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Nov 03 2006
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A release on one of the press wires says that UTube is now suing the video sharing site, demanding that YouTube stop using their name. Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation of Perrysburg, Ohio, has filed a lawsuit in the US District court in Toledo.

Who is UTube ? According to the website UTube actually specializes in buying and selling Used Tube Mills, Used Pipe Mills and Used Rollforming Machines.
UTube complained a few weeks back that the site was being downed by heavy traffic as users looking for YouTube landed on their site instead, presumably by typing the wrong domain name. This downtime cost them a great deal of money in lost customers, they said. How big was the traffic spike? They claim unique visitors went from 1,500 to over 2 million per month.

Owner Ralph Girkins claimed UTube has been forced to move hosts 5 times to cope with the traffic, with bandwidth bills increasing by a factor of 100, they claim. They registered the domain way back in 1996, so they have every claim to it – what’s more, they also argue that the UTube name is strongly tied to their identity.

Most commentators expected a music company to begin the first major lawsuit against YouTube – who would have thought a tubing supplier was the most likely candidate? Of course, the music labels were given a reason not to sue when YouTube offered them a part of the company immediately before being acquired by Google.

Are UTube in it for the money, or do they genuinely believe that YouTube is threatening their business? It is indeed a gift to find they suddenly owned a popular domain. The owner of UTube reported has turned down a $1 million dollar offer for the domain, and is holding out for $2.5 million to $3 million, or so he claims. UTube was highlighted in CNN Money titled YouTube Is Killing My Business.

But I think if UTube can persists and start screaming every now and then and drag the legal pressure on YouTube, I believe Google might just up the offer. It boils down to money. Will this issue affect Google stock ? I doubt so, in fact I believe Google will continue to flourish and the next coming quarter will be another blow-out earnings report.

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This guy projected Google will goto … (check it out):-


i’m not surprise zentrader … the crazy jim cramer of thestreet.com once predicted google to reach 1000 per shares based on same multiple earnings of other performing stocks … google has all the resources either in terms of cash or brains to move higher …


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