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Underwear Index, Lipstick Index, Skyscraper Index – These Recession Indicators Show A Recession Is Coming

The economy has many moving parts and recession is just one of them. For decades, analysts have been searching for signs that might predict a downturn, just like how punters or gamblers are obsessed with hundreds of technical charts and formulas to guide them to buy or sell stocks ahead of the crowds. It’s just […]

... written on Apr 09 2022

No More Toll Hikes For 4 Highways – How New Cronies Will Make Billions & What The Govt Does Not Want You To Know

When Prime Minister Ismail Sabri and Works Minister Fadillah Yusof proudly announced there will be no more toll hikes for four highways in the Klang Valley, you know the next 15th General Election is around the corner. But the announcement on Monday (April 4) is not only long overdue, but was actually a proposal first […]

... written on Apr 05 2022

Premium Gold Coins At Lear Capital

Are you a numismatist? Individuals who find thrill in collecting old and rare coins are constantly on the lookout to add new pieces to their collections. Precious metal companies, including Lear Capital, offer an extensive range of premium gold coins that spark the interest of investors and numismatics. These pieces from the Liberty and Indian […]

... written on Apr 02 2022

Cracks In U.S. Influence – The Arabs’ Unthinkable Shifts To China & Russia In Defiance Of The Western Sanctions

Is Ukraine, armed with billions of dollars worth of American weapons, really winning the war against Russia? It depends. If you restrict yourself to reading Western news media, then Ukraine is indeed winning. How can Ukrainians not win when the media keep reporting that thousands of Russian helicopters, aircrafts, drones and whatnot are dropping from […]

... written on Mar 31 2022

China-Solomon Islands Security Deal – Australia Extremely Panicked Over A New Chinese Military Base In Its Backyard

When a draft security agreement between China and Solomon Islands was leaked, it instantly sparked concerns among U.S., Australia and New Zealand about Chinese influence in the region where they have been dominating for decades. The deal would allow the deployment of Chinese “police, armed police, military personnel and other law enforcement and armed forces”. […]

... written on Mar 27 2022

7 New Taxes That Najib & UMNO Plan To Introduce After They Win The 15th General Election

Who will become Malaysia’s next prime minister after the 15th General Election, which does not need to be held till middle of 2023, but is being vigorously pushed by the top leadership of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO)? The political party has just concluded its general assembly, but the competition for the top post […]

... written on Mar 22 2022

Binance vs eToro: Which One is Better?

Binance and eToro are two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They both offer a wide range of features and services, but which one is better? In this article, we will compare Binance and eToro to see which one comes out on top.   Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that was launched […]

... written on Mar 12 2022

Global Recession And $300 Oil – Russia Threatens To Weaponize Oil, Biden Scrambles For Help From Other Dictators

Forget US$100 crude oil. We have passed that. Crude oil has already hit US$130 a barrel. Chances are the commodity will stay above 100 bucks as long as the Russia-Ukraine war does not de-escalate. And it appears the worst is yet to come. When will the Western powers realize that sanctions will not work on […]

... written on Mar 08 2022

Innovative Packaging Ideas For Your Products

Peter Drucker is one of the top 20th-century business thinkers. He’s fondly called the “father of modern management” because of his contribution to management. You can visit here to find out more about Peter Drucker and his management ideas. It was this great man that said that the 2 functions of business are innovation and […]

... written on Feb 27 2022

7 Expert Tips On How To Boost Your Profits From Your Real Estate Investment

Real estate investing is one of the best ways to make money as there is always a need for homes. The demand is always increasing, which translates to an always increasing real estate market. Before you get into real estate investing, here are a few tips to help maximize your profits.   Adjust Rent With […]

... written on Feb 26 2022

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