Take your pick – Yoga, Beer, Jobless or Corruption

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Nov 27 2008
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Ever since the Sept 16 deadline to form the new government expired without any mojo de-facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been extremely quiet. The excitement died as fast as the political blogs mushroomed right after the 8th Mar 2008 general election. All you heard thereafter were some stupid and silly yet entertaining statements from the mouths of Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar and Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad. It is almost certain that Deputy PM Najib Razak will take over the premiership in another four months with outgoing PM Badawi currently racing against time to enjoy his oversea “vacations” as much as possible.

Along the line you have that fatwa (edicts) thing about yoga and tomboys that caused some sensation uproars. But it was a non-issue because whatever that fatwa was all about does not applies to non-Muslims. If they think the risk of Muslims who are “yoga-ing” will embrace other religion is high and should be “banned”, never mind that practicing yoga can improve health and there’s no prove that Muslims have leave their religion because of this sport, then let it be. It was their health and not mine (or yours) so who cares if ultimately they can no nothing except to sit inside their house watching T.V.? Hey! Even that idiot box called T.V. was developed by non-Muslim and it could influence the thinking of “Malaysian Muslims” so it’s a matter of time before another fatwa is issued banning television set from your living room *grin*.

Beer White Man Herbal TeaNevertheless another mini trouble started by Islamic-based party PAS, a component of opposition alliance PR (Pakatan Rakyat), when the Selangor PAS was trying to impose a ban on the sale of alcohol at 7-11 outlets, mini-markets and coffee shops regardless of the owners. The chance of such initiative will not go through considering that PAS only controlled 8 out of 36 state seats won by PR but it definitely raise many eyebrows with many supporters already said they will swing their votes come next general election. Already there seems to be internal fighting to remove pro-Anwar supported within PAS and again the speculation that PAS could be the traitor to PR after all re-emerges. Seriously does PAS expect the staffs at 7-11 outlets, Carrefour, Tesco where majority are Muslims to be out of job? They’re not drinking liquor but just to earn a decent living. So by holding, looking and handling liquor bottles or cans is enough to seduce them to consume alcohol? Gosh! They’re trying very hard to become more Arab than the Arab themselves huh?

If somehow the plan goes through stocks such as Guinness Anchor Berhad (KLSE: GUINESS, stock-code 3255) and Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad (KLSE: CARLSBG, stock-code 2836) will definitely come under selling pressure. However Selangor MB (Chief Minister) Khalid Ibrahim confirmed today that there will be no such ban. Seriously if a person does not have faith or will to become a “good person”, he will find the way no matter what to get it regardless if it’s yoga, alcohol, cigarettes or bribe. Where’s your faith man?

UMNO Money PoliticBut what I’m waiting for is the explosive list of names of those who practised money politics in the mighty UMNO party promised by old fox and once invincible-dictator former premier Mahathir. It’s strange that he’s calling for a stop to such practise when in fact the corruption flourished during his 22-year iron-grip. He admitted (corruption existed during his time) with justification that the scale of corruption back then was not as what we’re seeing today. This is indeed laughable because common sense will tell you corruption will only snowballs if not tackled so why pointed the fingers elsewhere? He just needs to re-establish a brand-new anti-corruption agency which is free from Executive’s intervention or influence to solve the problem, not that there’s no example elsewhere especially from Hong Kong’s ICAC. Surely the country can manage to build more prisons if they can bailout cronies, can’t we?

Saya Anti RasuahThe fact that UMNO might vanish from the political grip come next general election was enough to scare the old senile fox to daily nightmares. And he’s doing this for his sons, mind you. You don’t think all of a sudden this old-man realized his past mistakes and sins and trying to rectify the problems do you? Of course he’s a better economic manager and leader but that is not enough to erase the writing on the wall that he was the root of all the problems we’re facing now. His successor simply is incapable to keep the worms from crawling out. And he managed to secure his proud two-third majority without fail previously because the internet and blogs were at their infancy shadowed by government-controlled propagandas, not to mention you have young voters now. Badawi just need to add poor economic management, not to mention the mistake in raising fuel price, to set the fire ablaze. Still, corruption is still corruption regardless whether it’s RM200 or RM2 billion.

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