired medical front liners unless we are calling foreign help. If the Health Minister is still learning to be a comedian please take him out before further damages and distribute his salary into the donation pot. The DG of Health has shown his forte and responsibility to deserve a recognition for his contribution. Many Ministers in other countries are showing their patriotic sentiments for their own country by offering their salaries or take big cut to support their country finance in the fight against Covid. Do not pretend you have not heard about it or is it the unwillingness to do so. You are a newbie in this Premiership and if you have taken the initiative to withhold all Ministers salaries and also asking the PN parties to contribute, you bet you shall be the PM8 for good long while.. I know you are a human but repeated redundancy in that position is not a good foreboding. for now be a PM , a good PM and as our PM.

“please take him out”

You don’t mean someone (else) should assassinate him, do you?

“repeated redundancy in that position is not a good foreboding. for now be a PM”

Sorry, what does “repeated redundancy” mean”?

And when would it be a “good foreboding” for Moo?

I suspect Moo takes his orders from the Snake Pharaoh.

Snake Pharaoh looks every bit very accepting of Moo, I haven’t noticed the Macaivillain viper having red ants in his pants over anything Moo’s said or done – all considering the old zombie obsesses every second over anything and anybody he exercise his control freak’s impulse over.

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