Hudud – Was Nik Aziz Senile Or Merely SmokeScreen?

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Sep 28 2011
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General election is around the corner and the last thing you want to do is to do, act or speak something stupid as it would affect how the votes are going to swing, the same way how the Dow Jones are swinging wildly now. Recently I wrote an article titled “History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, Stupid People Repeat History“, in reference to PM Najib Razak’s stupidity in handling the Bersih 2.0 rally. Now, it seems the opposition parties (PKR, DAP and PAS combined) are in the same league with the federal government as far as stupidity is concerned.

Now, everyone talks about the “Hudud” thingy after former premier Mahathir threw in the little challenge to PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz to implement the hudud law in Kelantan. Surprisingly the supposedly season politician who had been “conned” numerous times by Mahathir decided to swallow the same bait again. Has Kelantan Chief Minister Nik Aziz become senile? If not why on earth Nik Aziz gleefully responded to the supposedly senile Mahathir’s challenge? Surely Nik Aziz can still remember how Mahathir used the same tactic to trap his party 10 years ago in Terengganu, resulting in the opposition coalition’s break-up.  

I bet Mahathir’s aquarium is almost empty by now – all the fish died laughing at the opposition’s stupidity. Mahathir doesn’t even have to architect new plan to ensure the survivability of UMNO so that his son can take the throne at a later stage. He just need to recycle his old tricks and voila, the opposition parties were seen running towards the stinky bait and begging for more. With stupidity like PAS, does Najib’s UMNO really need to be any smarter to gain free votes? And Mahathir has not even lifted his finger to give a serious fight, mind you. Suddenly everything that Najib administration touches turns to gold while everything the opposition touches turns to faeces.

Mahathir A Doctor Dictator In The House

First, it was ISA abolishment; followed by RM100 million from gambling profit to vernacular and mission schools; the latest being PM Najib saying the 30% Bumiputera quota is set to go, never mind this is merely another pre-election gimmick. It seems Najib and his mentor Mahathir has agreed to a “temporary cease-fire” (internal feud), at least for now, and work together instead to ensure survivability of the present federal government. Najib would play the role of a defender while Mahathir would play the role of a striker. Hey, who says old striker can’t score goals? Now it seems Najib and Mahathir look like Romeo and Juliet, a splendid couple.

Therefore, expect more goodies from Najib while Mahathir would keep the opposition namely PAS, PKR and DAP busy by recycling his old tricks and junks. Najib would be on top gear fishing for Chinese votes while Mahathir would be poking opposition’s butt every now and then; with the objective of breaking the coalition. The combination tactic of defence and attack could be fatal to the opposition, judging from how PAS, PKR and DAP reacted to the hudud’s bait. This is just like the Spain’s FIFA World Cup 2010 team versus Malaysia team, and you don’t need to consult Paul the Octopus to predict the result, not that you can now considering Paul had quit its fortune-telling career many moons ago.

In reality the opposition coalition is “extremely fragile”. Sure, unlike 10 years ago, maybe the opposition’s pact will remain intact (hopefully) this time around. But the damage is already done the moment Nik Aziz opened his mouth to respond to Mahathir’s challenge, which sparked the chain-reaction from DAP’s threat to walk away from the coalition if hudud is implemented – just like what Mahathir had hoped to happen. PKR surprisingly supported Nik Aziz’s hudud law implementation instead of keeping an elegant silence. One is flabbergasted why Nik Aziz took the bait when his party had dropped their long-standing quest for an Islamic state and adopted the welfare state concept during the party’s 57th muktamar (general assembly) early June this year.

Hudud laws Anwar Ibrahim Nik Aziz

Do you really think DAP can afford to zip its mouth with PAS waving the toy of hudud law, never mind that it cannot be done without approval by Parliament, of which PAS does not have the two-thirds majority to do so? DAP was just doing its SOP job by “threatening” to leave the coalition, unless it wish to lose the Chinese votes. Nik Aziz tried to trap Mahathir by accusing the former premier of singlehandedly preventing PAS from implementing Hudud in Kelantan when the latter was Prime Minister. Mahathir easily responded that since he is no longer the Prime Minister, Nik Aziz should implement it now.

Nik Aziz then tried his luck on PM Najib Razak but the premier skillfully beat around the bush when he gave an undertaking that his government will not implement hudud simply because elements of hudud are already in the present system. Obviously Najib administration scores the magnificent goal, at least to the Chinese audience. Nik Aziz and PKR for that matter should realize that hudud is a tricky issue especially to the non-Muslim voters because majority of them do not understand the concept of hudud laws. And with the government-controlled mainstream media ever ready to spin anything coming from the opposition camp, Nik Aziz and Anwar should know better the consequences of playing with hudud card.

Heck, if even the Muslim are not receptive to the idea of hudud, do you think the non-Muslim would celebrate such idea, after years of divide-and-rule and fear-factor brainwashing by the present government? Who would have thought the Syariah laws could spark the problem of body-snatching when initially everybody thought the laws were only applicable to Muslim only? You can argue till the cows come home but the fact remains that nobody can guarantee that some extremist politicians would not turn what supposedly black and white hudud laws into the risky grey territory.

Hudud laws Mahathir Nik Aziz

Assuming Nik Aziz can still think straight and not senile, why on earth he chose to dance, again, with Mahathir as if the old man was Paris Hilton? Was it an attempt to divert the attention from the loose cannon Mat Sabu’s controversial Bukit Kepong remarks? But Mat Sabu’s remarks didn’t change much the vote’s landscape. Was it an attempt to win back dwindling Muslim support? But PAS won big in 2008 general election not primarily because the party was any more Islamic than it is already now. Was Nik Aziz’s mathematic equation revealed that it could win more Muslim votes than losing non-Muslim votes by playing hudud card?

Maybe the answer lies within PKR with its support for hudud law. Maybe it’s true that PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim trembles every time he thinks of staying behind bars again for his sodomy charges. Maybe the PM-wannabe thought it was better to adopt the ancient Chinese Three Kingdom’s strategy hence the self-destruction in order for Najib administration to win big come next general election. The three kingdoms game works in such a way that each kingdom helps another weak kingdom in case it was attacked hence the balance of power. The weak kingdom is your ally while the strong kingdom is your foe.

So as long as Najib does not send Anwar to prison, Anwar will play dumb, stupid and even shoot his own foot if desired to maintain status quo. And as long as Mahathir-Muhyiddin team does not force Najib to quit and handover the premiership, Najib will not ally with Anwar. Maybe it’s a good plan after all as the major political landscape can only change in another 3-5 years. In another 3-5 years, Mahathir may not be around driving his Porsche Cayenne and the three kingdoms will be reduced to two kingdoms and that’s when the real war starts. Furthermore in another 3-5 years, PAS may see its new leader so an UMNO-PAS partnership is possible by then.

Generation X - Khairi Jamaluddin, Nurul Izzah, Lim Guan Eng

Heck, many unexpected and exciting things can happen in the next 3-5 years. Maybe the present government cannot be unseated till the next generation, the new generation of leaders from Nurul Izzah Anwar, Lim Guan Eng, Khairy Jamaluddin and so on in replacement of Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz and Lim Kit Siang. As of now, Najib can expect another term if he wishes to call for a snap election.

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Thank you very much. Like your article as usual, and I really enjoying reading your website.

I was puzzled by the stupidity of Pakatan.In the 1st place Hudud is quite impossible to implement even they took over the govt as they need 2/3 ,why why create such a stupid issue of Hudud.

The first thing I learned about politicians was nothing. As usual, they promise to build bridge even there is no river. I’m still young but i’m getting older. It is interesting old saying never gets old, that’s why I hardly get used to it.

Puzzle the stupidity of BN at the utmost issues such as…to many…to say…

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