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Chinese are a bunch of Cowards

Five thousand years of Chinese Civilization have transformed the Chinese into a unique race which possessed all the necessary ingredients to survive in a harsh environment. But they are still the same homo-sapiens that are clever yet selfish and cowards. Although the Chinese are complex they’re relatively easy to understand once you mix with them. […]

... written on May 08 2009

Perak – it’s over in 2 hours, thanks to Mahathir’s plan?

What would PM Najib do without his mentor Mahathir? In a nutshell Najib is clueless and screwed without Mahathir’s intelligence especially on the matter of Perak State’s power-grab controversy. It was a huge mess as a result of a coup without a proper plan and Mahathir openly admitted that Najib’s plan to forcefully take over […]

... written on May 07 2009

Stock Split and Zambry Pamela Anderson

General Motors Corp. has notified its shareholders – a reverse stock split of 1 share for 100 shares held. What it meant is shareholders will basically hold only 1 share for every 100 shares they currently own. It’s a huge loss but then it’s better to have 1% of something than 1% of nothing. Shareholders […]

... written on May 06 2009

Cover-Up and Face-Saving – A Rush for the Chairs

Money was not the main driver to people who are already filthy rich. People such as Bill Gates do not have to worry about money so much so that his “real job” now is running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Politicians especially from certain countries in Asia are also filthy rich but don’t expect […]

... written on May 04 2009

Swine Flu is not another Black Death so be Happy

Swine flu epidemic is spreading like wildfire from Mexico to Asia and Europe without mercy with Mexico leading the score with 473 cases including 19 deaths. Call it influenza A (H1N1) virus or whatever name you like but the worst effect is still the same – death. The scary part was the virus could mutate […]

... written on May 03 2009

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