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Dec 03 2008
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Malaysians are a bunch of hard-to-please people judging from their cold shoulder over the RM0.10 a liter cut in petrol price effective today, Wednesday 3rd Dec 2008. There were no cheers wherever you go. The kind and generous government has since cut the petrol prices for the sixth time to reduce people’s burden but strangely it was not appreciated. Sure, the government did the stupidest thing by raising the petrol price by a whopping 40.6% (RM0.78 a liter to RM2.70) on 5th June 2008. But the government has since repented and tries to make up for the hardship faced by the people.

Really, it’s not the government’s fault that the food prices and many other materials that skyrocketed to the roof couldn’t come down even when the fuel prices now are back at original level. Blame it on suppliers, transporters and whoever on the supply-chain line except the government because the government can’t be wrong this time. The government is still clueless until this hour why the people did not cheer for all the hard work done. Didn’t the people including the opposition parties screamed and demanded the fuel price be reversed to the original RM1.92 a liter? The petrol price is now RM1.90 a liter, 2 cents lower than the RM1.92 a liter requested. So what’s wrong with these people?

Malaysia Petrol Price RM1.90The people should not get so greedy. When the government raised the petrol price to RM1.92 from RM1.62 on 28th Feb 2006 the global crude price was at $61.41 a barrel. The crude oil prices are now below $50 a barrel and the government can finally eliminate the subsidy altogether. At current petrol price of RM1.90 a liter the government is actually making a cut or profit of RM0.50 a liter. Therefore it’s a win-win situation because while the people can save (RM0.10 a liter), the government is making good profit as well (RM0.50 a liter). Thus the people should rejoice and sing the songs of praise for such caring government, no?

During current global recession period, all Malaysians should come forward to help the government. Yeah, the government did announce the country will never enter the recession door but that was actually to instill feel-good-factor to the consumers. What’s wrong with such motivation talk? In fact everybody should support the government’s plan to implement a floor price mechanism for petrol and diesel mooted. The consumers should be proud to have a dedicated and smart leader like Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad. With a stroke of a genius plan, the country (ruling government) is now able to generate great amount of revenue within domestic sector. In fact the so-called developed countries such as United States and European Union should learn from Malaysia (making money from domestic fuel consumption).

Government 50 cents People 10 centsInstead of borrowing money elsewhere to bailout their sickening companies, they should somehow find ways to become self-sufficient. Just take a look at Malaysian Government. Not only the ruling government can make money of over 26% profit from RM1.90 a liter of petrol, they are expected to make good money from the extra taxes from the 3% cut in EPF contribution for employees as well. The initial RM7 billion stimulus package (from EPF?) and RM5 billion to Valuecap (to be borrowed from EPF) are some of the marvelous plans to save the nation from recession. The cash-cow EPF is expected to lend more money disguising under stimulus packages to boost up domestic demands, all because the ruling government cares about the people. Thus, we should clap louder if the global oil prices go down further but the petrol prices remain.

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I’m reading your posts through RSS. For some reason, the cartoon above was not in there. And I was really wondering whether this post was being sarcastic (haven’t read any sarcastic posts here for a long time 🙂 ). Good thing I decided to check the real post.

Was there ever a time in history where a nation of such intelligent and innovative people, was lorded over by such incompetent and idiotic and selfish people?

When price cut was announced on Wednesday, the road get congested again. Thanks to the government.. Why not just let the price fluctuate according to market price? Then we don’t have to wait for announcement before flocking into the petrol stations.

hello jakhri … i supposed the rss was having minor hiccup if you can’t view it because my rss is “full-feed” …

cheers …

hello kclau,

the govn can’t allow free float because that would mean no revenue for them, not to mention “their” petrol stations would be in havoc …

cheers …

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