Why celebrity blogger RPK chickened out from prison?

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May 09 2008
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The hottest news circulating the blogosphere is definitely the U-turn decision by Malaysia-Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) to post bail after refused to do so earlier despite over RM44,000 collected via online campaign. He has chosen to sleep on cool and hard concrete floor inside the jail instead of walk out a free-man, well, at least temporarily. Immediately people were comparing him with Mahatma Gandhi. RPK was reported to be on hunger strike since day one in prison but he denied it after released on bail.

Let’s get real, if the government does not gives a hoot even after a foreigner from the land of the once mighty Genghis Khan who ruled the land between Caspian Sea and Beijing blown up with C4 explosive, do you think it would cares a bit if RPK rot of hunger inside the jail? So why the sudden change in his decision to seek shelter elsewhere instead of the safest place on earth – jail? Heck aren’t jail supposed to be the safest place since you’re basically provided with “free body guards” (police officers) 24 hours a day 7 days a week *grin*? Heck no, RPK was assigned additional two UTK (Special Action Force) full time to look after his safety. But wait, aren’t those UTK were the same people who blown off Altantuya in the first place *Scary*.


By now netizens thought there could two main reasons why RPK decided to walk out from that smelly Sungai Buloh prison. RPK might be stubborn but facing his wife, he would just melt away faster than those M&M chocolates inside your mouth. Thus, the theory of those four words “I want you home” from his wife did the trick. Furthermore RPK refused to meet anyone including his wife earlier most probably because he was afraid seeing his wife would spoil his plan for the hunger strike. This little prison cell is nothing compared to his previous detention under ISA so I’m sure RPK could take it but his age is catching up hence his wife’s anxiety in getting this bald-headed fellow back home.

Speaking to reporters after he was released, Raja Petra said he had declined to meet anyone as there was not much to be done except await his trial, which is scheduled for October – reported theStar. But there’s something interesting – he claimed that prison authorities urged him to seek release due to concerns over his “personal safety in prison”. What could be scarier than ISA, lousy food and lack of tobaccos? Was there any plan to smuggle in some “professionals” to blow-up RPK the same way Altantuya was with C4? Maybe food-poisoning is sufficed to shut RPK’s mouth once and for all. Food-poisoning is perhaps the common way to close any sudden death cases as can be witnessed in the so-called “National Service” program.

RPK released on bailThe late Agong (King) and Sultan of Selangor might be RPK’s uncle but in a nation full of twilight zones so much so that the Bermuda Triangle would need to step aside, it would be wise for RPK to stay at home rather than the prison. In a land where bloggers are deemed more dangerous than robbers, kidnappers, rapists and killers the prison officer believed the smartest way was to shoo RPK away else he would surely get the blames if something funny happened to the celebrity blogger. For all you know this might be RPK’s plan all along with the climax being the hunger strike for maximum international coverage *grin*. Whatever it is one thing is for sure – the link-baiting is working and his website, Malaysia-Today, will probably double the hits as everyone will be glued for his next posting.

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