It’s Amusing How Your Intelligence is Insulted, Again

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Nov 20 2008
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Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar who has successfully attracted all the attention for the wrong reason since he was transferred from his old position as Foreign Minister may have found a new rival. No doubts Syed Hamid Albar is perhaps the silliest and most hated minister this country ever had since decades ago but similar jokers are slowly emerging and climbing the ladder to snatch the award from Hamid Albar. The person to watch out is definitely the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad as he’s catching up very fast to rival Syed Hamid Albar.

The writing is on the wall that instead of lowering the petrol price to commercial value of RM1.64 a liter the government refused to do so as with the current RM2.00 a liter, obviously the profit of RM0.36 a liter was too good to be discarded. You just got to give a round of applause to Shahril for his guts to claim that the retail price would have to take into consideration other cost factors such as the refinery cost. Huh? You meant the commercial value of RM1.64 is unprocessed dirty crude oil that is the same quality as of what was sucked up from the bottom of the ocean? What a crap and silly justification considering the gasoline produced at $70 a barrel is at RM1.64, what more now that the crude oil is at below $55 a barrel. Do the math yourself.

Every Tom, Dick and his dog knows that almost all the petrol dealers were related to UMNO and were making huge profit when the government decided to hike to petrol price by 41% overnight – that’s 41% sudden profit literally. Strangely now they’re crying that they lose money each time the price is adjusted downwards. But that is not the reason why Shahrir is slowly threatening Syed Hamid Albar’s position as one of the silliest minister ever. The adorable Shahrir has the cheek to justify that the government has every right in earning revenue from the tumbling global oil prices as it had given out subsidies when the prices were high? Something is definitely wrong with this fellow’s brain since he’s obviously does not understand that the subsidies were peoples’ money. I expect him to claim that other factors such advertisement costs, drilling costs, transportation costs, piping and raw materials costs should be taken into consideration as well.

It’s not true that Malaysia is losing all the best brain to other countries because all the best people have joined the ruling government. Just take a look at how creative PLUS was in helping to reduce peoples’ burden with its recently announced discount plans are enough to blow your head off. Of course many people were joking that to enjoy the 10% discount at wee hour, you may actually see more Altantuya on the highway grinning with joy than Ahmad, Ah Chong or Ramasamy. It was an obvious example of treating people like beggars, not to mention how insulting it was to your intellligence. And talk about Altantuya you’ve just heard how the just acquitted Abdul Razak Baginda from the Mongolian model murder case tried to clear his boss, PM-in-waiting Najib Razak, and his wife, Rosmah, from the murder case.

Actually it would be smarter if he just keeps quiet and let things take its course because majority of the people are now more than convince that Najib Razak has something to do with Altantuya’s murder where her body was blown off with military-grade C4. Ever heard that the more you try to clear and explain the more it shows how guilty you are? Sure, we’re supposed to believe Altantuya was bored with her life so much so that she was testing her theory and bombed herself. Right, and the pig can actually fly.

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