An Ambassador A Day Keeps The Gangster UMNO Away

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Sep 28 2015
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UMNO, the backbone of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government in Malaysia must have been in total shock over an unexpected visit by China ambassador Huang Huikang to Petaling Street (Chinatown). It is safe to conclude that Red Shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos, sponsored and endorsed by Prime Minister Najib Razak, chickened out after Dr Huang’s visit.


Dr Huang, who possesses a PhD in International Law, had deliberately said the Chinese government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism. Suddenly, the mighty and invincible gangster Jamal was arrested by the local police. It was strange because the police dare not touch Mr Jamal prior to the Chinese ambassador’s visit.

Jamal Md Yunos with Red T-Shirts for RallyUMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Police Beating Red Shirts

Jamal has since been released after spending a day’s jail, which is quite weird because he has openly threatened to unleash riots. However, since he was “untouchable” by virtue of being PM Najib’s runner, the hours spent temporarily behind lock-up must have been a great embarrassment to the Form-5 dropout, who used to be a burger seller and a drug-pusher.


Naturally, he threatened to sue news media, obviously very upset for losing face and spending a night in jail on the second day of Aidiladha. Jamal’s partner in crime – Mohd Ali Baharom (“Ali Tinju”) – also chickened out from sending his Red Shirts army to terrorise the Chinatown. It was roughly a week ago when Jamal and Ali Tinju were fighting tooth and nail claiming ownership of Red Shirts.

Mohd Ali Baharom - Ali Tinju - Kissing Rosmah Mansor Red Shirts Mohd Ali Baharom - Ali Tinju - and Jamal Md Yunos

Suddenly, Jamal claims he was just the middleman and has nothing to do with Red Shirts. Ali Tinju, who always believes he was a superhero on par with Batman or Spiderman, has shown he’s more coward than Jamal by pushing the Red Shirts ownership to Jamal, washing his hands clean (*grin*). Both jokers have abandoned the Red Shirts.


After recovered from their panic due to Huang’s visit and remarks, low ranking UMNO troops were sent in the form of UMNO Youth to attack the China ambassador. The UMNO Youth international bureau chief Mohamed Hazali Abu Hassan reportedly wants Wisma Putra to act against ambassador Huang. UMNO Youth exco member Arman Azha Abu Hanifah demands an apology.

Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang and Wife at Petaling Street Chinatown

UMNO-owned press Utusan Malaysia went the extra miles by telling the China to deal with Chinese dolls exported into the country, instead of meddling with threat of Red Shirts riots at Petaling Street. Utusan, amazingly, also threatened to interfere in China’s internal affairs, whatever that means.


One may find lots of barking by UMNO Youth and Utusan print media. However, similar to the Sept 16 Red Shirts racial rally, not a single senior UMNO minister dares to pick a fight with China. The Chinese embassy in Malaysia lazily and conveniently states that Huang’s visit was merely a goodwill one in conjunction with the mid-autumn festival.

FBI Department of Justice DOJ - Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - inset Riza AzizNajib Razak Worry Sad - Al Jazeera Exposed Altantuya Murder

No rocket science here. The UMNO minions who are against Huang’s goodwill visit are PM Najib’s supporters. They’re unhappy because the planned riots to divert attention from their boss’s corruption, money laundering and murder allegations couldn’t proceed after the ambassador’s visit and remarks.


Going by tradition, UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin should at least lead tens of thousands of UMNO Malays to the Chinese Embassy demanding Huang’s resignation, burns the China’s flag, threatens to invade China, swears to boycott China’s products, declares jihad on China, curses China for insulting the Malay, Islam and the King, and whatnot.

Khairy Jamaluddin - Keris Waving and Kissing

But I suppose even Khairy, the most junior UMNO minister, dares not offend China. This is the simplest proof that UMNO are nothing by domestic breed “village” bullies. They can only bully, blame and beat the shit out of local ethnic-Chinese, whenever they like. None of them make a squeaky noise when China openly and happily seized territory in the Spratly Islands.


Hmm, let’s see: China military prowess is so pathetic that it only owns 1 aircraft carrier, 250 nuclear warheads, 673 vessels including 73 destroyers and frigates plus 69 submarines, 1,770 multi-launch rocket systems, 2,788 fighter jets, 4,788 armoured fighting vehicles, 6,246 artillery, 9,150 tanks, 2.28 million active soldiers and annual military budget of merely US$145 billion.

China Aircraft Carrier

Okay, forget about invading China. Their military strength looks crazily scary but surely they don’t have operators who can’t read simple radar blips like Malaysians, do they (*grin*)? So, let’s boycott their products instead. On a second thought, probably not because 99% of products nowadays are Made-in-China, including the luxury iPhones used by UMNO ministers.


Get real, every country interferes in another country’s internal affairs, one way or another. Russia interferes in Afghanistan, Crimea and even sent troops and military hardware into Syria. Malaysia interferes in Palestine, Israel and Singapore’s internal affairs. America interferes in Iraq, Iran, Russia, Panama, and even accuses Malaysian PM Najib of corruption and money laundering.

Altantuya Murder - Al-Jazeera - Murder in Malaysia

After US, Australia, Qatar, UK and even Singapore’s attacks on UMNO’s big boss Najib Razak over allegations of corruption and even the murder of Mongolian Altantuya, is it any surprise that China voiced its concerns over the slaughter of ethnic-Chinese considering that it has billions of dollars of local investments to protect?


If there’re local Chinese who cheer and applause Ambassador Huang’s remarks, it doesn’t mean they’re not patriotic. On the contrary, it only goes to show how long have the Malaysian Chinese been subject to discrimination, racism, oppression, suppression; so much so that such remarks by a superpower, any superpower, were welcomed as if it was the light at the end of the tunnel.

Red Shirts Rioting at Petaling Street

Now that Ambassador Huang has unleashed his “goodwill visit and remarks” and most likely won’t apologise, what can gangster UMNO do? The most they can do is to summon Dr Huang for explanation, and thereafter make a “shiok sendiri (self-indulgent)” proclamation that the ambassador regretted his visit and remarks. Does UMNO dare to riot at Chinatown again?


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“On the contrary, it only goes to show how long have the Malaysian Chinese been subject to discrimination, racism, oppression, suppression”

wahhhh and yet they are the richest in Malaysia???

what a load of rubbish!!

mind to share statistics about their total wealth? we do know that umno’s khazanah alone worth at least US$41.1 billion, excluding other funds such as PNB etc …

you do know who’s syed mokhtar, taib mahmud, nazir razak, azman hashim, shahril shamsuddin, mokhzani mahathir, azman yahya, azman mokhtar, nadzmi salleh, lodin wok kamaruddin. syed azman syed ibrahim, ahmayuddin ahmad, kamarudin meranun, maznah hamid, mustapha kamal, wan mohd sani salleh, nasarudin nasimuddin, abdul hamed sepawi, daim zainuddin, halim saad, …. don’t you?

even najib razak is a billionaire worth at least RM2.6 billion …

the malays have long overtaken chinese as the richest in malaysia, so be proud of it …

Utusan, amazingly, also threatened to interfere in China’s internal affairs – Maybe Ali Tinju will organize a butt dance or Jamal will organize a ikan bakar demo at the Spratly Islands.

The rich Chinese work hard for their wealth and prosperity but you can safely say that the Malay super rich are rich because they are crony in one way or the other.

They already have a frigate in james shoal just 80km of the coast of Sarawak.. apasal they never shout about that?

Anon, You retard a.k.a, a Malay loser , Satanist is ultra rich and so are Arab Muslims and so are Malay Muslims Elites. Richness can be from working hard and smart like most Chinese(having knowledge, tenacity, fortitude long-range insight and management skills of whom many of you zero-fortitude malays are without) ……OR demonic means (as in corruption , narssistic power abuse, ie, bullying, oppressing, violence, pariahood, terrorizing, thieving, stealing, plagiarizing, deceiving, blaming, basically all degeneracy for the whole 9 yards (true ISLAMIC essence – go and check out the book called The Deception of Allah)…u know, PART of your MALAY CULTURE…well done Me-Layu(withered) or MaLAY…as in LAzY..lol..[good lord, even the English who gave you guys this term is trolling you guys hard]. So your doubled cursed species no need to be envious nor jealous of Chinese or what-not. You guys are spiritually cursed, and that is why you guys are the bottom of the barrel mentally, emotionally and most of all spiritually. Keep of blaming and deflect your own accursedness only heap on more curse for yourselves.

Btw, many Chinese Malaysians are not that rich financially. It’s more like an excuse for a pathethic and deceiving species like you to make leeways for your pariah selves to cover your own shit.

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