Testing Mahathir’s Reaction – UMNO Launches Operation “Racial, Religious & Royalty”

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Jul 13 2018
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UMNO supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam is under instruction by his boss to create chaos using 3R (Racial, Religious and Royalty) cards. With UMNO accounts being frozen due to investigation over money laundering, the 191 UMNO divisional chiefs nationwide – otherwise known as UMNO Warlords – are close to mental breakdown.


To make matter worse, the newly crowned UMNO President – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – has provided zero clues on the direction of the political party for the next 5 years. Zahid was never meant to be a leader but an obedient follower. Putting him in the driver seat is like giving the car key to a 3-year-old kid. UMNO is not a saloon but a jumbo truck, mind you.


With a leader like Zahid, who needs enemies? The once invincible UMNO is cracking and disintegrating as the clueless Zahid Hamidi drives the party to oblivion. In fact, Zahid was so terrified when he was told he had no choice but to debate his opponents for the UMNO presidency that he had to do it behind laptop screen – with real-time guidance from his advisers.

2018 UMNO Presidency Debate – Razaleigh, Zahid and Khairy

Nevertheless, Zahid won the presidency because he has the deepest pocket among the candidates. He had spent hundreds of millions of ringgit to buy votes. After all, it was Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who admitted that Zahid himself revealed he possessed RM230 million in his bank account when declaring his assets after he was appointed as UMNO Youth Chief back in 1996.


That’s was more than 20 years ago. When Zahid was the Deputy Prime Minister cum Home Minister, he had made billions of ringgit from his “secret business” of importing 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers alone. The stingy Tengku Razaleigh and young Khairy Jamaluddin was no match to Zahid when come to game of bribing UMNO delegates.


Even the corrupt Khairy was flabbergasted at money politics in the recent UMNO presidency election. Still, despite spending truckloads of money, Zahid Hamidi was elected president with only 99 votes while Khairy Jamaluddin won 61 votes and Tengku Razaleigh won 30 votes. That means close to half or 50% of UMNO delegates had actually rejected Zahid as their leader.


UMNO, under Zahid Hamidi, is like a headless chicken. He has no vision and mission, let alone an exciting direction on how to rejuvenate and drive the party to win the 15th general election in 2013. Therefore, the next best thing is to divert attention from his weak leadership. And Lokman was sent to stir up racial sentiments among the Malays.


In a provocative statement, Mr. Lokman claimed that DAP (a component party of Pakatan Harapan ruling government) is controlling Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in its attempt to allegedly turn Christianity into the “official religion” of Malaysia. Essentially, the “religion” card was launched to stir up racial sentiments among the Malays.


Lokman, who lost his highly paid job as the Finance Ministry Strategic Communications Director after ex-PM Najib Razak lost stunningly in the 13th general election on May 9, also claimed that the Agong (King) has lost his voice to defend the Malays and Islam. Clearly, the “race and royalty” cards were used to stir up racial sentiments among the Malays.

Lokman Noor Adam – ex-Finance Ministry Strategic Communications Director

Apparently, on behalf of his UMNO party, Mr. Lokman claims that the Malays were offended with the issues of non-Malay appointments as in the Attorney-General (Tommy Thomas), Chief Justice (Richard Malanjum), Finance Minister (Lim Guan Eng), de-facto Law Minister (Liew View Keong) and whatnot. Has Lokman been smoking the same type of grass as Najib?


UMNO lost its power for the first time in 61 years since independence in 1957 because the crook Najib Razak had allegedly stolen at least US$4.5 billion of peoples’ money. It was the Malays who had enough of Najib’s thievery and overthrown the crook. Even if 100% of Malaysian Chinese voted for DAP, the UMNO would not have had lost without the Malays leaving in droves.


Lokman claimed that Mahathir is powerless to uphold the rights of Malays, Muslims and Islam despite being a Malay Muslim because his Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia only holds 13 parliamentary seats. Yet Malay-based UMNO, despite ruling with 88 seats after the 2013 general election, conspired with mainland Chinese in stealing and robbing Malay Muslims assets and treasures.

Apandi Ali - Najib Razak - Md Raus Sharif

It was the previous Attorney General Apandi Ali, Chief Justice Md Raus Sharif, Finance Minister Najib Razak, de-facto Law Minister Azalina Othman – all Malay Muslims – who had perverted the system and sold out the Malays, Muslims and Islam dignity in exchange for tens of billions of ringgit. Even Khairy Jamaluddin has just spoken against his own colleagues in UMNO for playing the same old 3R game.


Khairy, the former Youth and Sports Minister, said – “Since the UMNO elections ended, what is my party doing? Playing with racial sentiments, collecting donations for our former president and repeating it again. If our capital for the 15th General Election is to provoke Malays with the issues of non-Malay appointments as the Attorney-General, Chief Justice and such, then forget about taking back Putrajaya.”


UMNO is actually trying to test the water and see how far they can cross the lines. Perhaps the leadership of Zahid thought they have nothing to lose. They wanted to see if Mahathir, and the Royal Malaysia Police for that matter, has the guts to arrest them for spewing provocative, seditious, racist, hatred and defamatory speeches.

UMNO President Zahid Hamidi Provoke Mahathir Mohamad

So far, it appears the authorities allow UMNO leaders the space to stir up racial sentiments among the Malays. As PM Mahathir temporarily takes over the Home Minister from Muhyiddin Yassin, it would be interesting to see how far the 93-year-old man is willing to tolerate UMNO antics. Mahathir’s refusal to act will certainly embolden Lokman and others to try more extreme measures.


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Why can’t UMNO reinvent themselves knowing so well these rehash formulas failed miserably. This sowing seeds of hatred achieve nothing except opening a path for their demise. The lost the election, soon they lost whatever respect n remainder lifeline they ever had

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