Technology Stocks and Feds are running out of Steam

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Dec 17 2008
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Besides portable hard-disk and thumb or pen drive in my shopping list at the just concluded PC Fair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, I was looking for some other gadgets such as GPS System or maybe Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) iPhone. I was particularly fascinated by my Singapore friend’s GPS device that literally could bring him to anywhere within Malaysia. It doesn’t make sense to have a Singaporean who could find Ipoh’s famous “Lou Wong” shiny chicken and juicy bean-sprouts instantly while I was struggling doing so for the first time. That’s because he has the GPS device while I don’t.

There was this RM499 promotion for GPS System at the PC Fair. At first I thought I need to pay subscription fees to gain access to the map but then I was told I don’t have to *silly me*. You just need to pay a time price but the catch is you only have access to Singapore, Malaysia and certain part of Thailand’s map. If you wish to use your device in Hong Kong, then you have to pay for the map. However the GPS system is not intelligent enough to show you the road with least traffic jam. The salesman also smiles when I asked him about the cost of repairing. Maybe I’ll get it when the cost of ownership goes down further.

I was quite excited to see that iPhone was on sale but at $2,900 a unit, I decided not to become the pig and get slaughtered. I’m not going to become the laughing stock when my friend got one for less than RM1800 in Philippine. Luckily I’ve all the patience in the world for such gadgets. And talking about Apple the stock was slaughtered today to below psychological support of $90 a share. Well, you can’t stop people from speculating after Steve Jobs was reported to be skipping the coming January 2009’s MacWorld Conference. Almost instantly his health problem (pancreas) was again highlighted as the possible cause. There was even rumor that Steve Jobs had died of a heart attack in October *naughty rumors*.

AAPL StockNow only will Steve Jobs not be able to give his presentation, the January event will also be Apple’s last appearance. The company said that it was scaling back participation in Macworld (Macworld New York, Macworld Tokyo and Apple Expo in Paris) because trade shows have become far less important for its marketing than its retail stores and Web site. With unlimited budget deficit during such economic crisis New York Governor David Peterson also proposed “iPod Tax” on downloaded music. I suppose desperate situation requires desperate measures.

The Bernanke’s boys might have cut the interest rate to almost zero (0.25 to 0 percent) but it couldn’t stop negativity that such drastic measure means the global financial turbulence is really serious. Also such measure does not means that people will start borrow or spend since many are watching in horror how jobs evaporate into thin air. You must be silly to think that banks will start lending without more stringent check even with such low interest rate. Bottom-line is almost everybody from every sector is still very pessimistic about the whole story of global economic crisis. With such level of confidence you need more powerful weapons to be revealed by the Feds but the question is what other goodies are left in its arsenal?

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You can get a Garmin Nuvi cheaply and you can easily download the maps for free from the internet.

Yeah . Tech stocks going to continue to bleed for some time.

thanx kris …

that was the brand i saw at the fair … is it really free because that was not what the salesman said … hmmm, wonder why he would want to lie to me …

are you using this brand of GPS? kind to share your experience?

anyway the screen is too small for me …

cheers …

Yeah. Stocktube, i own a Garmin Nuvi. That salesman is pulling your leg.

You can download free Malaysian maps from http://www.malsingmaps.com/.

And it easy to install the maps. Just copy the .IMG file to the GPS using the provided USB port. And viola, you got a working GPS for Msia.

There no firmware hacking or anything. It is pretty simple. You can go the link above and will find alot of useful infos on Garmin.

Depending on model’s version, some Garmin has bigger LCD screen.

Check it out..Pretty useful gadget 🙂

Btw, buy Garmin as this is the only GPS that you can easily upload private/custom made maps.

I believe “Tom Tom” or Magellan systems has certain limitation on uploading custom maps.

Hope this helps, Stocktube.

thanx kris …

yeah, the salesman said the device comes bundled with map on m’sia, s’pore and part of thailand but that’s it …

more that need you have to pay … so do you’ve to pay for maps, say, australia?

is the device reliable? i meant how long can it lasts?

cheers …

I think for Australia maps, maybe you can do a google. There are bound to be a GPS community who will do the custom maps.

It can last for some time. Besides that the model came with a free charger that you can use in your car to power up the GPS.

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