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Does Fernandes Has Silver Bullet For AirAsia?

EasyJet (LON : EZJ) and Virgin Group have denied the report of a teaming with AirAsia (KLSE : AIRASIA, stock-code 5099) today, according to Reuters. “We are not joining any alliance,” EasyJet spokesman Toby Nicol said. “The whole low-cost airline business model is based on simplicity,” he added, noting alliances with other airlines involve costs […]

... written on Jan 03 2007

Global Payments Should Beat Earning Again

Global Payments Inc. (NYSE : GPN, quote), a leader in payment processing services will release its’ earning this Friday, 5-Jan-2007 BMO (before market open). Global Payments has beaten Wall Street earning estimate for the last 17 quarters continuously. Financially, Global Payments recorded $944 millions in annual sales with $136 million in profit. Fundamentally, Global Payments […]

... written on Jan 03 2007

Tech Giants Boosting Real-Estate Value

In 1954, a 52-year-old milk-shake machine salesman saw a hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California and envisioned immediately a massive new industry: fast food. Raymond Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE : MCD, quote) revolutionized the American restaurant industry by re-create a new way in production of hamburgers, french-fries and milk shakes. By developing […]

... written on Jan 03 2007

Cheaper Way To Send Money Back Home

If you are an immigrant, chances are you are paying huge fees in the process of wire-transfer your hard-earned money back to your home country. In the worldwide remittance industry worth about $ 268 billion, the major player is none other than Western Union which made almost $ 1 billion on sales. It is estimated […]

... written on Jan 02 2007

Globalization Of Low-Cost Air Giant?

Running into the New-Year-Eve, three of the world’s main low-cost airline share their dreams and initiative to start a long-haul budget airline company based in Malaysia that will offer airfares as low as RM100 for flights between China and Malaysia. “The government and the carriers concerned are expected to make an official announcement soon after […]

... written on Jan 01 2007

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