Hello, My Daughter’s Name is “Like”

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May 18 2011
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We know Facebook is the world’s most successful and largest social networking service, with over 600 million users. We also know that Facebook IPO valuation once goes up to a crazy figure – as much as US$124 billion. Facebook is so influencial that we even knew before the results of Singapore’s Election 2011 that ruling government PAP was in hot soup, judging from the number of “likes” between them and the opposition parties.

Some employers saw their staffs’ productivity took a plunge because they were busy with Facebook. And many lost money and even virginity because of friends they met at Facebook. Now, if you think you’re crazy enough with Facebook, wait until you hear this. A couple in Israel likes Facebook so much that they actually named their newborn baby daughter “Like” – the “like” icon or button used on Facebook.

 Baby Named Like

Apparently, this couple, Lior and Vardit, from a town northwest of Tel-Aviv, wanted a unique name that is not used anywhere else. The couple already has two kids, Dvash (honey for Hebrew) and Pie. The couple said the sound of “Like” was at least as important as the meaning. The father further said “Like” had a nice and international ring to it and Facebook had become the icon of today’s generation.

Wonder why the couple didn’t name their daughter Facebook instead? That’s because an Egyption man, Jamal Ibrahim, has beaten them to it by naming his daughter Facebook. Of course, we won’t know if the one-week-old “Like” like her name or will decide to change her name when she’s eligible to do so. Has anyone actually named their sons or daughters “Google”, “Yahoo”, or “iPad”?

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[…] Hello, My Daughter’s Name is “Like” […]

[…] Hello, My Daughter’s Name is “Like” […]

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