Anwar, PM-in-waiting plans Sabahan for Prison Break

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Mar 30 2008
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Former premier Mahathir had done many mistakes during his 22 years walking along the corridors of power. He could be forgiven if he didn’t realize it during his tenure as the Prime Minister since every single soul he met gave him the thumbs up. Even before he could finished farting, apple polishers would screamed at the top of their voice of how great the “smell” was – better than KFC. That’s how Mahathir lived throughout the 22 years – as a dictator who was afraid of no one, not even the President of the United States or the Prime Minister of Britain, let alone the nation’s highest person in the judiciary or the monarchy.

The hypocrite Mahathir

So, when Mahathir opened his mouth and suggested that the nomination quota to contest top posts in UMNO should be abolished as it is being abused to prevent members from nominating candidates I almost fell off my chair laughing. Not sure if he’s really senile or the denial syndrome still running thick inside his body but it was him who architected the quota system to prevent anyone from challenging him when he was still the PM. Funny how this old-fox still talks as if he’s still a virgin. He basically ripped off the Judicial Pillar and architected the inappropriate sacking of the then Lord President Tun Mohd Salleh Abbas.

Mahathir cry no apologyAren’t you amused now that he has the cheeks to claim he has done no wrong and if somebody needs to apologize to Salleh Abbas, that person(s) comes from the tribunal (that sacked Salleh Abbas). Have I mentioned how Mahathir amended the constitution twice in order to curb the power of the monarchy when he was the Prime Minister – first, to adopt laws without assent from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (The King) and second, to withdraw royal immunity? And he’s now singing the song of praise to the Sultan of Trengganu (who happens to be the King as well), indirectly gave Badawi’s a punch below belt. Right, Abdullah Badawi could easily goes down the history as the weakest Prime Minister but the fact is he was the product manufactured from Mahathir’s own assembly line.

Internet and blogs play vital roles

If there’s one thing that Mahathir had done well, it has to be his commitment in 1999 that there would be no censorship of the Internet in Malaysia as stated in the Communications and Multimedia Bill. Heck, I bet he was jumping up and down in joy when he could only found comfort in Internet whereas all the government print and electronic media blackout him after he left the office. And thanks to Internet and bloggers, the arrogant National Front coalition parties were given the shock of their lifetime during the recent 12th general election.

Khir Toyo blogOf course I wouldn’t be able to trade local and U.S. stocks and options online anywhere. So compared to Myanmar, we’re indeed very lucky *grin*. Even the once arrogant former Chief Minister of Selangor who is now on opposition shoes has started his own blog – his first post attracted a whopping 247 comments with FinanceTwitter being one of them *grin*.

Anwar preferred as PM by business community?

While it’s true that Anwar Ibrahim and Tengku Razaleigh are running towards the finish-line, more and more money is on Anwar as Malaysia sixth Prime Minister. Mahathir who once wrote off Anwar’s chance to become the PM is now sulking, pushing and supporting Razaleigh to replace Badawi but not before hinting that Deputy PM Najib Razak could be the candidate as well. Of course every Tom and his dog know Najib is tainted with the Mongolian Altantuya trial but Mahathir wouldn’t care.

His first preference was Najib, not because the latter is a saint but more because Mahathir was grateful to Najib’s Anwar the preferred PMfather who saved his arse after kicked out by the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman from UMNO. Could that be the reason the rumors Najib’s brother, Nazir Razak, was pushing for his Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Berhad (KLSE: COMMERZ, stock-code 1023) to eat up the country’s biggest lender Malayan Banking Berhad (KLSE: MAYBANK, stock-code 1155)? Or perhaps it was the other way around.

Given a choice, the corporate world would choose Anwar instead of Razaleigh as the new Prime Minister considering Anwar’s past experience as the Finance Minister and his close relationship with the West. Rumors were spreading that corporate world has started to place their bets with most of it on Anwar. Even Berjaya tycoon Vincent Tan started to rub Anwar’s shoulders, not to mention hypocrite press editor such as theStar’s Wong Chun Wai started to slowly by surely play the neutral game. Heck, Chun Wai could be sent packing once the political landscape change again.

National Front still in denial, Sabah to “Prison Break”

MCA and MIC is still adopting denial syndrome while Gerakan was rumored to be considering bitter medicine to ensure their relevance, probably pull out from the National Front. UMNO is falling apart and the only thing that Badawi can do now it to delay the dying process but it depends very much on how he could convince the Eastern Malaysia (particularly Sabah) from crossing over to Anwar’s side. Nevertheless I think Badawi needs to do more than sweet-talk or to just give another one or two minister-ship to Sabahan.

Sabahan Prison BreakThe reality is Sabahan has been taken for a fool for many years with its vast resources in timber, palm-oil, crude oil and gas etc being sucked up without a fair re-distribution back to the Sabahan. What better
time to show the card now and yell in front of the Prime Minister’s face to fly kite? It’s like television series “Prison Break” with Anwar as Michael Scofield who is providing the venue for Sabah to break free from their imprisonment (by UMNO). There’s reason why Anwar is so relax and calm now – maybe he already got more than 30 defectors and it’s only a matter of time before the “big day”.

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Your observations about that hugely egoistic Mamak Mahafiraun the Cruel is spot on.

He’s absolutely despicable in the way he brazenly, shamelessly denies his wrongdoings. But fortunately there are bloggers (like you, for instance) who have good memories and keep the people reminded.

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