Tattoo Of 152 Facebook Friends, A Cool Marketing Stunt

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Jun 09 2011
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If you think naming your daughter after Facebook’s “Like” was crazy enough, think again. Apparently there’s a YouTuber who loves her Facebook’s friends so much that she actually tattooed her 152 Facebook friends’ pictures on her right arm. According to the YouTuber, susyj87, the 152 colourful pictures were the friends she care the most out of all her Facebook’s friends. After she got their permission, she started the tattoo project with the help from tattoo designer, Tattoo Dex.

Susyj87, from Netherlands, is now a proud owner of a collection of pretty cool friends picture on her arm, after weeks in the process of tattooing. Obviously she was so obsessed with her Facebook friends that she would want them to follow her everywhere even into the toilets; even when she’s not actually online. It would be interesting to see how she can un-friend some of them later or when anyone of them decide to change their profile photo.

The craze for such stunt probably started back in 2007 when a die-hard fan of Microsoft Zune, Steven Smith, also known as “The Zune Tattoo Guy”, inked the Zune logo into his shoulder. Needless to say, Microsoft stopped developing the product thereafter. In 2008, a man had a BlackBerry Storm tattooed on his calf above the words; “iPhone Sucks.” More recently, rapper T-Pain incorporated the Facebook “Like” button into a tattoo on his arm.

T-Pain Rapper Facebook Like Tattoo 

While logo tattoos such as Apple, Coca-Cola, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Nike etc were quite common, to have tattoo consisting a collection of pictures of Facebook friends as if they were stamp collection is perhaps the first of its kind. Well, an American may have invented Facebook, a couple in Israel may have named their newborn baby daughter “Like”, a Netherland woman may have 152 Facebook friends tattooed on her right arm, but Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks – an average 233 digital friends.

Popular Tattoo 

Maybe Malaysians can create some sort of Guiness Record by getting hundreds or thousands of Facebook fanatics to tattoo their average 233 friends on both their arms (*grin*). Now before you go crazy about this tattoo thingy, it seems Susyj87’s 152 friends tattoo is a hoax, well, sort of. Apparently Rotterdam-based tattoo artist Dex Moelker who did the tattooing work admitted that the tattoo was actually temporary, not permanent as claimed earlier by Susyj87.

Woman Tattoos 152 Facebook Friends

The temporary tattoo only took a few hours to apply in a single session, she said, not 30 hours as claimed in Susyj87’s video. She said it was a “try out tattoo, a transfer, that washes off in a couple of days.” The marketing stunt was apparently done on behalf of Pretty Social, a Dutch firm that sells Facebook-themed gifts, from mugs, posters to bags. So, the whole thing is a hoax, a fraud, a lie, though it’s pretty successful in terms of marketing. Naturally, of the thousands of people who have rated the YouTube video, about two-thirds of the responses are “dislikes”.

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