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Nov 05 2006
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You’ve been working from Monday to Friday. After squeezing your brain-cells for the last 5 days to enrich your boss, you need to rest & relax. Or after days of intense trading the equity/stocks market, you made some profits, or loss. Or it’s payday and you need to spend away your money. Either way, you need to go “Happy Hour” with your colleagues or friends to let your hair down.

But do you know where to go for a “BEER” or cheap beverage? You might, but do you know what’s the best rate at that hour ? You don’t care because money is your last concern, but do you know if the place is highly recommended ? Welcome to MappyHour (Map + Happy Hour), a website that allows you to browse through over 40,000 locations for happy hour.

You can zoom in for information about the address & map location (for first time visitor), what’s the special drink of the day together with the rate. It even allows you to rate the place, check reviews, personalize/edit the place and rally your friends to the place. You also can flag it for removal if the place is bogus.

It works like Google Earth (actually it’s powered by Google). You can add new happy spots & recommend places which are not within the map yet. Membership is FREE though. The MappyHour discussion group will link you to Google’s Group.

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