Consolation Money from OMX

Despite the gap-down earlier, OMX must have heard me screamming and in return give me a consolation prize (money) when it climbed into positive territory to which i lock-in profit seeing the resistance is at $ 47.90 ... thank you OMX ... [...]

TEBRAU is Flagging

Tebrau has again triggerred stocktube with a "buy" signal after it did the previous time ( here ) and ( here )... besides MACD buy signal, it also shows a bull dominates bear with a ratio of 2,066 bull : zero bear ... besides, the crossing of stochastic is about to happen (hopefully can make money) [...]

PRXL, WOOF & OMX disappointed me

All 3 PRXL, WOOF & OMX beat the earning estimate but fail to make money for me this round ... either they give a lower guidance or have higher inventories (these are the things i cannot predict) which does not goes well with the analysts and hence they're being punished (gap-down) ... i can't co [...]

AKAM, MDRX, CTV & ISRG – Please Behave

Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM) : will announce it's earning thursday, 26-oct-2006 amc ...AKAM provides services for accelerating and improving the delivery of content and applications over the Internet ...latest financial news from Briefing indicates Morgan Joseph reiterates "Buy" - raises [...]

Lock-In Profit – NTRI

I was struggling this morning trying to close my 2 positions - NTRI & BER ( research here ) as both have make me money but i guess it must be my unlucky day as my web-based trading software somehow hung - only managed to disposed of NTRI ... anyway small profit better than no profit/loss ... mar [...]

PRXL, WOOF & OMX – my new target

I was struggling to lock-in profit for NTRI and BER which i highlighted yesterday with both make me money with the gap-up ... but my web-based software somehow hung - only managed to sell NTRI ... sigh ...PAREXEL International Corporation (NYSE: PRXL) : will announce it's earning wednesday, 25-oct-2 [...]

NTRI – Make Me Money

Latest financial news from AP on NutriSystem. (NYSE: NTRI) help me to make money again when its third-quarter profit skyrocketed ... NTRI earned $23.4 million, or 63 cents per share (Thomson Financial had expected a profit of 52 cents per share) ... NTRI also raised guidance for 4Q : between 45 cent [...]

Making Money from FSH

Another trade which make money for me ... took profit minutes ago after the gap-up based on stocktube research ( here ) ... more investing game to come ... in the meantime dow jones, nasdaq & s&p500 is seen struggling to be in positive territory ... [...]

NTRI & BER – Diet & Insurance Game

NutriSystem Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI) : will announce it's earning tuesday, 24-oct-2006 amc ...NTRI is a provider of weight management system based on a portion-controlled, prepared-meal program ... the company's customers purchase monthly food packages containing a 28-day supply of breakfasts, lunches, d [...]

FSH – Gap-Up As Predicted

Latest financial news from AP on Fisher Scientific International Inc. (NYSE: FSH) help me to make money when its third-quarter profit rose 62 percent on an 11 percent increase in revenue (to $1.51 billion), and the company raised its full-year outlook ... FSH earned $151.8 million, or $1.14 per shar [...]


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