What Will Next Generation iPhone Offers You?

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Jan 27 2007
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The revolutionary iPhone introduced by Steve Jobs recently had created the talk of the year. Everyone from United States to Saudi Arabia to China to Nigeria to Fiji talked about this gadget either in the printing media, television, video or the internet. People were amazed, pretend-not-to-care, and sad for not being able to own it till June this year.
You heard about how Paul O’Brian posted a link on an xda-developer forum about how to create the skin which looks similar to the iPhone user interface and upload it into your Windows Mobile Phone. Of course Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) wasn’t amused and issued him a cease and desist letter from Apple’s lawyers.
Since then, nothing much has happened – people are still waiting anxiously for the iPhone to be released this June. Meanwhile on the other side of the creative world, designers have start talking about the next release of iPhone which will come with more “functionalities”. So sit tight and enjoy the video below (it’s weekend and you should relax) on the next innovative capabilities of iPhone (some of you might have watched this, I believe).

Apple’s next generation iPhone’s new capabilities:

Okay, let’s get serious and listen to what Steve Jobs has to say during an interview with CNBC at 5th Avenue Apple Store recently.

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