RPK sent to detention without trial, FCUK you Big Bully

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Sep 23 2008
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As expected the most controversial yet favorite blogger of Malaysia netizens, Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), has been sent to Kamunting Detention Center today to begin his two-year detention under ISAWITHOUT A TRIAL (MalaysiaKini was the first to repot it). No matter how many bloggers scream in objection of such action designed primarily to shut RPK’s mouth for good and generally to threaten and intimidate other bloggers, the current chaos ruling government could not care less. It would be very strange indeed if they were to free RPK considering the amount of damages he has wrote about the PM (Abdullah Badawi) and his deputy (Najib Razak).

Now that the throne is inches away within his reach it would be mad for Najib to forget, forgive and free the sensational blogger. And you can bet your last penny that one of the most-hated FCUK You Big Bullyminister, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, has swung his arms of support to the PM-in-waiting Najib. You can FCUK the whole day but this Hamid Albar has just signed the paper to throw RPK into the detention center. RPK can only smell the air of freedom by either a “Prison Break” attempt (needs Michael Scofield’s help), an intervention from the King or hopefully Anwar could topple the current government. Many bloggers will miss RPK’s “entertaining” articles for the next two-year *sigh*. It appears that unless you blog “I love this government” or “The PM and his deputy are the most spectacular people I’ve ever known”, you might find yourself in hot soup.

Although the fact remains that the government has been using the ISA as a tool to silence critics, those who oppose the draconian law are helpless against the government; what more with the police on their side. The threat of ISA could also be the main reason why Anwar has not check-mate Badawi yet. ISA has been used very successfully to frustrate and curb the freedom of speech in Malaysia. As long as you’re a threat (criticize) to the ruling government, you would be thrown into detention without trial in the name of “national security threat”. Who needs Hitler’s Gestapo when you have ISA?

You’ve heard unhappy voices in the blogosphere condemning the forever postponement of Anwar’s supposedly plan to take over the government. After 916, 923 and now 1001 it seems the number will continue to change. Yeah! Anwar could be bluffing all this while and his 916 could be the biggest April-Fool joke ever but he could also be playing mind-games with the ruling government. Remember the 1982 movie Rambo: First Blood? The arrogant Sheriff Will Teasle leads his junior team members into the woods to capture Rambo only to be sent into disarray with booby traps. One of the Sheriff’s team members said instead of hunting Rambo, it appeared they were the one who were being hunted instead. If you look at the scenario now, it is obvious Anwar has created the fears, panics, uncertainties and doubts to the whole government. Guess it’s true when Mahathir said recently that Abdullah Badawi is no match for Anwar Ibrahim.

RPK Prison BreakMaybe Anwar is waiting for the right time to be at the right place in order to meet the right person. The timing is definitely not now with dozens of Special Branch spies tracking his every movement. There’s no trial and error. It has to work on the first attempt lest Anwar miss RPK so much he wishes to become the latter’s cell-mate at Kamunting. No doubt the ruling government is trembling in fears but they would rather risk labeled as racist, dictator, brutal etc than to lose power (and luxurious contracts). Many demanded the ISA be repeal in totality but I say keep it in order for people such as Mahathir, Badawi, Najib, Syed Albar and all the government ministers to taste their own medicine – provided Anwar has the number to kick Badawi out of office.

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I’m glad to hear RPK got 2… Should get at least 916 days!


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