20 Awesome Fast Facts About McDonald’s That You May Not Know

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Oct 22 2014
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McDonald’s Corp has just released its third quarter results, and it’s ugly. Its net income tumbled 30% to US$1.07 billion. CEO Don Thompson admitted the company that serves some 70 million customers daily worldwide is having some corporate image problems. Last week, McDonald’s launched a U.S. online campaign called “Our food. Your questions.” and invited consumers to ask anything about its food.


Coincidently, Vincent Tan’s McDonald’s food chain launches another new promotion – Jimat Jimat McD – buy one get one free on Chicken McCountry at RM4.80 (a la carte) from 11am to 4am, Monday to Friday. The same promotion also includes Sausage McMuffin with Egg at RM2.95 for breakfast from 4am – 11am, Monday to Friday. For kids, Happy Meal now only cost you RM5.95 each, all day long, Friday to Sunday – free book thrown in.

Facts About McDonald's - McLobster

Despite McDonald’s latest disappointing results, the fact remains that McDonald’s is still the most valuable fast food business in the world. It’s also a fact that the Golden Arches logo is more recognizable  than the Cross. As much as you’ve tried all the McDonald’s menus in your country, there’re still tons of other menus elsewhere which you’ve not heard of, let alone eat them.


For example – McLobster, McRice, McHotDog, McTurco, McSpaghetti, McAfrica, KiwiBurger or even beer which is served in McDonald’s Germany. Did you also know that McD’s iconic symbol in Champs-Elysees in Paris is in white neon to blend with the lights on the street, the only place in the world where the arches aren’t golden? Here’re another 20 (there’re more, mind you) fast facts about McDonald’s that you may now know.


{ 1 }  McDonald’s serves 70,000,000 customers daily. That’s like the whole population of France ate at McDonald’s every day.

Facts About McDonald's - Serves 70 Million Customers Daily


{ 2 }  San Francisco banned the sale of Happy Meals in 2011 to stop junk food marketing to the children.

Facts About McDonald's - San Francisco Banned Sale of Happy Meals


{ 3 }  Southampton University researchers found McDonald’s used additives to increase hyperactivity and concentration problems.

Facts About McDonald's - Addictives Cause Serious Problems


{ 4 }  McDonald’s now grows 4-times faster – it grows 10,000 restaurants in 8-years as compared to 33-years for the same number of restaurants previously.

Facts About McDonald's - Grows 4 Times Faster Now


{ 5 }  McDonald’s serves about 2.36 billion hamburgers yearly, that’s about 1 million cows annually.

Facts About McDonald's - Over 1 Million Cows A Year


{ 6 }  Over 3.28 billion pounds of potatoes are used to make “French Fries” every year. That’s about 10% of potatoes harvested in the United States.

Facts About McDonald's - Sold 3.28 Billion Pounds of Potatoes


{ 7 }  Every year, McDonald’s uses 250 million pounds of ketchup, enough to fills up roughly 50 Olympic-size pools.

Facts About McDonald's - Ketchup Fills 50 Olympic-size Pools


{ 8 }  McDonald’s is also the world’s largest toy distributor – over 1.5 billion toys yearly. If they want, the company can give 1 Happy Meal toy to every kid in the world.

Facts About McDonald's - World's Largest Toy Distributor


{ 9 }  Willard Scott, the first Ronald McDonald, was fired for being too fat to represent the company. Amusingly, more than a third of American children today are obese, thanks primarily to fast food.

Facts About McDonald's - First Ronald McDonald's Fired For Being Too Fat


{ 10 }  One McDonald’s meal almost equals to an average calorie intake for a grown up man.

Facts About McDonald's - Calories Intake


{ 11 }  While McDonald’s is making billions of dollars in profit, its crew’s salary is pathetic. A McDonald’s crew needs to work for 4-months in order to match 1-hour of CEO’s pay.

Facts About McDonald's - 4 Months Crew Salary Equal 1 Hour CEO Pay


{ 12 }  One in every eight Americans has been employed by McDonald’s.  Among them – Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Sharon Stone, Carl Lewis and probably you.

Facts About McDonald's - 1 in 8 Americans employed by McDonald's


{ 13 }  McDonald’s is Coke’s number one customer. The company sells so much Coke that it has its own Coke division.

Facts About McDonald's - First Coke Customer


{ 14 }  While McDonald’s is present in 119 countries worldwide, about 40% of the restaurants are actually in the U.S.

Facts About McDonald's - Present in 119 Countries but 40 Percent in US


{ 15 }  McDonald’s is the U.S. biggest advertisement spender by a restaurant last year. It spent a whopping US$988 million, nearly as much as Obama and Romney presidential campaigns combined.

Facts About McDonald's - Biggest US Ad Spending by a Restaurant in 2013


{ 16 }  McDonald’s is the world’s most valuable fast food brand. At US$85.7 billion, its value is more than the combined values of other top-9 fast food brands – including Starbucks, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and others.

Facts About McDonald's - World's Most Valuable Fast Food Brand


{ 17 }  McDonald’s is the world’s biggest fast food company in revenue. It earned US$28 billion last year, more than the economy of the whole state of Vermont.

Facts About McDonald's - Biggest Fast Food in Revenue


{ 18 }  McDonald’s employs 1,800,000 million employees, more than people who actually live in Philadelphia, which only has 1,500,000 people.

Facts About McDonald's - Employees Worldwide - 1.8 Million


{ 19 }  Every 14 and a half hours, one McDonald’s restaurant opens somewhere in the globe. That means there will be a new restaurant emerges everyday you go to work.

Facts About McDonald's - 1 Restaurant Opens Every 14.5 Hours


{ 20 }  While McDonald’s is the world’s biggest fast food company in the world, surprisingly, it does not have the most number of restaurants in the world. That trophy belongs to Subway.

Facts About McDonald's - Lost to Subway - Most Number of Restaurants


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