If Zahid Has No Balls To Take On Anwar In Port Dickson, He Should Just Resign & Retire

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Sep 24 2018
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Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is perhaps the most cowardly-president UMNO has ever produced. It’s one thing to be clueless and directionless but a totally different thing to be a coward. If you still couldn’t tell the difference, here’s an example. President Donald Trump is a clueless and directionless leader, or at least he pretends to be one. That explains why he keeps flip-flopping every minute.


However, Trump is certainly not a coward. This guy is easily 100 times more courageous than Barack Obama. If he has his way, North Korea would have been attacked and the world’s first nuclear war could have started. He doesn’t care if South Korea, or even Japan for that matter, would be wiped out from the world map as a result of “Rocket Man” Kim Jong-un’s retaliation.


Zahid Hamidi, despite his middle name being “gangster”, on the other hand, is not only a clueless leader but also a bloody coward. Mocked and insulted as Zahid “Komidi” (comedian) on social media, the accidental UMNO (United Malays National Organisation) president has just found his magic word to chicken out from Port Dickson by-election – “boycott”.


Extremely proud of his discovery, Mr. Zahid announced in a press conference today that the half-dead Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition is boycotting the Port Dickson by-election. Apparently, he said BN felt that the manner in which the seat was vacated was against the principles of democracy. He said – “The by-election is to fulfil the agenda of an individual.”


To hide his cowardice, Zahid has a creative excuse – to help ruling government save money. He claims – “We acknowledge that the present ruling government is facing financial constraints. The Election Commission (EC) had stated that RM3.6 million is allocated for the by-election. I hope to see the allocation be used for a good cause for the people rather than being spent on a by-election.”


Exactly what type of grass has Zahid Komidi been smoking since he took over the presidency? Why should he care about the welfare of the ruling Pakatan Harapan government, supposedly his BN’s bitter nemesis? As the opposition, he should not “give face” but go all the way to hammer his enemy in the Port Dickson by-election.

Zahid Hamidi - Has No Balls

Even if he knew the chance of winning is lesser than Paris Hilton being a virgin, Zahid should lead the mighty UMNO Malay nationalist party to the battlefield and not surrender without a fight. To take off his underwear and used it as a white flag is the greatest insult to the Barisan Nasional coalition’s previous 61 years in power since 1957 independence.


Mr. Zahid said – “We find it illogical that a seat was vacated only to fulfil the ambitions of an individual.” Since when has he become a Mathematician and talk about logic? This is not the first time that an incumbent has deliberately vacated his seat to force a by-election. It’s absolutely strange he thinks its illogical now, only after the BN lost power in the May 9th general election.


If he honestly despises such “illogical” method of calling for an election, his BN ruling government should have proposed a law to prevent such event from being triggered in the first place. Although this is the second time the former ruling coalition had boycotted a by-election (the first one being 2009 Penanti by-election), this is Zahid’s first time chickening out as UMNO president.

UMNO General Assembly 2017

In reality, UMNO is living in fear and trembling at the sight of prime-minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim. If the party, in joint forces with Islamist party PAS, couldn’t win any of the three recent by-elections in Selangor, what chances are there that they could pull an upset against Anwar Ibrahim? Hence, the only way out for UMNO is not to contest to prevent itself from losing face again.


Like a rocket scientist, UMNO has been doing in-depth research on how to avoid the Port Dickson by-election. The coward Zahid wanted PAS to contest but even the so-called Islamist politicians were not convinced that Allah will be on their side. Yes, unless the God sends them a WhatsApp message of endorsement, even PAS leaders were not in favour of participating in the by-election.


Heck, under Zahid’s pathetic leadership, UMNO has been reduced to such a pariah party that one of its warlords – Nazri Aziz – actually wanted to campaign for rival Anwar Ibrahim. Yes, it was indeed a fabulously funny suggestion from a coward Mr. Nazri, considering how the fearless UMNO gangster had once bullied 94-year-old billionaire Robert Kuok, calling the tycoon a “coward with no testicles.”

Nazri Aziz Showing Finger Gesture

Can you imagine how hilarious and ridiculous it would look like, had Hillary Clinton told the Democrat supporters that she believed the best thing to do was to campaign for Republican Donald Trump back in the 2013 Presidential Election? Before becoming UMNO president, nobody had an idea just how useless this piece of junk called Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is.


So, it’s illogical that the Port Dickson seat was vacated to make way for Anwar Ibrahim but absolutely fine and logic for Nazri Aziz to campaign for the opposite camp? Has UMNO lost its mind after not being fed “dedak (chicken’s food)”? Have Zahid and the remaining UMNO warlords no shame sucking up to Anwar while at the same time crawling and begging to Islamist party PAS for support?


Without realizing it, Zahid has shown publicly how desperate UMNO is in wanting to join the ruling government that he is more than willing to prostitute himself for the sake of power and contracts. If the UMNO president has no balls to give Anwar Ibrahim a run for his money, he should resign and let others take over the leadership. Never send a boy to do a man’s job.

Zahid Hamidi - Worried Face - Coward

Prime Minister-in-Waiting – Anwar Ibrahim

At least Khairy Jamaluddin has the guts to call for a contest. Like it or not, Mr. Khairy was right to suggest that UMNO had to fight shameless political entitlement despite it not being a winnable seat, obviously in reference to Anwar Ibrahim forcing the Port Dickson by-election so that he can be crowned. “Coronations are for kings. And Anwar isn’t one,” – he said in a tweet on Monday (September 17).


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Not to forget that Zahid is Anwar’s man all the while when Anwar in UMNO.

He’s the running dog that ‘exposed’ the issue of cronyism in UMNO and when TDM as president of UMNO during that time release a list of cronies which turn out to be ten and hundreds of Anwar’s cronies.

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