Christians & Christmas In Syria – What Obama & Media Don’t Want You To Know

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Dec 27 2016
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Aleppo has been fully recaptured from rebel fighters and therefore, the “Battle of Aleppo“, which officially began on 19 July, 2012, is over. This means Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has won the 6-year-old Syrian Civil War (which started in early 2011), thanks primarily to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Does this mean the tyrant Assad has won?


The Syrian Civil War wasn’t just about a bunch of people who weren’t happy with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The city of Aleppo itself has a complex mix of Kurds, Iranians, Turkmen, Armenians and Circassians. To add flavours into the war, there were also the Christian Armenians and Arab Armenians, not to mention Islamic extremists such as the ISIS.


To make it even more interesting, not all rebel fighters were there to overthrow Assad, as what the Western media want the world to believe. Those fighting the war include the Turkish, Iraqis, Iranians, Libyans, Chechens, Lebanese, Palestinians, and even French, and some of them were there simply to loot the city and would happily switch their loyalties to anyone who could offer more.


On one side, you have the Syrian government supported by Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Algeria, Lebanon, Venezuela and Belarus. On another side, you have the Syrian opposition supported by U.S., France, Britain, Turkey and Arab League such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar. From the eyes of Arab world, it was a war between the Sunni and the Shiite/Shia.


However, Obama administration and the Western media don’t want you to know that the “Battle of Aleppo” was actually a diversion from American’s failure in forcing democracy to the people of Libya after dictator Muammar Qaddafi was overthrown. Today, part of Libya is a breeding ground for terrorists controlled by terror group Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS).


While the U.S. has its own agenda, Saudi Arabia and its minions had wanted to install a sectarian Sunni Islamic state in Syria. Of course, both Obama administration and the Sunni world refuse to acknowledge, let alone publish they have lost the Syrian War. The so-called liberal mainstream media continue to spin about Syrian brutality on civilians and human rights abuses, even until today.


The Western media dare not show how western Aleppo erupted in celebratory gunfire which showed uniformed soldiers and civilians shouting slogans in support of Assad. Ever since Syria’s opposition agreed to surrender its last footholds in eastern Aleppo after heavy air strikes from Russia and ground attacks from Iran and Syria, some 35,000 fighters and civilians have been bussed out.


But there’s something else equally surprising about the city of Aleppo that the media, Obama administration and the Arabs didn’t tell the world. Unlike so-called great Muslim countries such as Brunei, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia who have banned Christians from observing Christmas – from singing a Christmas carol to Christmas decorations – Syria is a heaven for Christians.



This year, for the first time since the war began, Syrian Christians in the liberated city of Aleppo were celebrating the Christmas in a huge way. In fact, they were shocked when President Assad and the First Lady visited the “Our Lady of Saidnaya Monastery” in the predominantly Christian town of Saidnaya on Christmas Day on December 25th.


That is something not even Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, self-proclaimed most moderate Muslim leader, dares to do as it could be seen as anti-Islam and pro-Christian. Footage of the visit, which shows Assad and his family greeting and embracing the monastery’s nuns and orphans dressed in Santa costumes, has since gone viral online.


“Although many churches have been destroyed in Aleppo, the bells of the other churches will sound and hope they bring us peace, Christians are preparing themselves for Christmas in their churches and associations, along with our compatriots in Syria, so that the sound of violence overcomes the deep sound of faith that each believer enjoys – God is with us.” – said Jesuit Father Ziad Hilal.


In fact, many Syrian Christians supported the government in the civil war, viewing Assad, a member of a Shi’ite-derived minority sect, as a protector against rebel fighters mainly drawn from Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority. Again, the Western media, using a blanket accusation that Assad killed many civilians, conveniently ignored such information to the public.



Hundreds of people danced and celebrated in the Azizya neighbourhood, where the public Christmas tree had gone unlit since rebels took the eastern half of the city in 2012. Restaurants thronged by Christians late into the night and giant posters depicted Assad and his Christian ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, went unpublished by the Western media.


It is estimated that the Christian population of Aleppo has shrunk since the start of the conflict to around 50,000 from 250,000. The Christian community in Syria, about 400,000 people or around 10% of the population, is one of the oldest in the world. During the war, the Syrian Christians have been the target of ISIS and jihadist groups such as Jabhat Fatah Al Sham and Ahrar Al Sham.



The Syrian constitution actually guarantees religious freedoms, and the country’s state-run educational system mandates religious study in Islam and/or Christianity – by parents’ choice. But if Barack Hussein Obama could backstab Israel and betray Jews, it’s not hard to understand why his administration (and media) had chosen not to tell the story about Syrian Christians.



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