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History Of Options Trading – Part 2

Chicago Board of TradeIn the late 1960s, as exchange volume for commodities began to shrink, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) explored opportunities for diversification into the options market. Joseph W. Sullivan, Vice President of Planning for the CBOT, studied the over-the-counter option market and concluded that two key ingredients for success were missing. First, […]

... written on Nov 05 2006

History Of Options Trading – Part 1

Ancient OriginsAlthough it isn’t known exactly when the first option contract traded, it is known that the Romans and Phoenicians used similar contracts in shipping. There is also evidence that Thales, a mathematician and philosopher in ancient Greece used options to secure a low price for olive presses in advance of the harvest. Thales had […]

... written on Nov 05 2006

Options Investing 101 – Part 1

While option trading is being seen and treated as something which is rare like Dinosaur in Malaysia (Singapore has been mooting this option trading for quite sometime but have still to set a concrete plan to introduce it), it was started in United States since April 26, 1973 with the establishment of Chicago Board Options […]

... written on Nov 05 2006

It's MappyHour With Cheap Beers & Beverages

You’ve been working from Monday to Friday. After squeezing your brain-cells for the last 5 days to enrich your boss, you need to rest & relax. Or after days of intense trading the equity/stocks market, you made some profits, or loss. Or it’s payday and you need to spend away your money. Either way, you […]

... written on Nov 05 2006

Rules On When To Sell And Take Profit

Remember this mantra for selling : “Bulls make money and bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.” Sell early to lock in gains. It’s better to leave money on the table than to get out late. When a stock goes up 20% or more in the first three weeks after a breakout, you should hold […]

... written on Nov 04 2006

Concern On Dow Jones Downtrend

U.S. stocks fell on Friday, with the Dow posting its longest losing streak in more than a year, as jobs data showing strength in the economy raised worries the Federal Reserve may need to resume raising interest rates. The Dow closed below 12,000 for the first time since October 18. A jump in oil prices […]

... written on Nov 04 2006

Take Money Off The Table – ISRG

I’ve decided to lock-in profit since my trade has made money for me today. Intuitive Surgical Inc. (ISRG) which gap-down against stocktube research reached lower than lowest of the day of gap-down on 31-Oct-2006 prompted me to take a bearish position by buying Nov 100 Put. The support is at $96, hence my closing position […]

... written on Nov 04 2006

UTube vs YouTube

A release on one of the press wires says that UTube is now suing the video sharing site, demanding that YouTube stop using their name. Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation of Perrysburg, Ohio, has filed a lawsuit in the US District court in Toledo. Who is UTube ? According to the website UTube actually […]

... written on Nov 03 2006

MBF Holding & Tebrau – Rock&Roll Started ?

It seems MBFHLDG has started walking instead of crawling today ( which i blogged here when it broke out of it’s 3 year high) … the daily volume has picked up to a satisfactory level and should it sustainable, there’s an opportunity to make money with this stock … today stocktube indicator still shows bullishness […]

... written on Nov 01 2006

Warren Buffett – Part I

Donald and Mildred Othmer were hardly a remarkable couple. He was a professor of chemical engineering at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, with a small consulting business on the side. She was a former teacher who spent most of her time volunteering for New York civic and arts organizations. They had no children. But when Donald […]

... written on Nov 01 2006

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